5 Questions with Tom Vidal: Insight from a Larsen Global Leader

Tom Vidal is a Silver Director in USANA and a NCEP certified Personal Trainer – a Body Transformation Expert with a focus in weight-loss, strength & conditioning and functional movement. Tom is currently doing a 10,000 Burpee Challenge to raise money to open his gym and to continue to spread his message of health and fitness.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Tom, and if you have any follow-up questions for him, please leave them in the comments below. You can contact Tom through his USANA website at tvidal.usana.com.

Collette, Tom and Zak at USANA's 2012 International Convention

Collette, Tom and Zak at USANA’s 2012 International Convention

My name is Tom Vidal and I’ve been a USANA associate for almost 4 years. Zachary Ross sponsored me and because of that I have the most amazing upline support. I turn to Zak or Collette for education that I teach my downline right away. It’s all about the power of duplication. I’ve learned that as a team working together we can accomplish so much. I think of my USANA team as family. We are always supporting each other and building each other up when we’re down. I’ve experienced some success in USANA and I plan to continue to build my business. It’s a business that anyone from any kind of background can be good at. My background was not in sales or network marketing, but in advertising.

When I was introduced to USANA I was hesitant at first and a little slow to build my business. When I finally realized what my USANA business could really be, I put in the effort and it’s been an amazing journey. In 2012 alone, I had 3 powerful rank advancements from Builder to Director and then in one week from Director to Silver Director. Because of this experience, I encourage all my new associates to hit the ground running. The faster you dive into the business, the sooner you’ll experience success and put duplication to work for others. My USANA business has been a true blessing to me and my family. Not just because of the health it has brought us, but because of the financial freedom it has helped us achieve. Find your “Why” for building your USANA business and use it to drive your business forward.

1. How and why did you get started in USANA?

USANA showed up in my life at a very critical time. The day I was laid off from work and went into panic mode I spoke with a good friend of mine about what he did for work. That friend was Zak Ross. I did my homework on USANA and got started 2 weeks later.

2. During your time in USANA, what have you learned about yourself?

I’ve learned I can only be successful in building my business if I break out of my comfort zone. I don’t have to be the best salesman or know all the science behind the products. I just have to put forth the effort and be consistent.

3. What direction to you give new USANA associates?

The first 8 weeks are critical for many reasons. Every new associate NEEDS to hit Premier Platinum Pacesetter and earn the Lifetime Matching Bonus – you owe it to yourself. If you put in the effort in the beginning, you’ll learn so much about your USANA business and yourself. It’s the perfect time to create momentum for you and, as you build, your team. Teaching duplication right away is also key.

4. What is your greatest strength and weakness as an associate?

My team is my greatest strength, both upline and downline. I draw my strength from them. When I’m up, I go down and when I’m down, I go up. My greatest weakness as an associate, even after almost 4 years, is inviting. I continue to work on it because I know it my weakness and as soon as I can master it I will be even more successful.

5. What is your favorite product and why?

It’s so hard to pinpoint just one favorite product, I have so many. But for the moment my favorite is Procosa. If I ever run out of Procosa, I can feel a difference the following day.

Tom and his family

Tom and his family

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  • So proud of you, Tom. All the best with your 10,000 burpee challenge! Thank you for your leadership and your friendship.

  • Okay…oops…the comment above was from me. Still learning how to spell my name:)

  • Excellent interview. I’m so appreciative of how Tom shares his passion for health and nutrition on social media (it helps in what we do from a corporate standpoint). I’m always impressed by his ability to “walk the walk” and demonstrate the importance of living a healthy lifestyle — as evidenced by his 10,000 burpee challenge. Keep up the great work, Tom!

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