Say Yes, Part 1

In 2004 I sat in a sacred, serene setting trying to hold back the tears as my daughter Sharlie married her sweetheart, Ryan Kaltenbach.  I don’t remember many of the details of that special day because frankly, I was the mother of the bride and I was floating in a fog.  However, I will never forget the advice the officiator gave Sharlie and Ryan right before he married them.  

He suggested they remember two words to help smooth the way to their future.

“Say Yes”

He said it over and over again, looking back and forth at the two of them.

“Say yes to putting each other first.  Say yes to little things – flowers, love notes, unexpected surprises.  Say yes to trust and fidelity.  Say yes to abundance and joy.  Say yes to a family.”  

I have to admit, at this point I wanted to jump up and shout “No! – you don’t understand…Sharlie can’t bear children.  She has Cystic Fibrosis.  She doesn’t have the strength…it would threaten her life.  Say NO!!!”  But, as is often the case, this officiator apparently knew what he was talking about.  Sharlie and Ryan are now parents of a beautiful little boy.  I’m learning to bite my tongue!

Finally, he said, “Say yes to change, say yes to life…say yes to love…deep abiding, eternal love.”

That ceremony had a profound impact on me.  I realized I had said “no” too often.  I wondered what opportunities for growth I had missed due to my doubts or fears, what blessings I had forfeited because I said no to service or the opportunity to share.  I reflected on how I’d personally suffered because I said no to making my own health a priority and how many times I’d missed out on opportunities to brighten someone else’s day because I said no to my intuition to do little things like send a note, make a call, express my gratitude.  I thought about all the people I hadn’t shared USANA with because I felt there was no way they would be interested.  I remembered times I’d said no to my children for no reason except “because I’m the mom and I said so!”    I justified all those no’s – I was just too busy. 

Now, here was someone much wiser who was counseling Sharlie and Ryan, explaining to them that their lives would change if they simply learned to “say yes.”  Those two little words got seared into my brain that day and now I say “yes” to all the good stuff whenever I can.  I’m responding positively to the nudges from my own intuition.  Those two words have changed my life.

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
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  • Sharlie Kaltenbach

    Thank you for reminding me about that special day and that invaluable advise to say YES! I need to follow your example more and say YES to my promptings and intuitions. You were amazing on Saturday and I am honored to be your daughter. I am saying YES to going RUBY : ) I love you, Sharlie

  • Anonymous

    Incredible. Thank you for this post Collette. I have heard you speak your story, have read it, and it always has such an incredible feel and your words hold tremendous power. Thank you for your choice to write and post.

  • Sandy Martin

    Collette, this was a wonderful speech … you touched so many hearts that day, and I'm grateful you've posted it here so others can be moved by your words. I'm learning to say "yes" when my intuition tells me to!

  • hensemguy

    collette, you are great!!! I joined USANA August 08, still strugling to expand my network. any valuable tips from you?

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