USANA Reset Challenge Update

Zachary’s Update


With just less than a month until the Reset Destination is officially over on April 7, I am realizing that the healthy habits and this new lifestyle are here to stay. Last Sunday I weighed in at 189 pounds. To break into the 180’s felt great! The last time I was at this weight was just after our Everest Base Camp climb in the Spring of 2011. I feel great. I have more energy and I look forward to my mid-day workouts instead of dreading them. My knees feel better as I jog and I know I am able to glide easier and faster through the water on my swims. I have lost 27 pounds and 12% weight lost. My goal is 185, but I am going to shoot for 180.

I am following the Transformation phase by drinking a Nutrimeal in the morning, having a bar for a snack, another Nutrimeal for lunch and another mid-day bar for a snack. My wonderful wife has been making excellent, lean and nutritious dinners. I avoid snacking at night. I drink a ton of water and if I feel really hungry I will cut up some fruit. My workouts are getting more intense and I feel that I will shed the last nine pounds by really devoting some time to cardio. I begin every morning by doing 150 push-ups and 400 sit ups (I am determined to at least have a two-pack). My favorite cardio workouts are a good 3-4 mile run, spending 45 minutes stair climbing, and swimming 40 laps which is a little more than a mile. I alternate these workouts to avoid burnout and to not overburden my knees or one muscle group. It helps having a buddy! My mom is my Reset partner and she keeps me on track, cheering my success and pushing me to do better. Stay healthy, my friends!

Collette’s Update

photoOkay, I just read Zak’s post and I am so proud of him. And basically, that’s all I want to say this morning:) Other than…I have learned that I love yoga and will add it to hiking as an exercise that feels right for me – a lifetime practice. I haven’t recorded my weight for the past two weekends because I know myself very well. I have been traveling constantly and leave tomorrow for Mexico and then from there I’m headed to Hong Kong. I find it much more challenging to stay in control of my eating when I’m living in hotels and dining with friends. I am sticking to salads primarily — but still, it’s just not the same as when I’m home and can blend up my delicious nutrimeal/green drink concoctions in my VitaMix.

Why haven’t I weighed? Because I KNOW if I’m up even slightly I will get frustrated and end up eating something not so good for me just so I can show someone who’s the boss. I realize that doesn’t make any sense but it is what it is. So…maybe I’m in denial but maybe I’m being smart. My clothes seem to be fitting more comfortably and the last time I weighed (two weeks ago) I was down a total of eight pounds. My intention is to lovingly release twenty pounds which means my Reset Destination won’t officially be over on April 7th. It feels like I’m currently taking a break at a rest stop, but the destination is still in sight. I turn 61 in July — and being a total of twenty pounds lighter by my birthday will feel great. Stay happy, my friends!

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  • Wishing you a happy birthday month, Collette, and much success with releasing the rest of those 20 lbs. I’m exploring blogs today. Enjoying this one!

    All the best,

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