The Greenest Business in Town – Guest Blogger, Steve Netherby

Reeling from all the headline crises? Worried about your 401K?  Stressed from living paycheck to paycheck? Check out this eco-friendly solution.
Our beleaguered country is staggering through a gauntlet of crises.  Now that the adrenalin rush of the election campaigns has subsided, you and I can focus on ways we will handle these challenges at the level of our own lives.
In my hometown of San Clemente, California, we’re fortunate not to be a one-horse outfit.  A tanking auto industry won’t mean massive layoffs here.  Nonetheless, fallout from each of these headline challenges will zap your zip codes and mine—one way or another, immediately if not sooner—in the form of higher taxes, rising cost of living, plummeting home values, home loss, job loss, evaporating retirement funds, healthcare shortfalls, or diminished quality of life.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m a glass-half-full guy.  I’m confident our new president and his team will do the right things to begin untangling the mess.  And I’m okay with the fact that the rest is up to me…and my team.

That’s right: Just like Obama, I have a team.  Actually, I joined a team, then began building my own team within that team.  When I teamed up I became part of a worldwide, 60-million-person, $110-billion powerhouse industry that contributes over $34 billion to the U.S. economy in bad times as well as good.  It boasts big players-Obama financial adviser, billionaire Warren Buffet, has called the several businesses he’s acquired in this industry the best investments he’s ever made; Virgin Airlines adventurepreneur Richard Branson ventures capital here; Donald Trump and Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki recommend it as a best bet for building wealth.  It welcomes small players too:  Dr. Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People said, “[This industry] has come of age. It’s become undeniable that it’s a viable way to… independence for millions of people.”
The industry I’m talking about is the direct-selling, or network-marketing, industry, and I strongly suggest—if today’s crises threaten you—that you take a fresh look at it.  A decade and a half ago, I became a network marketer to become CEO of my own life.  I saw it as a way to start my own business with a small up-front investment, no employees, no inventory requirements, and meaningful tax benefits. I would no longer have to beg a boss for vacation time.  Tired of the standard 3-percent raises, I could now set my own income goals and reach them through my own efforts and those of my team.
That team aspect is the icing on the cake of networking.  As I build my team, I not only build my income, but the income of those who brought me aboard their team.  As I teach those I recruit to grow their businesses, they grow my income.  Working for ourselves, we benefit our teammates.
These days, I appreciate my industry more than ever.  As a full- or part-time endeavor, networking is an ideal hedge against the current crises.  Tech industries tumble, real-estate bubbles burst, and retail goes reeling, but network marketing booms in a bust economy.  Because you own your own business, you can’t get laid off and your job won’t be shipped overseas.  Unlike a 401K, a retirement plan based on a networking business keeps growing even with a falling stock market.  If you join one of the many health-and-wellness networking companies, you even help stem the healthcare crisis as you expand your network.

Why have I devoted this column to network marketing?  Because if you read me regularly, you know I care about our environment as you do—and networking is the greenest game in town.  My commute is 15.02 seconds from breakfast table to home office.  You don’t have to pave open space to build roads or office complexes for me.  Necessities I buy from my own business are shipped directly to me, eliminating drives to the store (I receive commission checks on my purchases and sales that fund my memberships in environmental groups).  Finally, as my own boss, I give myself permission to schedule work around the backcountry hikes and mountain-bike rides that fuel my passion for conservation.
For more information on network marketing, and a list of over 200 carefully vetted direct-selling companies, go to or contact a USANA Associate.
Steve Netherby has been a Navy pilot, a newspaper editor-inchief and a magazine editorial director. He’s the former camping editor of Field & Stream. A 34-year San Clemente resident who ran for City Council in 2000, he’s currently an independent distributor for USANA Health Sciences and is writing a book.
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