Say Yes, Part 3

My first “yes” to USANA came on a hot August night in 1994 and it wasn’t even audible…I simply nodded my head.  That first tentative “yes” led to others.  I remember saying “yes” to this nagging feeling I had that I should drive over to Bob and Daryl Allen’s home and drop off a video about Dr. Wentz.  I was fearful.  Was this overstepping my bounds?  Would they be annoyed?  Out of the generosity of Robert Allen’s heart, I was working as his assistant at the time…would this put a strain on our relationship?

Well, Bob and Daryl watched the video, Bob’s intuition screamed “YES!” but he still told me “no.”  After all, he was a famous author and speaker and had a reputation to protect.  So…I took his wife and my dear friend Daryl to lunch – and she said “YES!”  Daryl’s yes has had an impact on thousands of people and has certainly changed my life.  

A few weeks later Daryl got Bob to come on board and Bob called to ask if I’d go to brunch with him and a good friend of his.  Had I ever heard of Denis Waitley?  Uhhhh….yes.  Would I be willing to talk to him about USANA?  Uuuuhhhhh….y-e-s?  Well, to make a long story short, Denis said yes to USANA and through Denis I met Susan Waitley who has become a dear friend, built an incredible business and changed lives around the world.

I’d been dating a man for quite awhile and my children were getting concerned because they were just generally overprotective and I’d never met any of this gentleman’s friends.  He kept talking about this one couple, Bud and Bunny.  When I assured my oldest son that indeed he did have friends and their names were Bud and Bunny, Dax said, “mom, pets don’t count!”  But sure enough, I met Bud and Bunny Barth and they were the real deal – the most awesome, authentic couple, and so much fun.  I could see us being friends forever and frankly, I was nervous about bringing business into the mix.  For one thing, they were already extremely busy and successful running Del Mar Media Arts – a school for aspiring actors and actresses.  Well, I stretched…I actually did a USANA presentation disguised as a casual conversation – and guess what?  It took a little while, but they said yes!  We’ve been all over the world together and they have blessed my life tremendously.  

A few years ago prior to USANA opening the Korean market, I spent a considerable amount of time in Los Angeles doing presentations for a group of Korean distributors.  There was always a young man in their home but he obviously didn’t have any interest in what we were doing.  One day as he came bounding down the stairs, I said, “Jeffrey, come and sit down here a minute.  Tell me about yourself.”  I quickly realized he was an entrepreneur at heart but frankly, I couldn’t get through to him.  USANA was something older people did.  Well, Jeffrey said no to me, but he agreed to meet with my son, Zak.  Through Jeffrey, Zak met Michael Callejas and Linda Lien and through Linda we met Duke Tubtim.  Duke ultimately said yes and now there are thousands of awesome young people who call me “USANA Mama.”

Is fear holding you back from contacting someone like me – a single mother with no experience, no self-esteem, no income, no possible way of making this work?

Is fear keeping you from contacting someone like Robert Allen or Denis Waitley – famous in their own right, New York Times best-selling authors, world-class speakers?  They wouldn’t be interested would they?

Is fear holding you back from contacting successful, busy friends – they don’t have the time to do this, do they?

And what about people who are younger or older?  They won’t be able to relate to you, will they?  

Right now, at this very moment a name is coming to you…someone you’ve thought about but for one reason or another you’ve decided…USANA isn’t for them.  Close your eyes and picture their face.  Do you have it?  

Say yes!  Please say yes to your own intuition.  Step outside your comfort zone.  Say yes to personal growth.  You will begin to change lives, starting with your own.

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679
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  • Say Yes, Part 3 — Larsen Global was a pretty good article. I just found your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post once more soon.

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