USANA’s Management Team and The Spirit of Cooperation

NFL LockoutLike death and taxes – it seems to be inevitable. Management feuds. Owners vs. Players. Hostile negotiations. Heated behind-closed-doors bargaining sessions. Proposal rejections and potential lockouts. I don’t know enough about professional sports to take sides; I’m just saying I’m a fan and because I can’t imagine not being able to watch The Chargers in action…for heaven’s sake, would all of you PLEASE just get along?!

Last Saturday I was backstage at USANA’s Asia Pacific Convention in Hong Kong. I was the next presenter so I was dutifully practicing my Sanoviv breathing techniques…attempting to get the butterflies in my stomach to at least fly in formation. Two of USANA’s Senior Management Team – Mark Wilson and Fred Cooper walked up, gave hugs and wished me well. Then, out of nowhere, Mark asked, “Isn’t it Sharlie’s birthday today?” Indeed, it was my daughter’s 32nd birthday. How did Mark know that? Even Fred was speechless! I stammered “uh, yes, it is.” Then, not missing a beat, “and isn’t it Ryan’s birthday tomorrow?” I was dumbfounded. Mark Wilson knew the next day was my son-in-law’s birthday. Impressive!

I’ve been thinking about USANA’s Management…all of them. I was only in Hong Kong for two days and yet there were countless instances where someone from the team inquired about my health or my family or my body clock or asked if I’d like to join them for a meal or insisted on escorting me all the way back to my hotel and then put me on the elevator to make certain I got to my room safely. More times than I could track they thanked me, complimented me on my presentation and expressed their sincere appreciation for my efforts. I’d like to mention each one of them by name – not enough room in this blog…but they know who they are.

What a pleasure, a joy, a blessing it is to be playing on the same team as these wonderful individuals! As I look around me, watch the news, listen to my friends with jobs and cross my fingers hoping there will be another NFL season, I realize what a unique relationship we as distributors have with USANA’s Management Team. I am grateful to be able to work with this team in the spirit of cooperation, where efforts are rewarded (with the highest payout percentage of profitable, reporting companies in the industry), and success is a common goal.

Hmmm…owners, management and players in the field all supportive of each other, appreciating the talents and capabilities of one another, effectively sharing one vision. What a concept!

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  • I’m just so proud to be part of this great Usana family surrounded by so many beautiful people. God bless us all.

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