Living Vicariously

Aaaahhh…the magic of technology. Convention 2011 is one I’ll never forget – and I wasn’t even there in person! Through facebook posts, blogs, tweets and especially through the efforts of USANA’s audio visual and social media teams I was able to vicariously feel the enthusiasm of everyone in attendance and share in the Spirit of USANA.

I have been the recipient of so much love and support. Thank you to each of you who have sent messages of hope and love and who are praying for my daughter Sharlie. We have relocated to the San Francisco Bay area to be near Stanford Medical Center where Sharlie is currently on the heart/lung transplant waiting list.

Once again, USANA has proved to be much, much more than a business for me. To feel this connectedness with all of you during this critical time has lifted and sustained me and my family. And each time I watch these convention videos I laugh, cry and envision Sharlie and me at Convention 2012.

Collette Larsen

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  • Jean Krogstad

    Just learned from Mike and Jennie that you are now residing near Stanford. That takes a tremendous burden and worry away when you are closer to a medical center as one never knows when you may need some quick help. Also waiting for organs, its easier to be close by so when the “call” comes, you are right on the hospital doorstep!

    Our thoughts and prayers are sure with you and the “hurry up and wait” process for transplants is not always an easy wait, but necessary so there is success when the event day does arrive. Lots of behind the scene procedures that must be accomplished.

    How fortunate you have the time, freedom and opportunity to be together and to be right there to support Sharlie, Ryan and Harrison. USANA is so instrumental in our lives and remains there forever! I would think Sharlies medical experience would be an eye opener to many of the practitioners she is surrounded by at Stanford. Her body has gotten extra assistance from Dr. Wentz’s knowledge and all the products that supported her organs for longer than normal. It sure gives us courage to continue to share his vision with others.

    Again, hugs to you all and thanks for the update. Jean and Terry

  • Dyann Lyon and Wild Jones

    You were missed this year at the Convention but as you know you were immortalized in the USANA Musical. We are sending our heartfelt love to you and your entire family. We think of you all daily and hold you in our hearts and in our prayers.
    With love,
    Dyann and Wild

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