USANA Podcast — Countdown to Convention

On Episode 8, Collette talks to Ryan about Larsen Global’s Countdown to Convention Contest, how newcomers to convention can get the most out of it, and how they can bring convention home with them.  Also, Collette shares a few ’12 Convention secrets that you won’t hear anywhere else!

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  • Thanks so much for your latest podcast. I am so excited to go to convention! Thanks for all you do. You are a great example.

  • You are awesome Collette!!! See you at convention! 🙂

  • Pamela

    Collette, you and your family are an inspiration to all. I have enjoyed following your stories and updates.

    It was asked for your next podcast any ideas….I was hoping you could share how one could make Director level and be a solid Director. What steps, actions, revenue forms, ect. When giving a presentation, do you show the Health and Freedom Solution DVD, flip chart, USANA newspaper, what method do you suggest?

    Many blessings to you and your family.

    • Larsen Global

      Hi Pamela,

      Great idea. We will be working on a Director podcast. Look for it in the coming weeks.

  • Sue Ross

    An hour with Collette and Zac…. WOW that would be better than winning lotto.
    We’ve met a few times in Sydney & Melbourne Collette and hope to bumb into you at convention in a few months and again see you on stage.

  • Ann Wolter

    Hi, Collette! Every time I listen to you speak, I want to join USANA all over again. You always help me reconnect with my why — maybe it’s because you always speak from your heart. I would like to submit the name and email of one of my new team members for your Countdown to Convention Contest. Her name is Dayna Lockwood, and she is the mom of 8 children. She wants so much to make her USANA business a family enterprise, just as you have done, and she hopes to create a foundation of health and success for all of her children. I think she would benefit mightily from an hour long session with you. If you should happen to pick Dayna’s name out of the hat, her email address is: Thank you for all you do!

  • Collette, thank you so much for offering us this excellent resource and the opportunity to receive coaching from you at Convention!

  • Collette and Zak,
    As you well know, your saying “A Dream too big, is just the right size”, has had an immense impact on why and how I go about developping my USANA business. I keep hoping to be able to spend some quality time with both of you (and Steve) so as to get you updated on what we’re working on… :-))

    I keep my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to make this happen.
    Big HUGS to both of you.

    Sylvia Adler

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