Weekly News, February 6th — What’s in Your Supplements?

There was a big story in the New York Times this week about the quality and safety of nutritional supplements. The Attorney General of New York accused four large retail chains of selling products that were mislabeled, and in some cases the products contained ingredients that could be harmful or cause allergic reactions.

Potency-ENSimply put, you can be confident that USANA’s line of supplements is independently tested for purity, potency, and guaranteed that what is on the label is what is going into your body — nothing more, nothing less.

Learn more about USANA’s potency gaurantee, manufacturing standards, athlete guarantee, and independent, 3rd party testing.


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  • Mike Edwards Link Reply

    Mike, this is a sample of the emailer.

  • Brad Shapiro Link Reply

    I have run into a few professionals who sell raw ingredients and test nutritional products for companies and all three of them (not associated with USANA) told me that USANA’S products were considered to be the highest quality that they had tested. I was impressed.

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