A Wave A Day

We are helping our friend Sarah Hughen with her quest to surf every day in an effort to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Sarah is a friend of Dax and Sanam and when we heard about her “wave a day” challenge, we decided to support Sarah by providing her with USANA supplements that will help keep her healthy on her journey.

Sarah’s mission is best stated in her own words:

“Some people say surfing is the hardest sport on earth, that if you can surf, you can do anything. I also know that when things go right, it’s about the most fun you can possibly have. The spirit of surfing has inspired me. Having only come to the sport recently, and being a mother of two young boys with nonexistent free time – calling myself a surfer has seemed like a distant dream.

I have a simple mission. I plan on surfing every day – 365 days straight with no exceptions. My inspiration for the project is to use the challenge of surfing everyday as a vehicle to raise money and awareness for the fight against Breast Cancer. 1 in 8 woman will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer sometime during their life. This is unacceptable to me. My hope is that through research, awareness, and an active lifestyle we can help make this statistic history.

My challenge is simple, however, the reality of paddling out everyday – rain or shine, healthy or sick, flat or humungous – is a commitment I won’t abandon.

By surfing every day, I hope to honor all those who have been affected by Breast Cancer and that my determination will inspire people to become involved.”

You can read what Sarah has to say about USANA here.

We are proud to support Sarah, and we encourage you to check out her beautiful website and help her raise money for the Keep A Breast Foundation.

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