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social mediaIn February 2004, Facebook was launched from a Harvard dorm room, and by December of that same year over one million people were active Facebook users. Today in 2010, there are over 500 million active users on Facebook with the average user spending close to an hour a day on the site. Bob Dylan got it right…the times they are a changin’.

I’d never even heard the term “social media” in 2004, yet today – just six years later – Facebook and other social media outlets allow me to connect with thousands of USANA associates across the globe on a daily basis.

Thrive on five…that’s how I operate. So here is my top five list – the reasons I’ve become hooked on social media:

  1. Using social media is a wonderful way to build and foster a sense of community. I’ve always considered USANA associates my extended family, and now, through Facebook, blogging and Twitter, I feel more connected than ever. An added bonus: I can now put faces with names!
  2. It’s all about the links – and USANA apps are just around the corner. We can share information immediately and there is a plethora to choose from allowing us to customize information to suit each potential business partner. The follow-up can occur within hours. Closing that gap between knowing and doing is a critical element in building a thriving organization.
  3. It’s free! Postage used to be a major expense for Larsen Global. We’d send packages by priority mail nearly every day…newspapers, DVD’s, CD’s, product catalogs, etc. Using social media to introduce, explain and follow-up has increased our effectiveness while cutting our expenses. How cool is that?
  4. Social media gives us quick access to thousands of people. For example, if we’re going to do a webcast, I can dramatically increase attendance by posting a status update and tweeting fifteen minutes prior to the broadcast.
  5. Brand awareness. Let’s face it, the more we put the name USANA out there, the better for all of us. There is a rising tide of positive information about USANA on social media sites and it’s floating all our boats!

Now – a tip and a reward.

The tip: Do yourself a favor and listen to the 2010, Volume 7 LifeMasters CD. Tim Haran – USANA’s social media guru, Kevin Guest and Dan Macuga from our corporate team along with associates Kate Northrup Moller, Deanna Waters and Christa Maclellan all share valuable information on tapping into this revolutionary way to build your business and stay connected with your team.  I also strongly suggest you check out the Social Media Tip series at (I especially like #9 and #15).

LifeMasters 7The reward: We are going to choose a few lucky readers that will receive a social media gift pack from Larsen Global.  We are giving away USANA social media t-shirts, social media pamphlets, a number of the LifeMasters CDs mentioned above, and some of the new products USANA introduced at convention.  We will pick random winners from people who press “Like” at the top of this page, people who comment on this post (let us know how you use social media), people who re-tweet this post, and people who share the post on Facebook.  That’s four chances to win — increase your odds of winning by doing all four.

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  • Sara Herrera

    I love social media because it allows me to reconnect with people in my past, and it allows me to keep in touch with my extended USANA family.

    • I can relate, Sara. I've even found an old boyfriend or two! Let's keep that between us…

  • Ben Lau

    Facebook's chat feature is a great way to catch up with old friends and family, via facetime, and you can easily catch up on how they are doing just by looking at their profile/information! Not to mention the countless links/pictures we can post up of all the special USANA events! Come join the fun!

  • Elena Acuna

    Great tips! I use facebook to stay un touch with our associates and to be aware of their needs. Also very useful for questions and answers..

  • Cathie Johnson

    I use facebook in all facets of my life. My Mother and mother in law are up on fb so that they can see and converse with the younger members of our family. I help the 'older' generation keep up with the 'younger' generation. Then for me….I use fb to keep in touch with my siblings, nieces, nephews, their bf's, gf's, etc. We can share pics and video's! I have a new grandson, who lives in Florida and I am in Wisconsin………I can get pics and video's of him everyday, if I want. My daughter is great at updating this for me! Then for my Usana business, I can keep up with USANA corporate, downline, other potential Associates and groups. I have found fb to be a one stop shop for me!

    • Isn't it fun to see all generations using this tool? My own mother (nearly 79 years old!) is on Facebook. I also use it to keep in touch with my extended family. Congratulations on your new grandson!

  • I love Social Media – what a fast & efficient way to connect with prospects & Team members! I bet I check my FB 8-10 times per day. I've reconnected with old friends & keep my family abreast of happenings & post photos. I also post USANA videos and have gotten some interesting replies! I LOVE Facebook!

  • Brilliant timing Collette – just preparing a 10 min talk for our Super Success Saturday coming up in Nelson, NZ about using Social Media.
    I have joined fb groups related to my specific health issues, building relationships there and sharing my story. Have noticed hits on my website have gone up and have been able to email requested info to people internationally who want to know more.
    Also set up a family blog to just have a play and get used to the features etc, (let me kids teach me!) before launching with a business blog.

    • Please feel free to use this blog post in your training, Kylie. We've set up family blogs as well and I just love "checking in" with my nieces and nephews – and my own children. You might want to check out my daughter Sharlie's blog: My oldest son, Dax also writes a great blog: I can relate to your comment about your kids teaching you!

  • Jan Paredes

    I love the Social Media!!! They're one of the most efficient way to keep in contact with your friends and family. I personally love social websites that can reconnect easily in an instant! By just clicks away, you are already talking to them. i.e., Facebook chat is one of my favorite way to personally talk to people in one click. Also posting up USANA pictures all over my Facebook will entice people to wonder what USANA is, and when they ask I introduce them to USANA!!!

    • Before we know it, millions of people will have heard of USANA. Great for all of us! I also love all the pics and videos that are posted. Convention was so fabulous this year but I was too busy to take many pictures. Not a problem! Within days after convention, I was able to access hundreds of pictures on Facebook.

  • So true, Christina. And you stay so on top of it all! I always enjoy your comments on Facebook.

  • Sharon Nani

    Ditto to all of the above! Another great thing about learning and using social media is the way it keeps one's thinking flexible. We can no longer afford to rest on our laurels or get complacent–the world is changing too fast! We can try to resist, but that's no fun; the only answer is to embrace the challenge and ride the wave! Thanks for a great post and terrific tips, Collette.

  • I love connecting with people on fb and by looking at their friends, I have found several people that I know, but neither of us knew of this connection.
    Of course, pictures are a sweet bonus, especially of grandkids that live far away.
    I have responded to a posting of a health concern and now have two preferred customers in two different states. I sent them to my website, courtesy of USANA, and they saw all they needed to make their decision.
    Thank you Collette, thank you USANA!

  • Derek Lee

    I just had a training for local Atlanta associates on social media. It is a great way to keep in touch with people and have a reason to reconnect with long-lost friends and associates from school and prior jobs.

    I also highly recommend following Jen Fong if you don't already for great social media tips for direct sales. Her blog is at

  • Hi Collette,
    I am using social media to reconnect with long lost friends, classmates, former co-workers, and acquaintances. It is like gettting a second chance to advance the relationship. So in this way it is a powerful tool to expand our warm market contacts..

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • Dyann Lyon

    Collette, Thanks for this wealth of information! I love that with social media we can touch base with people from all over the world and it feels like the world is a much smaller and friendlier place. When I post something I am often surprised and delighted by the unexpected interaction as we never know whos attention we are going to get as we randonly post our thoughts.
    Thank you for being the inspiration you are to so many!
    With love and gratitude,

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