5 Questions with Derek and Kinzie Lee: Insight from Larsen Global Leaders

Derek Lee is a Director in USANA as well as a Director for the U.S. Federal Government in disease control and prevention. Derek’s role is directing a large business operations team and he is considered an expert in the field of business analysis, systems design and improving efficiencies of business operations. His wife, ‘Kinzie, is a recognized leader in public health policy and effecting change in policies that will impact lives. They have two beautiful young children.

Together, they are leading the way spreading the good news of Dr. Wentz’ vision into Atlanta, Georgia, an emerging market for USANA with a population of over 5.5 million in the metro area. You can contact Derek and Kinzie via their website at leefamily.usana.com.

The Lee Family

The Lee Family

1. How and why did you get started in USANA?

I was in a previous network marketing company in the mid-1990’s. Although I had done very well and had a large international business, the company was young and was not run well financially at the corporate level and shut down operations. In doing my research on which company I wanted to align myself with, I spent over a year researching the available options. I only wanted to look at companies that had been in business over 10 years and still had a record of consistent growth. I learned that out of the thousands of networking companies that been around, only around 50 ever made it to their 10th anniversary!

Researching further, I found an independent site that reviewed and ranked the top options annually: www.mlminsider.com – It was there that I learned that USANA had been the top pick for several years running (and they have continued that trend winning this spot 15 years in a row now). This fact helped me make my final choice, a choice I am forever grateful for making. The products have helped me and my family tremendously and we are passionate about sharing the products and opportunity with others.

2. During your time in USANA, what have you learned about business (in general) and yourself?

The main lesson I learned was from studying leadership guru John C. Maxwell. He said: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. It didn’t matter how much I knew about the products, compensation plan strategies, or even how our competitors stacked up. I made the turn in our business when I put all that knowledge to the side, and instead truly listened and cared about each client’s specific needs and wants. That trust and caring is far more important than technical knowledge.

3. Give me five traits that describe a successful USANA associate?

Integrity – Integrity is the key trait of a successful USANA associate; and I don’t mean your standard run-of-the-mill high-moral values type of integrity. True integrity goes even beyond that. It’s about honoring your word: Doing what you said you will do, when you said you would do it.

Authenticity – Trying to be perfect and always look good is a sure way to create doubt in others’ minds. They can smell the façade and may even be thinking “I can’t be like them!” Open up to them and let them in on the real you. That’s the kind of person they want to be in business with. They need to see the possibility that a “regular” person can do phenomenally well in USANA – show them you are a “regular” person by being authentic!

Leadership – The most successful USANA associates will be a lifetime learner in the area of leadership. What’s amazing about USANA is how much support the home office gives their associates with leadership training. The corporate team and leaders throughout the field have a true sense of servant leadership – they focus on the team and how they can serve them. “True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not to enrich the leader.” –John C. Maxwell.

Inspiration – Not surprisingly, being a leader with integrity and authenticity as core values, has no other place to go than being an inspiration for others. Inspiration goes far beyond “looking good”, and instead allows others to see something in themselves that they couldn’t see before.

Teamwork – The trait of teamwork is one that is much larger than the size of your own personal team. It’s easy to have good teamwork when there is a financial benefit present. The qualities I see in the most successful USANA associates are those who have taken teamwork to the next level and always go out of their way to ensure crossline receive the same level of support they would give to their own personal team. We are all in this together – one USANA team!

4. What is your greatest strength and weakness as an associate?

Derek coaching at an Atlanta training

Derek coaching at an Atlanta training

My greatest strength is coaching, mentoring, and teaching. I love being able to pour into others and seeing them reach new levels of success that they didn’t see as possible for themselves on their own. Seeing people have real breakthroughs and transformations in their life really lights me up!

My weakness is in prospecting – specifically looking for and creating opportunities for prospecting as I’m out and about in life. I often find myself so much in a “hurry” that I’ll forget to slow down to chat with the grocery clerk right in front of me, strike up a conversation, ask them how they are doing.

5. What direction do you give new USANA associates?

I set the expectation that they must complete orientation (eApprentice) within 24-48 hours of enrolling as an associate. eApprentice is invaluable and truly is the cornerstone to duplication. As soon as they finished orientation, we set up an appointment immediately to go through their business plan that eApprentice generates and now we put life to those goals. We set up specific goals for the Premier Platinum Pacesetter qualification and target completion in 4 to 6 weeks. We also agree on what methods of marketing they will use and what their activity level will be on a daily and weekly basis. Then, we take the most important step together: Action! Plan your work, and work your plan.

Derek and Kinzie Lee with Zachary Ross and Collette Larsen at USANA's International Convention

Derek and Kinzie Lee with Zachary Ross and Collette Larsen at USANA’s International Convention

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  • Herman C and PaulaLyn

    We truly appreciate Derek & Kinzie being in Atlanta. Even though we are up in the N Ga mountains and have no direct up-line support, we can always count on them for extra support when we need it.

    • Thank you Herman and PaulaLyn! We love working with you guys here in the South – can’t wait to see you for our big event in November!

  • Excellent interview. It’s been a pleasure working with Derek (and meeting Kinzie in SLC last year). Derek is always going above and beyond to help answer questions or provide guidance. He’s one of our “Legacy” social media leaders and we truly value his expertise and willingness to help us share information!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Derek. I absolutely love this series Collette, Zak, & Ryan.

    • Thank you Tim! I appreciate you being the “rock” in social media at USANA Corporate, and always learn from your example.

  • Derek and Kinzie are two of the most wonderful people anyone would want to know and partner with in business. I have known them for several years and admire the integrity and authenticity with which they approach their business and the associates they encounter. I treasure the fact that I can count on Derek to have my back even though we are cross-line to each other. I am blessed to call him my friend.

    • Thank you for your kind words Janice! We are indeed kindred spirits from two different mamas that work together like magic 🙂

  • Hey there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the fantastic work!

  • You are an inspiration! Usana Health Sciences are very grateful to be a part of Usana family. I want to thank you for always helping me with questions about health and everything you do!

    You have a wonderful family!!!!

    Nancy Ritchotte

    • Thanks Nancy! I’m glad you got some good value from this interview 🙂 Say hello to Robert Jr. for me.

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