USANA Video Podcast Episode 3 — All About Sanoviv, Plus Collette and Sharlie’s Top 5 Sanoviv Lifestyle Changes

Sharlie and Collette discuss Sanoviv

Sharlie and Collette discuss Sanoviv

Welcome to our third USANA video podcast. In this episode, Collette and her daughter, Sharlie Kaltenbach, talk about one of their favorite places in the world, Sanoviv Medical Institute. Sanoviv is a beautful, state-of-the-art medical center that offers holistic and integrative health treatments. In this video podcast, Collette and Sharlie discuss their favorite treatments, what makes Sanoviv so special, and how Collette seamlessly integrates Sanoviv and USANA. Plus, Collette and Sharlie give you their top 5 lifestyle changes that they have incorporated into their daily lives after spending time at Sanoviv.

To learn more about Sanoviv, visit them on the web at, and to learn more about Collette’s Sanoviv training sessions, call Sanoviv at (801) 954-7600.

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  • Donna

    I am truly touched by this podcast this evening. It is the evening before I leave for convention, and what a great send off! I have added a trip to Sanoviv to my “bucket list”! Thank you both for opening your hearts to the USANA family and sharing such personal and loving moments in your lives. Sanoviv sounds like paradise.

  • Hi Collette and Sharly,
    It is Sept.1st ,watching this for the first time. Wonderful and heartfelt, thank you so much! It has been a week of recovery from a surprise illness here, have taken an about face to be quiet and hopefully get well. So, perfect timing to be able to hear and see you lovely ladies!! On my dream board are two white sea shells and the Sanoviv logo symbolizing a goal for Wayne and me to attend Sanoviv and the intent included being there with Collette some time. I had no idea at the time how that would be able to happen. I look forward to following this through.
    It was so special to see you on stage at convention. You were all so beautiful and inspiring and the Spirit was so strong. I think I lost track of how many hankies that was. I will always remember the beautiful love and gratitude felt in that moment going back and forth and to “Above” and being able to “taste faith”. It was the highlight of convention. Thank you. We love you guys!!

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