USANA Convention 2013 “Aha Moments”

Sometimes those "Aha moments" hit you like a Hammer

Sometimes those “Aha” moments hit you like a Hammer

Every year we come home from USANA’s Annual International Convention full of love, insights, motivation and excitement. We recommit ourselves to reach to new heights in our business and to help support teammates to do the same. Part of our renewed level of commitment comes from our excitement about putting into practice what we learned while at convention. Often this learning comes in the form of what we like to call an “Aha” moment.

While at convention we asked a few of our favorite team members to share one of their “Aha” moments. Share some of your “Aha” moments in the comments below.

Steve Netherby shares his “Aha” Moment

Lynda Narducci shares her “Aha” Moment

Leah Fuller shares her “Aha” Moment

Richard Givney shares his “Aha” Moment

We would love to hear your “Aha” moment in the comments below.

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  • I had several but the one that stands out the most was when it was announced that we can now offer Personalized Business Packs. This is going to make a huge difference. I have had many comments in the past about this very subject. Clients can now choose what they want and what they will use! That’s Huge.! Another way this can work for them is in using the wonderful Jim Rohn’s theory ” You don’t have to buy & sell, you can sell & then buy”. Great news for some folks who really would like to become a USANA associate with a Biz Pack. So much easier to get specific orders.

  • It’s great to hear first-hand what individuals took away from the 2013 USANA International Convention. A lot of information is packed into four days! It’s exciting to see so many people making plans to put what they learned into practice.

  • What I liked was faster rank advancements. My aha happen during a conversation with a fellow builder. 90 minutes. Let me explain. Concentrated effort for 90 minutes eg. calling people. Rather than trying to work 3 hours a night for 4 nights a week, I am going to do 90 minutes 4 nights a week and be more productive. Rank advancements here I come.

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