Is Your Business Booming?

I recently participated in a question/answer session for a group of relatively new USANA distributors. The final question asked me was, “what is the one single thing that sets Diamond Directors apart from the rest of the associates in USANA?” I wasn’t prepared for the question but on giving it a few seconds of thought I responded by explaining that most of the Diamonds have been with USANA for quite awhile. My initial answer was persistence…it is persistence that sets the successful distributors apart.

I haven’t been able to get that particular question out of my mind and consequently, I’ve reflected on it for several days. I would like to exercise a woman’s prerogative and change my mind. Of course, there are many variables and certainly persistence is critical. However, after serious consideration, if I had to pick one single thing…it would be this: Diamond Directors understand that USANA is a business. That’s BUSINESS – with a capital B.

Because my parents owned and operated retail businesses, I learned the necessity of investing in your own business. Any successful business owner will tell you it is not out of line to spend 20% to 30% of your annual revenue to attract customers. A couple of weeks ago at USANA’s Mexico Celebration I watched and listened as Dr. Fred Cooper explained the USANA business from a corporate standpoint. Fred used a power point slide showing a large pie graph visually indicating USANA’s expenditures. The largest portion – 40% – is paid out in distributor commissions. Very impressive! In reality, that 40% is USANA’s advertising budget and we as distributors are doing the advertising. We get paid very handsomely to share the USANA vision.

I believe the primary reason people give up on their network marketing businesses is because they came to our industry with a job mentality. People who have lived their lives trading hours for dollars often do not understand the business mindset. Employees aren’t required to advertise and aren’t concerned with attracting customers or business partners. Unfortunately, most people who are employee minded have learned to do just enough to not get fired!

When we became USANA distributors, we started our own business. Success depends on our willingness to invest time, energy and money in that business. When I started my business in 1994 I was financially destitute. Still, I understood the business mentality and began investing in sales tools with my second USANA check. I wanted my USANA income to grow and knew it wouldn’t without investing a portion of my income in tools. I quickly learned the direct correlation between my USANA income and investing and distributing sales tools. The more I invested, the more I made.

Larsen Global Alliance is now a global family enterprise. We have USANA business interests in thirteen international markets. My son, Dax Ross, serves as CFO of our corporation and budgets 30% of our intended revenue for “Downline Development.” This includes purchasing sales tools and supplies, travel and entertainment expenses and bonuses and incentives for our growing organization.

Is your USANA business booming? If not, I suggest you determine what you’d like to be earning and then invest at least 20% of that amount in USANA sales tools. Get them out, follow up and watch your business grow.

Collette Larsen
USANA’s First 8-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679

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  • USANA Admin

    What a great post, Collette! In business, you definitely reap what you sow, and you are an excellent example of that principle. You and Ross work hard and you reap the rewards of that effort. Keep up the good work!

  • Jacquie Baier

    Collette,I love your energy and commitment, so amazing!!! My fiance and I are taking this next year and a half to focus hard on our Usana business and make it BOOM in order to create time and financial fredoom which will enable me to stay home with our family. As I am sure you know, sometimes intensity and drive start to sag… this has helped me and I will remember to revisit this site any time I feel myself starting to slip….Yours in peace and health,Jacquie Baier

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