How We Are Going to Lose 52 Pounds in the USANA Reset Challenge

Collette and Zak are participating in the USANA Reset Challenge and we wanted to share their progress, healthy eating tips, and some of their pictures as they jump-start healthy eating and exercise habits, and lose their weight safely and effectively. Look for our updates every couple of weeks (and hold them accountable).

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Zak’s Update:

The Reset Challenge could not have come at a better time for me. 2012 was filled with some stressful events and I have learned that when I am stressed, I tend to eat! My biggest weakness would be late night snacking. After a long day, and after the kiddos are all in bed, Kelli and I settle down to watch some of our favorite TV shows. This is when I break out the snacks: popcorn, chips and salsa, chocolate covered pretzels. My wife is an excellent baker! She makes the yummiest chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cakes. She tries to make these as healthy as possible, by using whole wheat flour, reducing butter/margarine, and reducing the amount of sugar. Only problem is I don’t stop at one cookie.

Another big weakness this past year has been eating out and drinking soda. Chipotle and In-n-Out have seen way more of me that they should!

I started the Reset Challenge at 216 pounds. I completed the five day Reset Cleanse and felt great. I “released” ten pounds and I plan on never seeing them again. I have completed the Reset Cleanse on several occasions and it is a wonderful way to shed some unwanted pounds and create more healthy habits. The difference for me this time is the Transformation phase. Instead of celebrating how awesome I did on the cleanse by eating out at my favorite restaurant with a Large Supreme Pizza and Coke, I continued the well-outlined Transformation Phase.

I begin my day with an 8 oz Nutrimeal. I use non-sweetened Almond Milk and one scoop Dutch Chocolate (whey) and one scoop Vanilla with a small teaspoon of Organic Peanut Butter (I swear this tastes like a Reese’s PB Cup)!

Zak with his morning Nutrimeal

Zak with his morning Nutrimeal

I do some morning exercises starting with 150 push-ups in intervals and 400 sit ups.

Getting help with the morning exercises

Getting help with the morning exercises

Around 10:00 AM I will have a Nuts and Berries Bar with a big glass of water.

For lunch, I will have a 12 oz Strawberry/Vanilla Nutrimeal. 2 scoops Strawberry and 1 Vanilla.

I will have either apple slices/carrot sticks/orange slices/banana around 1:00ish or whenever I am feeling a bit hungry.

Around 3:00 PM I will have an ice-cold Rev3 with another Nuts and Berries Bar.


Zak enjoying the Go Nuts and Berries Bar

Around 6:00 PM, my wife will make a healthy dinner with lean, organic chicken, veggies, and whole grains.

If I am really hungry, I will have a little snack around 8:00 PM, usually carrots/apples/pistachios. The key is to use very small portions. I put a snack in a dish and then put everything away so I am not tempted to continue to snack late into the night. I don’t like to eat anything past 8:30 PM.

I am finding the big key to success is lots of water. I have my water bottle with me at all times and sip on water throughout the day. This helps me to feel energized and not as hungry.

I have been going to the gym mid-day for primarily a cardio workout for about an hour. I like the stair climb, treadmill occasionally and I love to swim. I really want to start doing some hiking/trail jogging to get outside a little more.

I have also found it fun to hang out with the kids a bit more outside. I will take Drexel for a stroll around the park and chase him around the playground. Sawyer likes to help me with my strength exercises in the morning. When I take Zachary to Soccer I will kick the ball around a bit before and after practice. They know about Daddy’s Challenge and want me to WIN!

Zak involves the family in his workout routine

Zak involves the family in his workout routine

It is great having a partner to stay determined and accountable. My mom is doing awesome and I am so proud of her!

Collette’s Update:

I think I first heard the term “conscious eating” on Laura Brownwood’s boat…as she prepared a scrumptious meal of fresh, wild salmon and her famous Greek salad to be shared with me and my husband, Ric. It sounded good to me — “eating consciously” — sort of all grown up and mature; as I should be by now. It makes sense that a diet made up primarily of clean, organic, live foods would support the emotional, physical and spiritual health of my body. I want to live another 30 or so years and I want those years to be optimal — filled with vitality. I want to live life and love it. *Note to self: talk to USANA marketing about that catchy phrase.

Making the green drink

Making the green drink

Before and After

Before and After

Healthy and clean foods for "conscious eating"

Healthy and clean foods for “conscious eating”

But here’s the glitch: M&M’s (and other goodies I think I deserve.)

Without making all sorts of arguments, excuses and explanations, here’s the deal…the USANA Reset Challenge seems to be working for me. Yay! Maybe that’s just what this 60-year-old grandma needed – a contest. With prizes!

Since I started January 7th, I’m down exactly four pounds. My partner, Zak, has lost much more, but he’s a man — a 38 year-old — and seriously, it’s a lot easier for you young guns. I’m pretty proud of our team name: “Rev2” and our team motto: “Cleaner, Stronger, Smaller.”

Four pounds, with seventeen to go…but I’m actually feeling lighter, more empowered and I’m DOING it. I’m making conscious choices about what I purchase, what I prepare and ultimately, about what I put in my mouth. And now that I’ve put it out there — I’m determined to walk my talk. Thanks for reading.

Do you have any USANA Reset stories or tips that you would like to share? We’d love to see them in the comments section below.

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  • Awesome!! And so true. I like the idea of a small bowl with snacks in it and then put the rest away. Meals in Minutes has some great snack ideas and are for the Transform stage and there are deserts too. It will be a trim looking bunch at convention for sure!

  • Remember to “FOLLOW UP” with your plan!! 🙂 I am so proud of you!!

  • Marylee

    LOL – Love the ‘note to self’, Collette!

  • Jo Vos

    Hooray for both of you!

    For Zak, just two ideas, if you start feeling hungry: 1. Go Nuts n’ Berries is a fabulously tasty and healthy snack! Love ’em! When you are seriously trying to “release,” though, you might sometimes consider the higher protein content of USANA’s other bars–they will likely keep you feeling full longer. 2. Adding Fibergy to shakes keeps you feeling more full also. I actually have to practically “make” myself eat a few hour after, since we do want to keep our metabolism going steadily for that even blood sugar…. Best wishes to both of you for a shrinking winter!

  • Steve Netherby

    Kudos to you both, Collette and Zak! It has to be harder for top USANA Associates, with all the travel, the business meetings out, the celebrating success, but your fitness not only inspires multitudes, it ensures YOU a longer life of physical fun. And you deserve it! Thank you for your leadership.

  • Sounds great, It inspires me to keep up with my program I began in 2006 when Usana first launched the Reset. I began the reset in November 2005, thinking how can I teach people how to develop a healthy life style, weighing in at 195lbs. By the launch on January 6th I was well on my way to my 60lb weight loss. I achieved it by June 2006 and maintained it within a5lb variation until this Christmas, when I put on 10lbs. You have inspired me to do the reset again and get back on track Thanks! Diane

  • Dyann Lyon and Wild Jones

    Zak and Collette, What an inspiration you both are in business and in life! We are cheering you and wishing you true health for a lifetime! We finished the 5-Day RESET last week and are also transforming over the weeks ahead!
    Thanks and Cheers to you both!
    Dyann and Wild

  • Brenda

    Congratulations meeting your goal! I am so proud of you! Can’t wait to see your results in person one of these days!

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