Weekly News, Nov. 8th

We hope that you are enjoying this new feature of our Larsen Global blog. We will continue to compile some of the things we have been reading throughout the week in hopes that you will find them useful. They will mostly, but not always, be USANA-related items covering health, nutrition and business.

The USANA Essentials are the keystone of the USANA product line. Here are 3 things that make the Essentials the right choice.

USANA is opening a huge new manufacturing facility in China. 兴奋的.

We could always use tips on improving our communication skills. This article includes 10 old letter-writing tips that work for email.

An interesting study on Vitamin D, and its effects in the bone density of offspring when the mother is deficient.

5 Things USANA’s Tim Haran has learned by working with social media.

We could all use help in finding balance. This article offers 3 tips on finding yours.

A great collection of videos from USANA’s Ask a Leader Series conveniently located in one place.

And finally, I usually close with a fun video or article. This week I wanted to share a video that hits very close to home for us at Larsen Global. It is a news story of a mom who lost her daughter and the connection she made with the recipient of her daughter’s donated heart. It’s an amazingly beautiful story, and I hope you take the time to watch it, and consider signing up to become an organ donor.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

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