USANA Podcast — Lisa Whittall and Ricardo Piña

Ricardo and Lisa

Ricardo and Lisa

Listen to emerging USANA leaders, Lisa Whittall and Ricardo Piña discuss how they became involved in USANA. Ricardo’s story is great, and the way that Lisa brought Ricardo into USANA contains lessons that will be useful in building your own USANA business.

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Larsen Global USANA Podcast


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  • What a wonderful story! Lisa’s professionalism and willingness to help is a wonderful example for everyone.

  • What a great interview and touching story – I love the authenticity you two bring to the team and so glad Lisa decided to follow her instincts and reach out to help Ricardo. Amazing! 🙂

  • Ricardo Piña

    A big thank you to Larsen Global for the opportunity to share our story and some valuable lessons other associates can benefit from as they build their business. I hope listeners get a lot of value out of it!

  • Very Nice. Wonderful Story! I’m a strong believer in fate. All you need is faith to believe you are in the right place at the right time and just look at the possibilities!
    2 thumbs up! My take away from this podcast is be open, genuine, listen and believe in fate – USANA will do the rest!

  • Maggie Lancy

    Love it Lisa!

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