Being christened “Collette” started it; my fascination with all things French. Several sojourns to France (Daryl, hope you’re reading this!) fueled the flame. A decade or so ago my brother Dallin and I enjoyed a two-week road trip through Provence that sealed the deal.

Now, living in Los Altos while waiting for my beautiful daughter Sharlie to receive a life-saving call, I’m determined to do anything but twiddle my thumbs. So…a desire planted ages ago is coming to fruition – and not coincidentally, it coincides with USANA’s announcement that we’ll be opening the French market. Yes, I’m determined to learn French!

My first setback came when the class I’d signed up for was cancelled due to limited interest…mine being the only name on the list. Not to be deterred, I ordered the complete Rosetta Stone program. And can I just mention here that my enthusiasm has been dampened just a teeny, weeny bit by an e-mail I received yesterday offering the program for which I paid full-price at nearly a 50% discount!

Here is the ad from in case you’re interested:

Level 1-5 CD-ROM Set for $399!

Hurry, the holidays are here and our Special Savings Event ends tomorrow. Place your order now to save $350 off last year’s Level 1-5 CD-ROM Set list price.

Order by December 21 with Free Next-Day Shipping* for delivery by December 24.

Ughhh…aigre-doux. Bittersweet, to say the least! And Rosetta Stone won’t even send me a commission for spreading this great news.

So, each day I do something to move closer to my goal. What a concept, huh? (There’s your business tip for the day!) Yes, I spend a few minutes each day studying my lessons and then I teach my four-year-old grandson Harrison one of the new words I’ve learned. So far, my favorite word is:

“Ange” – french pronounciation: ahnzh

My life is blessed by angels…in heaven and on earth. And particularly during this holiday season, I see evidence of their presence at every turn. Just yesterday morning as I was waiting in a very long line at the Los Altos Post Office, a woman came in with a big box of baked goods and handed it across the counter to one of the frazzled postal employees. “I appreciate all of you,” she said…then smiled, turned and walked out. Amazing what that did to the “patience meter” of everyone standing in that crowded room! As she left, I thought of a favorite quote – an inscription at the top of the stairs in a bookstore in Paris – probably taken loosely from Hebrews 13:2…”Be not inhospitable to strangers, for, in practicing it, some have entertained angels in disguise.”

May you be surrounded by angels and may the Spirit of this sacred season fill your homes. God bless us all in the year to come.



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  • Lisa Whittall

    Collette you and I are so much alike!! I’m learning French again too!
    Merry Christmas & my Ange bless you all this Christmas with the greatest gift of all Life

  • I had two six week stays in France as a teenager. I was hosted by a family with 13 children – aged between 3 months and 18 years. The second time I was working as a cleaner/waitress in a Hotel in the country. I used to go off for a bike ride on my day off, equipped with a melon, a knife and a baguette! All the best for your studies Collette. Je t’aime beaucoup, Janice.

  • Collette –

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