And the Winner Is…

What fun we’ve had with our first Mother’s Day Giveaway. Thank you to each one of you who commented on our blog, left a message on Facebook, sent personal e-mails and Twitter’d about our promotion. We conducted the drawing very carefully and with utmost integrity, writing each of your names on a slip of paper and adding an extra slip of paper with your name on it if you forwarded our message or let us know you were spreading the word.
My daughter Sharlie drew the winning name out of the hat. Sandy Martin, a USANA distributor from North Carolina was our lucky winner. Then, because we were just having so much fun with it all, I gave Sharlie and my son-in-law Ryan the go-ahead to give away one more Sensé Deluxe Pack. Guess who the winner was? Sandy Martin. Seriously, she won it TWICE. I called her today and we discussed the Law of Attraction…Sandy was simply determined to win our Mother’s Day Giveaway!
Well, we then decided to separate the names into two piles and draw another name from those who we did not recognize as USANA distributors. We’re quite certain that once someone tries Sensé, the very least they’ll be is a Preferred Customer. The lucky winner of our second drawing was Joanna Smith, not yet a USANA distributor who is very excited to try our products.
I’m thrilled for these two special women – and know they’ll love the Sensé care package that is already on the way to them.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you and thanks again for participating. By the way, this was so much fun…stay tuned. I feel a Father’s Day Giveaway coming up soon. A Reset Kit, maybe???

USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director

(800) 238-9679

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  • Sandy Martin

    Collette, I wanted you and everyone to know I received the Deluxe Pack in time for Mother's Day! Saturday I was headed to the coast for a day trip to visit MY mom and thought – just in case – I'd make a pit stop at the Post Office on my way out of town. I was thrilled to find a key my P. O. box … a key to one of the larger boxes, letting me know I had a package waiting for me! Thank you so much for this wonderful AFFIRMATION! Yesterday I hosted a spa afternoon at my home – we had a lovely time pampering ourselves.I really appreciate the spirit of giving the USANA family exhibits – Collette, this is a great example!Thanks again and big hugs to you and your family,Sandy

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