USANA Video Podcast Episode 2 — Coaching, Part Two

USANA video podcast

Collette Larsen and Ryan Kaltenbach discuss coaching

Welcome to our second USANA video podcast. In this episode, Ryan and Collette continue their discussion on coaching (click here for the first part). What does it take to be a good coach? Do you need a coach? What is the difference between a mentor and a coach, and what are some of the things to look for when considering hiring a coach?

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The video looks better in HD (click the gear icon to change the settings), although I can’t guarantee that we’ll look better.

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  • Good information and I agree not everyone is cut out to be a coach.

  • Sandie Vaisnoras

    Thanks, Collette and Ryan…another great webcast.

  • Thank you for another good lesson. Keep them coming. If there is a Part 3, would it be a good topic to discuss HOW TO FIND A COACH? Since you are my upline, maybe you have a good recommendation! Thanks!

  • Sue Ross

    Thanks again Collette and Ryan I am LOVING your podcasts, my pep pill for the day!

  • Wow, really touched on what I have been working on. I rewrote and clarified my why and my vision last week and then found this podcast. I don’t think I ever had it clear enough before and let the excuses reign. Usually it was the mommy thing , the family thing, the support needed there. Matthew was just told he will need another (his 4th) open heart surgery anywhere from anytime to two years from now. We are waiting on results from a 30 day monitoring test. It was a surprise. to say the least. I was just beginning to exhale again. So I need to keep breathing…and exhaling.
    Rewrote my why and vision and holding myself accountable thanks to a love to
    “check off the boxes when it gets done that day” or another way to say a shoestring budget! I caught the vision of the end result and now climbing or crawling or sprinting or jumping over the boulders in between now and that end result. This podcast really helped put needed perspective into current action. Thank you so much!

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