Our First USANA Podcast

USANA podcastWelcome to Larsen Global’s first podcast. We are excited to introduce this new feature to our blog, and we hope that podcasting will be an effective way to provide training, business tips, and (semi business-related) entertainment to as many people as we can.

We hope that you enjoy this new feature and we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our first one. If you have any ideas for future episodes of our Larsen Global USANA podcast, we would love to hear them in the comments below. We will be incorporating other members of our Larsen Global team in future episodes, and we hope to make video and audio podcasts a regular feature on our blog.

The first episode goes into Collette’s story, how she became involved with USANA, and how she built her business in the early years of USANA.

There are a few different ways to listen to our podcasts. We suggest you subscribe to the Larsen Global USANA podcast on iTunes. This will allow you to listen to us from your iPod, iPhone, iTunes, or other device. To subscribe through iTunes, click here, or click the iTunes image below. You can also listen to the podcast by pressing the “play” button below (note: if you are receiving this article as an email subscription, you will need to click here to listen to the podcast with your web browser).


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  • We are grateful for YOU!! Always adding great content to what is already great training!

    Great way to start 2012!!


  • Dorie from Farmington, NM Link Reply

    What heartfelt inspiration, courage, and blessing you pass on to others. As a mother and grandmother, I hold up you and yours in prayer for strength, wisdom and the LORD’s healing.

  • Ray Link Reply

    Congratulations for the podcast on Collette’s story, how she became involved with USANA, and how she built her business in the early years of USANA…true health, true wealth !!!

    Please made alvailable a transcript of the podcast[ for those who have hearing challenges and/or spoken language challenges,

    Thank you for sharing personal development.

  • Dyann Lyon and Wild Jones Link Reply

    Thank you Collette for sharing your story again for all the new members of the USANA family! Your leadership and inspiration are felt across the world!

    Wild joins me in sending love to you and your family and praying for Sharlie’s continued health!

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