Building a Foundation of Trust, Part 2 – Zachary Ross


Let me share just three of the countless ways I believe we, as USANA associates, can earn the trust of our potential partners and create a culture of trust within our teams.

1 – Tell the Truth

Trust is built layer upon layer – a series of experiences that demonstrate consistency and reliability in our words and actions. Our reputations really do precede us. Word gets around about whether or not we’re real, authentic and whether or not we can be trusted.

When we’re looking for potential business partners, trust sounds something like this:

“As you can see, I’m very passionate about USANA. I have enough confidence in myself and enough trust in our products and opportunity that I want to share it with you. However, I truly want what’s best for you. I realize this business may or may not be for you – and I’m fine with that. I’m here to provide all the information you need to make a decision and I trust the decision you make will be the right one for you. Are you comfortable with that?”

If we don’t tell the truth from the very beginning our new distributors can become disillusioned later on when they’ve rolled up their sleeves and are into the day-to-day work of building their own organizations. We all know – there can be some pretty tough days! If we’ve sugar-coated the process they’re going to be thinking…”He wasn’t honest with me, I don’t think I can trust him.”

2 – Build Credibility Using USANA Tools

Isn’t it great that the by-line of the USANA products is, “Nutritionals You Can Trust?” Thirteen years with USANA has proven I can trust this company to provide not only the finest products and business opportunity on the planet but the finest sales tools as well.

Are you using the USANA Accolade Sheets? Something remarkable happens when you use credible business authorities and world-class athletes who bring third-party validation to USANA. You can download the Accolade Sheets by going to Downline Management. Click on “Prospecting” and then on “Tools.” Under the “Tools” category go to the USANA Business section to find the Accolades Sheets. We are able to download these accolade sheets in full color in our language of choice.

Let’s say you’re building a relationship with a prospect. She is beginning to feel she can trust you. You’re on the right track. Then…you whip out the accolade sheet showing USANA as the only direct sales company to make it on the Forbes Best Small Companies list for each of the past three years. She can also see USANA has been rated #1 in the Distributor Choice category for nine straight years by MLM Insider…the magazine that just happens to be the watchdog for our entire industry. And how about the fact that USANA received the top 5-Star rating and Gold Medal of Achievement in the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements? The accolades go on and on.

Or let’s say you’re talking with a real sports enthusiast. Rather than just telling your prospect that athletes have come on board with USANA, I suggest having the USANA Athlete Accolades Sheet handy. Is it possible you might build trust by explaining the one million dollar athlete guarantee and showing your potential new distributor pictures of elite athletes who now trust their health to USANA?

The second trust building tool I recommend is the Health and Freedom newspaper. I don’t know this for sure but my bet is – no one orders more of these than we do. It has been our tool of choice since it was first introduced. For around thirty cents I can give a potential business partner a professional, full-color, complete overview of our company. The new Health and Freedom introduced at USANA’s 2007 International Convention is, in my opinion, the finest, most user-friendly tool in our industry.

Finally, I believe one of the most powerful ways we can build trust quickly is to:

3 – Extend Trust to Others

When we trust others, we are coming from abundance rather than scarcity. We trust our prospects to tell us the truth and we honor that truth and either encourage them to get involved immediately or give them space…whichever is in their best interest. We extend trust to our new associates by demonstrating our belief in their ability and by sharing our time and expertise with them.

Is there a chance we’ll be hurt or even get burned? Of course. It’s called trust because there is a possibility of disappointment, error or loss. We understand there is risk but we also understand that trust wisely placed can transform people, organizations and companies. I believe extending trust to others is a risk worth taking.

USANA has allowed me to rise to the level of trust my family has placed in me. My “why” has always been to simply be there for my family. USANA has given me the freedom to be a full-time husband and father and the health to enjoy precious time with my wife Kelli and our children.

I remember the first time I heard Dr. Wentz speak. The trust I felt happened immediately, without relation to anything I knew about him. I simply knew I could trust this man. That trust was well placed. Being involved with USANA has been a profound blessing in my life. I’ll be here doing my best to support our mutual vision and to carry on the legacy of Health and Freedom for my wife and children and for the USANA family for many years to come. You can trust me.

Zak Ross, COO
Larsen Global Alliance, Inc.
10-Star Diamond Director

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