PC…and I’m not Talking Politically Correct

Ric and I recently remodeled our swimming pool and I’m anxious to add solar panels so we can swim year-round without breaking the bank. Over the past few months I’ve talked to representatives from various solar companies – gathering information, visiting their display booths at fairs and trade shows. I’ve given them our information, clearly explaining our desire to add solar panels after the first of the year and I’ve asked them to contact us about their product. In marketing terms…I’d call myself a hot lead! Here’s the kicker…no one has bothered to get hold of me. What – are you kidding me? Aren’t we in a recession? Won’t someone take my money?

Addie in pool

Zak's daughter Addie in the freezing cold pool

So, last week as I was calling around, leaving messages and trying to get someone to take my check – I got thinking about USANA’s Preferred Customer program. PC means something different to USANA Associates than it does to the rest of the world. Preferred Customers – those wonderful souls who simply love the USANA products and place orders exactly where we need the volume and who require hardly any hand-holding, training, re-entering their downline, etc. etc. I wonder how many potential PC’s there are out there who need Booster C, Usanimals, a RESET kit, a case of Rev3 (does the “3” stand for three a day?) or whatever – who would gladly order if someone just picked up the phone or dropped them an e-mail.

As serendipity would have it, just as I was considering the frustration of finding someone to sell me what I want and need I received an e-mail from one of my favorite enthusiastic associates in USANA, Kate Northrup Moller. Kate (who considers herself a CEO – Creative Expansion Optimist) has teamed up with Gold Director Liza Pascal to start a movement within USANA. It is their intention to inspire the entire USANA family to build a sustainable and residual income by focusing on customers, products and health. What a concept!

I heartily endorse their efforts and suggest you check out their creative website: www.goforcustomers.com. There you will find a free action guide and articles full of practical tools to help you retain customers, build a strong PC base, and consequently create a rock solid business.

Thank you Kate and Liza. I agree…PC’s rock!



P.S. I’m a natural networker so I can’t help myself. I’ve found a reputable company if you want solar panels to heat your pool. Dave Baca (dbaca@naturalenergyusa.com) with Natural Energy is a nice guy, tells the truth and was happy to take my check. He has already provided great service; so much so I’m already considering solar power for our home! This is NOT a paid endorsement; just making a point. If we take care of our customers, they’ll take care of us.

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