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Our Thanksgiving Message

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone –

I’ve heard it said: “If you’ve forgotten the language of gratitude…you’ll never be on speaking terms with happiness.”

It’s true! Gratitude is a way for us to appreciate and acknowledge what we have rather than always searching for that elusive “something” we hope will make us happier. Gratitude is an attitude and this mental state can grow stronger with daily practice.

Here are five ways that will help us cultivate gratitude…with appreciation from the Harvard Health Publications:

Write a thank-you note. Send it, or better yet, deliver and read it in person if possible. Once in awhile, write one to yourself.

Keep a gratitude journal. Write down thoughts about the gifts you receive each day.

Count your blessings. Pick a time each week to contemplate your blessings. Sometimes it helps to pick a number — such as three to five things — that you will identify each week.

Pray. Just try it and see.

Meditate. Mindfulness meditation involves focusing on the present moment without judgment. Try just saying “thank you” over and over again.

Suggested Reading: Thanks! How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier by Robert Emmons

I’m grateful to each of you. Thank you for enriching my life and have a wonderful holiday.



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  • This is so good. I felt peace listening to Collette. Thank you to all of you.

  • syndea mendioroz

    I’m so grateful for you, Collette. You have been a dear friend all these years and continue to bless my life in so many ways!! Love you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Anne Marie Gieser

    Collette you have inspired me so much I am so grateful for all you do. I am a mother of 7 kids and love USANA. I will not go without it. God bless you and your dear family, and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  • Thank you for this simple but ever so profound reminder. From north of the border…..Happy Thanksgiving

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