USANA Video Podcast Episode 1 — Coaching

USANA video podcast

Collette Larsen and Ryan Kaltenbach discuss coaching

We are very excited to announce a new series of USANA video podcasts. These will complement our already popular audio podcasts, and we hope that the videos will offer you even more USANA training, advice, and coaching from 10-Star Diamond USANA distributors, Collette Larsen and Zachary Ross.

In our first video podcast, Ryan and Collette discuss coaching. What does it take to be a good coach? Do you need a coach? What is the difference between a mentor and a coach, and what are some of the things to look for when considering hiring a coach?

You can watch the video podcast below by pressing the “play” button below (note: if you are receiving this article as an email subscription, you will need to click here to view the podcast with your web browser).

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  • Hiring a coach was the best thing I could have done to really get my business moving forward. Sometimes you need someone else to help you move out of our comfort zone and really grow as a person!

  • Sandie Vaisnoras

    Thanks Colette and Ryan…I love the video…and Hi to your behind the camera guy.
    So appreciate the podcasts…very helpful. And I will have to check out the wristband…sparked my curiosity.

  • Nice work Collette, Ryan, & Dax. Great topic and it was good to refine the definitions. Coaches don’t need to have the same skills as the player though, correct? Just a full understanding of the game and skills needed to play/work to the limits of the rules? Sometimes I wonder if I’d make a better coach than player.
    Looking forward to Part II.

  • Anne

    Thanks Collette & Ryan. This is a great motivational tool!

  • Nicole

    Oh, Thanks so much Collette and Ryan. I needed to hear and see that and it has come at the perfect time for me. See you at Convention.

  • Thank you so much Collette & Ryan – really great insight!

  • Dyann Lyon

    Thank you Collette, Ryan and Dax. Excellent video! I really appreciate the distinction between a mentor and a coach. That was very helpful and interesting! Wild and I look forward to seeing you next month at Convention!

  • Faith

    Thanks Collette and Ryan. For sure coaching is about accountability. It’s about having your feet held to the fire so you get it done …. faster! Coaching conversations work magic!

  • Dorie from Farmington, NM

    Grateful for people like you who are still helping people improve their health….and wealth through your giving back.

  • Thanks Collette, Ryan and Dax. Thanks for who you are Collette, you’re the best. Coaching for me is really advantageous, it is what permits to extend my comfort zone. I’ll see you next week, thank you for the time you give us.

  • Hi Collette, Ryan and the camera person, what a great video with good tips. Being accountable certainly seems to be a motivation in most cases.
    Thank you and looking forward to more.

  • Pamela

    Thank you Collette, Ryan, and Dax. I get sooo excited to see in my email when another podcast is out, I really look forward to them. Thanks again for all that you guys do.

  • Donna

    Wow! I learn something new every time I listen to you. I LOVE the video as opposed to just a recording. It sticks in my mind better and becomes more personal. Thank you all!

  • Great site – enjoyed the Coaching podcast and look forward to the next one!

  • We hired a coach and it made all the difference in our performance and commitment. So good to know that Collette hired one also.

  • Deborah Hart

    This is exactly what we needed. I am one of the newbies and look forward to learning more from someone like you Collette.
    You are an inspiration and surely someone to look up to.

  • I am learning so much , now to implement!
    This is a great idea you are doing. May you keep making these awesome podcasts.
    Thank you so much!

  • Thank you, Collette for this podcast 1. I certainly will need to hire a coach to get me out of my comfort zone and achieve my goals…once I can afford it.

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