Using Conference Calling Effectively

Inviting your potential business partners to listen in on a conference call is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build your business quickly and inexpensively and it is as close as your phone. More and more USANA distributors are expanding their organizations by tapping into calls conducted by USANA’s Home Office, by their upline leaders or by crossline members of the USANA family. Here are some guidelines I believe will increase the number of people who join your business as a result of listening to a conference call:

1. Commit to be on the call yourself.
2. Encourage every member of your organization to be on the call and encourage them to invite guests. Call them personally or send an e-mail to make sure they know the time of the call, the number, pin number, etc.
3. Invite your prospects – people on your names list, people you’ve approached before but who have not yet committed, new leads, preferred customers, etc.
4. Set a goal to have at least three people join you on the call. It’s a good idea to three-way your best potential business partner into the call so you’re picking up the long distance charges.
5. Get commitments from your guests. Call them the day of the conference call to remind them of the number and pin # and tell them you’d like to touch base with them after the call to get their impressions.
6. Send a thank you note to everyone who accepted your invitation to be on the call.

Preparing your guests:

Credibility increases when you prepare your guests for what they are going to be hearing.

“…I want you to listen in so you can meet the woman who heads up our team. She’ll probably give an overview of the company, but I think she’ll also share a bit of her own story. When I heard her story, I realized anyone with determination could succeed in our business. I think you’ll be able to relate to her.”

It’s also important that you invite your guests with an outcome in mind.

“…I think by the end of the call you’ll know whether or not you’d like to become part of our team.”

Follow up:

It is vital that you follow-up with each guest you had on the call. Share your own experience with them and then listen to what they have to say. Is there someone on your team they might relate to? Schedule a three-way call with that team member.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, offer to send your prospective business partner any additional tools they might need to make a decision. For instance, if they are more product oriented, you might want to send them a Product Information Booklet or explain how they can get all the product information they need on your website. If they seem more interested in the business, you might want to send them one of the latest CD’s or DVD’s that USANA has produced. Remember to ask how they prefer to get their information. Do they like to watch , listen or read…and send tools accordingly.

Tap into the power of corporate and team conference calls. Remember, a stranger is an expert. And that expert can validate you!

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679

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