Caution! Wearing USANA Logo Gear Could be Hazardous to Your Health

Beckett wearing his USANA shirt on his first rollercoaster ride -- click to see the trauma up-close.

Beckett wearing his USANA shirt on his first rollercoaster ride -- click to see the trauma up-close.

I love USANA logo gear. I use it, wear it and basically flaunt it whenever possible. Not only does it allow me to proudly announce my affiliation with USANA – it’s just really good stuff. My carry on suitcase, laptop bag, new black leather purse, my favorite raincoat, dozens of “wick moisture away” t-shirts, the hats and visors I use while hiking, even a wrist watch and my handy binoculars all carry the USANA logo.

As a result, I’ve had numerous conversations around, “what is USANA?” and I’ll never forget a visit to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s estate in Virginia, walking along wearing my favorite USANA sweatshirt and enjoying the gardens with my daughters Chelsea and Sharlie, when suddenly a very nice, albeit aggressive, woman rushed up to me and said,…”oh my gosh, USANA, I need some of those vitamins…do you sell them?” Uh…yeah, you could say that. I took her order on the spot!

Okay, so the point of this quick blog post today is two-fold:

1 – Wear and use your USANA logo gear with pride.
2 – It’s a grandma thing. I need to have an excuse to share this awesome picture of my grandson, Beckett. It is a family classic! Would he have stretched this far out of his comfort zone were he not wearing his USANA t-shirt? I don’t think so!

USANA gear on Mt. Whitney

USANA gear on Mt. Whitney

Collette, Kathleen Rockney and Eve Smith

Me, Kathleen Rockney and Eve Smith entering the Whitney Zone

USANA Logo hat

Ryan Kaltenbach, me and Zak on a training hike in our USANA gear

USANA Beanie

Dax wearing his USANA beanie during one of the colder days on the Everest Trek

USANA Logo gear

Me and Dax on the Everest trek

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  • Tim Haran

    Hi Collette,
    Wonderful post! We will definitely be sharing this with our network 🙂 That photo is priceless.

    Thanks for everything,

    P.S. Love the new look of the blog. Very nice!

  • Hi, Collette!

    I bought myself a whole lot of USANA Logo wear at convention this year ( you saw me with all my bags, standing outside the store, remember? lol!!) We just had our Laguna Hills "Taste of USANA" and we were all wearing our Logo clothes.. what a sight!!! :-))) I hope you can join us one of these months… we would LOVE to have you as our guest…( !!!!!!!!!!!!!! surprise, surprise…!!!! )…lol Thank you, Collette and Zak for being such wonderful Leaders and showing us the way to succeed in this business.

    Sylvia Adler

  • Hi Collette!! Thanks for this. You are ABSOLUTELY right about being proud of USANA what you do. I love wearing my USANA shirts, travel with my Roll along USANA luggage, have my Blendor Bottle in my hand and etc. People ask all the time!! I meet people all the time and they never fail to ask what USANA is and what I do. Have gotten good amount of customers that way. 🙂 I especially like wearing my USANA hat, shirt and have my Rev3 or Blender Bottle when I visit my friends or be around people who said no to me and or have not been so supportive at the beginning. they always ask how business is doing and believe it or not, some of them are starting to order products from me. LOL! its funny how it works. But it goes to show we are not backing down and in fact we are moving forward and it gets better and better each time. Its so FUN!

    In Health,
    Laila Saeyang

  • The only person who has talked about Usana with me, when I have been wearing my Usana gear – is another Associate! For nearly nine years I have walked around my local park (One Tree Hill, Auckland) and only that one person has approached me. Perhaps New Zealanders are too reticent!!!

  • Tom Haupt

    Collette- That face of his is PRICELESS! In fact, I very much looked like that when I first went on my first rollercoaster ride at 48!!!!! Tom Haupt

  • Lynn Bakken, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

    Love the photo-I picked up a few USANA logo items at convention and looking to a few more items that I can wear regular basis-market-market-market, and look way cool.

  • Love This Post! Collette you always know how to say it best. What better thing to do than advertise your own business while wearing great gear. We are already working on new items that will make everyone comfortable and proud to wear them. Everyone always asks me if I have anything that doesn't say USANA on it, and I tell them why would I? I love it when people ask me what USANA is. It's fun to say we offer the highest rated supplements in the world and a world class business opportunity. The conversation gets more exciting from there. All the best!

  • Gill Stapleton

    Collette you continue to be an inspiration to us all. I love my logo gear and will be running proud in the New York marathon , with the Usana logo on my back !

  • the valuable thoughts u provided do help our team’s research for our group, thanks.

    – Lucas

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