Young Entrepreneurs in USANA

Last evening I had the privilege of attending a Sensé Spa Party conducted by several young women in their mid-20’s. I was impressed. The setting was lovely, warm and inviting. The presentation was professional and informative. As I sat back to watch and listen I was struck once again by the realization that there is an emerging generation of young entrepreneurs in USANA who have embraced this vision and who are destined for success.

If you were to conduct a survey among today’s youth asking what they’d like to be when they grow up, the resounding answer would be: an entrepreneur. According to a 2006 poll of more than 1,400 young Americans by Junior Achievement Worldwide, a nonprofit organization teaching entrepreneurship, nearly 71% of teens want to start their own business. That’s up from 64% from 2004. Another strong indicator of this trend is the fact that more than 2,100 colleges and universities now provide at least one course in entrepreneurship, compared with only 300 in the mid-1980’s.

What I know about sponsoring young entrepreneurs, I’ve learned from the young leaders in USANA – including members of my own family. I’ve watched as they’ve sponsored other distributors in the 18-35 age range and I’ve carefully listened to LifeMaster presentations by Duke Tubtim, Daniel Song and other up and coming stars in USANA.

There seem to be a couple key elements in how they go about bringing on new partners. First, they tend to lead with the opportunity. They’re not shy when it comes to talking about the money. Most of them seem to want lives with more freedom than their parents have, they’re future-oriented optimists and they’re not afraid to work to make their dreams a reality.

Second…they know how to make it fun! I love hearing about my daughter Sharlie and her husband Ryan’s USANA team. They’re always getting together for social events…barbeques, evenings at the beach, dinner in each other’s homes, etc. Their team consists primarily of young couples just starting their families and it’s heartwarming to see how supportive they are of each other and how they all celebrate their life events together.

The same holds true for the young, single adult groups emerging throughout USANA. When I attend their meetings, I sense an overwhelming feeling of FUN. Everyone is enthusiastic, smiling and generally having a very good time. The music is loud, the presentations are sharp, energetic and to the point. After the meeting it’s really no surprise that people stick around and sign up. Who wouldn’t want to join such a dynamic team?

Of course, signing up is just the first step. What is more impressive to me is how many of these young people are sticking with it and building viable businesses in a relatively short period of time. I’ve been asked what I believe are the reasons for so many rank advancements in this rising generation. The following list is what I have personally witnessed and what I believe has helped them build such a solid foundation within USANA.

1. They are extremely professional. The men dress in dark suits and ties and the women wear professional business suits. They look clean, sharp and business-oriented.

2. They are knowledgeable about the USANA products and they all use the products every single day.

3. Each member of the team is encouraged to bring two new people onto the team as soon as possible. They understand the compensation plan and the “power of two.”

4. Everyone is on autoship.

5. They stay motivated by attending meetings and participating in contests and incentives. They’re always learning – taking notes.

6. They use approved USANA tools – they haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel.

7. They are self-motivated. I am amazed and delighted at how seldom they ask for or need my help. They study the tools USANA provides and go to work doing exactly what the BDS teaches them to do.

8. Although knowledgeable and capable, they are extremely appreciative and humble.

9. They celebrate each other’s successes. They edify and encourage each other. It’s so fun to be in a meeting where members of their team are being recognized for advancing because the whole team just goes crazy with enthusiasm.

10. They give back. They contribute to the Children’s Hunger Fund. They open their meetings to crossline members of USANA. They realize they are a team within USANA but in fact, they build up USANA as a company rather than simply focusing on their individual teams.

I hope this information is helpful. The young entrepreneurs in USANA are simply doing what each of us should be doing. They are advancing their individual businesses, their teams and USANA as a company on a daily basis. And because they work so closely together to make certain their dreams come true, they seem to be having more fun than most. When I’m with these young people, I feel young, happy and hopeful. They are so much fun to be around. Can you imagine what their lives are going to look like in ten or twenty years? I am thrilled for them and feel certain USANA is in very good hands.

Collette Larsen
USANA’s First and Only 8-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679

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