Lessons Learned On the Way to Mt. Everest Base Camp, Part 1 of 6

First off, let me explain WHY.

I gave birth to five children, two of whom struggled from infancy to do what I take for granted…breathe. Lexi, my youngest daughter, lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis after rejecting the lungs that had been transplanted into her fragile body when she was just 14-years-old. During that brief window of time – between receiving new lungs and those transplanted lungs being rejected by her body – Lexi would get this amazed look on her face and try to explain how different it felt…being able to take a deep breath. I remember one day as she was sipping water through a straw. “Mom,” she explained, “this is what it’s like!  If you try breathing through a straw…it’s just what it feels like to breathe when you have CF.”


Sharlie, who is now thirty-one years old, married, and a mother herself, continues to fight her battle every single day. I watch in awe as she paces herself, carefully monitoring her breathing. I watch helplessly as she stops halfway up the stairs to catch her breath and as she struggles to keep up with Harrison, their very active three-year-old son. I marvel at her propensity for joy in spite of her diminished breathing capacity.

Sharlie doing a breathing treatment at Sanoviv
Sharlie and Ryan holding their son, Harrison

Ben who is nine-years-old and his little sister, six-year-old Lauren, were also born with this genetic disease. They are two of my precious grandchildren and so far, thanks to the advancements in treating CF and the loving, constant care of their parents, they’re doing relatively well yet still spend a considerable amount of time each day doing “breathing treatments” to help them keep their lungs clear and free from infection.

I live in Elfin Forest, a magical rural community in San Diego, California that sits at sea level. My oxygen saturation is about 99%.  For me, breathing is effortless. I never give it a second thought…or at least I didn’t until recently. At 17,590 feet, Mt. Everest Base Camp is a rugged other-worldly landscape at the base of the top of the world. And with only about half as much oxygen at Base Camp as there is when I’m home in San Diego, I felt certain this experience would help me understand what it feels like to struggle for every breath. My assumption was correct.

So, that is why a 57-year-old grandmother who started out on January 1st at a fitness level of about 2 (on a scale of 1 being not fit at all and 10 being extremely fit) decided to stretch way out of her comfort zone to join Werner Berger and 38 other brave souls (almost all are USANA distributors) on a three week adventure…a trek through the Khumbu Region of the Himalayas with a goal to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp.

Stay tuned for five additional installments explaining five of the most pertinent lessons I learned from this experience. And since pictures tell the story best…I’ll share lots.

On a Sherpa trail with our group

The Nepali flag

On a Sherpa trail with Ama Dablam in the background 

Carved prayer stone…these were everywhere
A short video I took in the beautiful Monastery village of Tengboche, Nepal


P.S. If you would like a day-to-day account of what it was like on the trail, you can check out my son’s blog at dirtyrunning.blogspot.com.  You can also see more about our group trek on USANA’s blog


Take a Hike

A question…as you just read the title of this blog; did you sense a negative connotation?  I want a word or two with the person who first uttered these three words as an insult!  In fact, as I’ve learned since my first honest to goodness hike as an adult on January 1st of this year, “take a hike” is a phrase fraught with meaning – adventure, exhilaration, even spirituality.  “Take a hike” has become music to my ears.

Is it possible to reinvent yourself at 57 years of age…or at any age?  Yes!  Yes, it is.  Our company attracts heroes – seemingly normal, average people who reach deep into their soul’s divine center and accomplish the amazing.  These individuals lift us all.

Under a big tent at Snowbird in 1995, I was asked to take a few moments during the third annual USANA Convention and talk about the success I’d experienced since I’d launched my business a little over a year earlier.  Brand new to the public speaking arena (and with knees shaking uncontrollably) I shared one of my favorite poems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox  entitled “Lifters and Leaners.”  In a nutshell, Ms. Wheeler promotes the idea that all the world’s masses can be divided into just two classes…you got it, lifters and leaners.  I remember hearing this poem over twenty years ago and thinking, this woman has pretty much figured out the secret to a fulfilling life.  If we concentrate our time, talent and energy lifting others, through some irrefutable energy, our own lives are elevated.   Ironically, one of my heroes and a fellow hiking/climbing/trekking enthusiast, Steve Netherby, recently sent me a quote he knew I’d love and when I realized it was written by this same insightful poet – Ella Wheeler Wilcox, I wasn’t surprised.

“Change is the watchword of progression.
When we tire of well-worn ways, we seek for new.
This restless craving in the souls of men
Spurs them to climb, and seek the mountain view.”

Apparently, this restless craving Ms. Wilcox refers to was lying dormant in my soul when I received an e-mail message over the holidays from another of my personal heroes, Werner Berger.  I met Werner through USANA nearly fifteen years ago and I’ve watched in star-struck awe as Werner has summitted peak after daunting peak, constantly striving for higher ground, becoming in 2007, the oldest North American and the fourth oldest person in the world to summit Mt. Everest at 29,035 feet – literally standing on top of the world.

Now, when Werner Berger sends you a personal e-mail outlining his upcoming intention to lead thirty or so USANA distributors on a spiritual, physical and emotional adventure of a lifetime – a 20-day trek to the a landscape he knows and loves; the Base Camp of Mt. Everest…well, to make a long story a little shorter…I gave birth to that restless craving and said, YES!  Then, just to cover my bases and insure I had strong men to carry me off the mountain should that need arise, I invited my sons Dax, Zak and Ryan (Sharlie’s husband) to join me.  And with that, our journey began.

