Weekly News, Nov. 15th

We hope that you are enjoying this new feature of our Larsen Global blog. We will continue to compile some of the things we have been reading throughout the week in hopes that you will find them useful. They will mostly, but not always, be USANA-related items covering health, nutrition and business.

First and foremost, USANA has a strong presence in the Philippines, and we all have been saddened and shocked by the typhoon and its aftermath. If you would like to help, you can donate to the USANA True Health Foundation where 100% of your donation goes to those in need.

These are some powerful words from Seth Godin. “The future belongs to those that care and those that believe.”

A very informative article from Dr. Weil on The Science of Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, including answers to why you should take multivitamins, how can antioxidants help you, and how you should balance your diet.

I love it when I find articles that carrie over the wisdom and lessons from sports to success in business. This is a great tip on how to draw on lessons from marathon training and apply them to business success.

Zak joined Ryan for our latest Larsen Global podcast, and they discussed the common traits among USANA leaders. Have a listen.

Finally, apropos of nothing, Dinovember is awesome.

Have a great weekend.


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