If you have to work…why not work from home?  I believe it was Pete Zdanis who first shared this phrase with me – a catchy slogan to put on our USANA business cards.  And without a doubt, owning a home-based business is one of the primary reasons individuals are drawn to our industry.  For the masses stuck in grueling commutes paying outrageous prices for gas, dropping their children off at expensive day care centers and then spending forty plus hours a week dealing with office politics, the idea of working from home evokes visions of nirvana.

I remember a phone call from a successful distributor in our organization.  Prior to going full-time with USANA he had been a busy lawyer, working in his state’s Attorney General’s Office.  He was happily married and had six children, all who were still living at home.  From the time he first signed his application with USANA, I raved about the benefits of working from home.  We had numerous conversations about all the perks – including being able to work in your robe and slippers.  I encouraged him to check out of the rat race, come home and enjoy this idyllic situation for himself.  Finally, the day arrived.  He was thrilled to tender his resignation, to explain to the Attorney General he could no longer afford to come into work.  He achieved his (or maybe MY?) dream…he fired his boss.  Imagine my surprise when a year or so later he called and said, “Collette, this time freedom thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!” 

He went on to explain he’d never felt pulled in so many directions.  Now that he was so easily accessible to his wife and children, he was expected to be the family chauffeur, attend all the children’s church, school and sports activities, help with chores around the house and support a growing USANA business.  His makeshift home office was crowded and cluttered and to be perfectly honest, he missed the stimulation and camaraderie of the Attorney General’s Office.  He wanted to go back to work!

We had a good laugh.  I know this person very well, so I completely understood his situation.  He is a devoted husband and father, absolutely adored by his family but being home 24/7 was turning him into someone he didn’t want to be.  Fortunately, his former boss and colleagues welcomed him back with open arms and he is still, many years later, thriving as a successful attorney and continuing to earn a substantial residual income with USANA.  In fact, he is a member of USANA’s Million Dollar Club.

The lesson I learned?  Don’t project my dreams and desires on anyone but myself!  There are many USANA associates who enjoy their careers and simply want to improve their health and add another source of income to their lives.  Most of USANA’s distributors build their businesses around their primary careers.  They’ve learned to juggle a multitude of responsibilities and in the limited time they have, they contribute great value to our mutual USANA experience.  I admire and respect their life choices and appreciate all they bring to USANA.  

Over the past fifteen years I’ve also identified some critical factors in creating a work-from-home environment that allows me to enjoy the time freedom I’ve earned.  Stay tuned for my next blog:  Building a Home-Based Business While Retaining Your Sanity!

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
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