USANA Podcast — Derek and Kinzie Lee

Kinzie, Derek, and their children

Kinzie, Derek, and their children

Derek and Kinzie Lee are Directors in USANA and recent recipients of USANA’s Teamwork Award. In our latest USANA podcast, Derek and Kinzie offer some great tips on how to use social media in your USANA business, finding your “why,” and building a business with integrity.

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Larsen Global USANA Podcast


Kinzie and Derek, accepting USANA's Teamwork Award

Kinzie and Derek, accepting USANA’s Teamwork Award

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  • Great Podcast! . Wonderful insight, Kinzie & Derek on your dedication and the integrity with which you are building your business and representing this great company. I always get Value out of listening to other USANA family and look forward to spreading and sharing the wealth of knowledge that is always at my finger tips.

    • Thanks Linda. We’re glad that you find these useful, and will try to continue to produce content that you can share with others.

    • Thank you Linda! It was great to meet you at the International Convention a couple of months ago. We look forward to working with you as the team expands around the world!

  • Outstanding episode, as always! I’m grateful to have met Derek and Kinzie at International Convention, and all of USANA benefits from their helpfulness and expertise. I can’t count how many times Derek’s provided an answer or additional information for Associates in the Hybrid Solutions Facebook group.

    Of course I loved the discussion about social media and appreciated the comments about the importance of providing value. It really is key. I hear all the time about the “social media time suck” and that can be very true if you’re not focused on providing value to and learning from your network.

    Thanks for a great podcast!

    • Thanks, Tim. Glad you enjoyed it. We appreciate everything you and the social media department does in helping us spread USANA through social channels. It’s a great benefit for all of us.

    • Thank you Tim! 🙂 You and I have “known” each other via social media for a number of years. I appreciate your insight into providing value to the marketplace and letting others choose for them how USANA best fits into their life.

  • Wonderful to hear you on this podcast, Derek and Kinzie and what an inspiration you are. Congratulations on your Teamwork Award. So proud to have you on our team!
    Dari, Perth, Western Australia

    • Thanks Dari! Can’t wait to get out to WA as we grow even more internationally and come see you in person. 🙂

  • Sue Ross

    So nice to get to know Derek and Kinzie, and hear their story. I appreciate you Derek and all the fantastic information you share on FB. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind comment Sue! We are all in this together, and its great that we have a chance to share a common vision for true health and freedom.

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