Techniques of the Trade – Touch


By Collette Larsen
You’ve secured an appointment. You’re ready with the USANA flipchart, our Health & Freedom Newspaper or the H&F PowerPoint presentation. But how do you connect so this powerful information actually gets through to this potential business partner? Are there specific things you can say or do during your hour or so with this person that will help them get to “yes?”
Hopefully you’ve learned it’s more important to lead with the person than it is to lead with the product or the business. Every presentation should be tailored to your prospect based on his or her needs and desires; however the basic information you share – the nuts and bolts of USANA – will be the same.
The next few articles I post will outline several techniques I’ve used over the past fifteen years that I believe have added a personal touch to my presentations.
Speaking of touch…use it to your advantage. It’s important to tune yourself into your prospect’s personality so you can use touch judiciously. Touch can be a powerful presentation tool but it can also be a deterrent if it is overused or used inappropriately.
I’ll never forget my embarrassment after a presentation I did in New York City. A delightful gentleman came up afterward to express his appreciation and I characteristically leaned in to give him a hug. He quickly backed away and explained that in his religion men were not allowed to touch women other than their wives. I made a mental note… “Collette, in the future – do your homework!” That homework really paid off when I traveled to Asia to help open USANA markets in Hong Kong and Korea.
Generally, a genuine, warm handshake as you meet your prospect is appropriate and helps establish a connection. I usually use both hands, a firm grip (what’s worse than a limp handshake?) and I make direct eye contact and smile as I say their name.
In addition, there might be a moment or two during your presentation when a light touch on the arm will help project your sincerity. For me, this comes naturally as I’m making a point or answering a question.
I often find myself hugging people I’ve just met, including people who have just listened to my presentation. This is authentic for me and feels comfortable because during my presentations I’ve usually shared personal – sometimes rather intimate – experiences. As I’ve mentioned, do your homework and then “read” the situation. If you’re in tune, you’ll know when to use the technique of touch.
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  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much. There are many timesthat I find myself having to calm myselfdown. I am a Big gesture user. My familyand friends always laugh at me and sayyou can read my conversation through my gestures, that include touching the person, and intensity. It is nice to have a friendly reminderfrom time to time. Thanks again.

  • The Power of Touch

    I met Collette Larson at an USANA convention approx. 3 years ago in Utah. She just is a beautiful person with a wonderful personality. She really does believe in touch. Collette had her arm around me with a big squeeze for a picture together. She leaves you feeling wanted as a friend, acquaintance or business partner. She is in a different upline than mine, but we all admire Collette. I feel honored to be added as a friend to Collete on facebook and really now feel the USANA family. Yours in Health, Marilyn.

  • Tom Doiron

    I have yet to see a crowd so big that each person present couldn't feel Collette warmth.Regarding a two handed hand shake:it seems ok coming from a woman, but very wierd from a man. IMHO

  • Janice

    This is helpful Collette. With some people I find it easy to be 'huggy' whereas others it is more comfortable to retain the physical space, but build the relationship with eye contact and let the relationship build in its own time. Mind, Collette with you, the rapport is there right from the beginning. It was so good to share fun time at Sanoviv – especially the chats in the spa pools! Janice

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