USANA Podcast — Derek and Kinzie Lee on Going Full-Time

Derek's Letter of Resignation

Derek’s Letter of Resignation

Derek Lee recently made the major decision to retire from his job at the Center for Disease Control to focus on USANA full-time. Listen to hear how Derek and Kinzie came to this decision and the steps they took to make this dream a reality. Derek and Kinzie offer some useful tips on what it takes to go full-time with USANA.

USANA’s official blog, What’s Up USANA? recently did a great feature on Derek and Kinzie and their decision to follow this path.

If you would like to connect with Derek on Facebook, his business page is at

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  • Honored to be interviewed again at this next stage in our lives. Thank you Larsen Global, and especially Ryan Kaltenbach, for giving us the opportunity to share our message with others. Have an amazing 2014!

  • I could not be more proud of Derek and Kinzie – perfect examples of individuals who decided to take control of their own destiny. Thank you both for going for your dreams and leading by example!

  • Excellent podcast episode filled with valuable information. I especially like the point Derek made about the 4 pillars of belief — company, products, profession, self. Determine what you might need a little extra help with and connect with the support system that’s out there. Congratulations again Derek and Kinzie! See you in August.

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