USANA Podcast — Mexico XRC Recap

Zak and Collette at the Mexico XRC

Zak and Collette at the Mexico XRC

Collette and Zak recently spoke at USANA’s XRC in Querétaro, Mexico. In this podcast, Zak talks about the regional conference, some of the takeaways from past conferences, and some of his other experiences in Mexico.


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  • Adriana Mendoza

    It was awesome to have Collette and Sak with us in Queretaro, Mexico!!!! I am so grateful with Collette for sharing her story with us, and I was inspired to live my life in a way that I can say “no regrets”, and to be “ready to go” in any moment.
    And Sak!!!!! He talked in Spanish!!! Wooow! that made me fill valued and important!!!
    Thank you Collette and Sak, for being part of our Mexican Usana family !

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