USANA Podcast — Do You Have What it Takes?

B40C2102Do you have what it takes to succeed with USANA? Are you doing these simple things that will help you achieve your goals? Listen to our latest podcast where Collette shares her tips on realizing USANA success.

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Here is a helpful list to refer to as you listen to the podcast. We would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, please use the comments section below to share what you think are essential elements of success.

1. Have you studied your BDS, E-Apprentice and gone through the Jump Start magazine or online magazine, filling out the worksheets and forms?

2. Do you use all the USANA products applicable to you every single day?

3. Are you on USANA’s monthly auto order program?

4. Have you set specific short and long-range goals and have you written them down and posted them where you can see them on a daily basis?

5. Have you developed a business plan that includes prospecting strategies and specific numbers of people you will contact, sponsor and train?

6. Are you building a library of books, CD’s and DVD’s and do you attend educational seminars concerning our industry? (E Squared and Before Happiness)
7. Are you consistently working on your own personal development?

8. Do you consciously attempt to expand your own warm market? (25 Ways to Expand Your Warm Market)

9. Are you actively promoting yourself and your USANA business through various marketing methods? Wearing logo merchandise? Stickers on car?

10. Are you connected and current with what’s going on in USANA? Do you spend time on USANAToday every day? What about these other useful USANA sites?

What’s Up, USANA
Google Plus

11. Do you attend and support USANA functions in your area and attend USANA’s international conventions?

12. Are you working on a team with like-minded individuals who support your efforts?

13. Are you in contact with your sponsor or upline leader as well as the individuals you’ve sponsored on a regular basis?

14. Do you have a strong belief in the viability and legitimacy of our industry?

15. Do you believe USANA is the vehicle that can turn your dreams and desires into realities?

16. Do you honestly believe building a USANA business is something you can do? In other words, do you believe in yourself?

17. Do you have a “why” that is bigger than you are?

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  • Collette and Ryan,
    thank you so very much for this reminder. I think what happens to people who are not “new” anymore, is that we tend to take some things fro granted… that because we’ve done something in the past, it should be good and enough… But, upon reviewing this great list, I’m reminded of how vital it is to keep taking these steps daily, weekly, monthly.
    And, YES, I feel ever so lucky to be in touch with my sponsors/upline !! (You know who they are…. 😉 )

  • Collette and Ryan,
    Thank you so much for sharing this list, it is very helpful to be reminded of these things.
    “90% of life is showing up” 🙂

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