Weekly News, Jan. 24th

We hope that you are enjoying our weekly news feature, and we will continue to share some of the things we have been reading throughout the week in hopes that you will find them useful. They will mostly, but not always, be USANA-related items covering health, nutrition and business.

Weekly NewsThis week, we were lucky to have Becky Lawson join us for our Larsen Global podcast. She offers some great approach tips, and some insights on intention. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, we highly recommend it.

In the podcast, Becky talks about seting your intention and being on time for something that is important to you. This article covers 4 Habits of Punctual People.

On Monday, we honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Here are 7 Simple Entrepreneurship Lessons taken from the teachings and actions of this great man.

I can’t believe this wasn’t headline news on every news channel this week: Eating Chocolate May Keep You Slim and Sharpen your Mind.

USANA’s own Kathy Kaehler and Jen Groover contribute to this article on 9 Ways to Trick Yourself into Healthier Habits.

This is a very good podcast on relationship marketing and how to make connections using social media that turn into meaningful relationships.

Some leadership lessons learned while scaling Mt. Everest.

Need another reason to be active? A recent article in The New York Times shows how inactivity changes the brain.

Lacking motivation to get moving? This video gets me every time. Just be careful that there are no brick walls around; you may just want to run through one.

Have a great weekend.


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