USANA Podcast — Becky Lawson

Craig and Becky LawsonIn our latest podcast, Becky Lawson discusses how she and Craig got started in USANA, their Why, intention, and she offers some great tips on approaching others.

Craig and Becky Lawson are Diamond Directors from Canada and have been in USANA for 10 years this March.

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Larsen Global USANA Podcast


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  • Becky…you are AMAZING! I just listened twice – the first time simply to enjoy your personality and enthusiasm and the second to take copious notes!

    Great insights, tips and ideas we can all implement.

    Thank you for your time and for sharing your beautiful self with us.

    Ryan…you rock! Great job!

  • Great podcast Becky! I loved your intention setting, especially how to increase the intensity of intention when life comes at you with a sick child, broken car, etc. – how will we respond?

  • Enrique

    Wow–There is so much energy with very specific tips on how to start a conversation. She even tells us what not to say!

  • Nickola

    Hey Becky,
    Fantastic energy and great tips you are a brilliant trainer xo NB

  • Becky Lawson

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments ! Hope it helps you create your desired results!

  • Robbie

    Every now and again I watch this video just to see the faces of two beautiful and dear to my heart friends. Love you both. x

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