Weekly News, June 13th

We hope that you are enjoying our weekly news feature, and we will continue to share some of the things we have been reading throughout the week in hopes that you will find them useful. They will mostly, but not always, be USANA-related items covering health, nutrition and business.

A new study examines how exercise slows the aging process.

This informative graphic (I guess that’s why they call it an infographic) shows the nutrients and food that lead to healthy skin.



USANA’s Dr. John Cuomo answers some compelling questions about USANA’s Essentials, including should a 20-year-old take Essentials, and can’t we get all the nutrients we need by eating a healthy diet?

Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready, a great essay by James Clear.

Are you doing what you should do, or what you must do? This essay is a must read.

This Ted talk by Amy Cuddy gives some simple and effective tips on body language and shows how body language can change your life.

Have a great weekend.


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