I have become a hiking enthusiast.  For some reason built into my genetic code, when I decide to do something that at first glance seems impossible for me (especially if I’m told I can’t possibly do it), I pull out all the stops and become somewhat irrational in my determination and commitment.

REI is my new favorite shopping destination.  I spend hours on websites having to do with hiking, climbing and the gear that goes along with this passion.  I know a lot about liner socks, mole skin, hydration and sweat-proof sunscreen.  I’ve picked up some dangerous addictions: www.steepandcheap.com being a prime example.  I signed on as a member of www.trails.com and I scour our area for challenging new trails learning in the process that Southern California is a hiker’s paradise.

Ric and I can literally walk out our front door and start climbing – a fact we didn’t realize when we purchased our ranch house on three acres a little over a year ago.  I placed a couple beautiful wicker rockers and a matching swing on our wide front porch and envisioned us rocking away, sipping our chamomile tea, content to slow down the pace a bit and simply enjoy this life we’ve built for ourselves.


As it turns out, I’m chugging Rev3 and hiking for five or six hours several days a week with my husband and sons cheering me on and usually waiting at the top of the next incline for me.  They’re all far more fit than I am, but they are my most ardent supporters and I want more than anything to measure up to their expectations.  To accomplish that end I’m demanding more of myself than I ever have.  Pat Barry, another USANA associate who has come into my life and become a cherished friend and mentor agreed to be my personal trainer.  When I’m not hiking the hills or training with Pat, I’m at our local gym on the stairmaster or elliptical machine.  I thought by now I’d be thin but alas, that hasn’t happened.   However, I learned during my quick trip to Sanoviv two weeks ago, my body fat percentage has dropped by about 12% and has been replaced by lean muscle.  Yes, Dr. Strand…I know that’s a good thing…but I’d still like to get thin.  Perhaps a diet of Yak stew (really, that’s what Werner says we’ll be eating!) might do the trick.

So, here are a few of the hundreds of pictures we’ve taken over the past four months.  Isn’t the scenery breathtaking?  And I’m pretty sure it’s only going to get better from here on out.  We leave for Kathmandu on the first of May and if all goes well, I’ll be in Hong Kong at our International Celebration to give a full report of what it felt like to stand in the shadow of the tallest mountain on earth.

Zak, me, and Ryan
Me and Ric
Lake Hodges
Chicks dig scars

Ryan, me, and Zak testing our poles
Dax soaking his legs after the Catalina Marathon
Ryan, me, and Zak at Lake Hodges
Ric and me
Hiking in the snow at Tahquitz Peak with Zak and Ryan
Tahquitz Peak – before

Tahquitz Peak – after

When writing blogs, I feel a responsibility to provide tips and ideas for my USANA family, some little nugget that might help you in building your own USANA business.  So, here is my tip for this month:
If the mountain were smooth, we couldn’t climb it.

God Speed –


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You Deserve This!

Sanoviv is a special sanctuary – an integral part of the vision of Dr. Wentz. I consider it my personal heaven on earth. It’s where I go when I need to refresh and renew and each time I’m there, I pick one evening to be floating on my back in the infinity pool as the stars come out. I’ve made lots of wishes as I’ve star-gazed and one of them came true today. I’ve wished more of the USANA family could experience the serenity and healing that my family and I have experienced at Sanoviv. It’s now your turn.. you deserve this…and you’re hearing it here first.

My dear friend Tris Conley sent a message to me today outlining a new program called the “Healthy Weekend Getaway” designed to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy Sanoviv. He wanted my opinion…and I was so excited about it all I asked if I could be the first to promote it. Here are the details:

The program will consist of:

  • 3 Nights Room and Board (arrival Thursday, departure Sunday)
  • All Meals and juices
  • Hospital Tour
  • Orientation
  • Spa Orientation
  • 1 Spa therapy per person (massage)
  • 1 Salon therapy per person (manicure, pedicure, facial)
  • Lectures (Healthy Living, Nutrition and Detox, Healthy Cooking)
  • Yoga
  • Meditation (every day and sound meditation on Saturday)
  • Energy Medicine
  • Fitness
  • Access to Gym, Pools and Sauna
  • Shuttle from San Diego airport or Amtrak Station

Call for details 1-800-SANOVIV (726-6848)

***Additional Spa services can be requested a la carte***

Also in an effort to educate and advise our guests into a healthier path we will offer 3 diagnostic tests :

  • HRV (Heart rate variability)
  • Dark Field (live blood analysis)
  • BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)

$2,500 per couple
$1,500 solo rate

***The program is intended for couples, families, friends. Single room with companion suite, double occupancy***

Now, an honest confession. I’ve never been able to get my own husband to Sanoviv! He’s always felt he didn’t have the time, he wouldn’t be able to stay in one place that long, yoga’s not his thing, he can’t live without tortilla chips and guacamole…blah, blah, blah. But now, with this couple’s getaway, it’s a done deal! Even my very restless husband agrees these four days and three nights are just what the doctor ordered. We hope to see you there. Call ASAP (1-800-SANOVIV) to reserve your weekend.

USANA’s Dan Macuga offers a glimpse inside Sanoviv

Here are a  few other posts about Sanoviv:

Do You Still Believe In Magic?

One of the unique benefits of being an independent distributor with USANA is the opportunity to travel to Conventions and Regional Celebrations to not only celebrate all that USANA is but also to experience the joy, traditions and colorful atmosphere of cities around the world.

My husband Ric and I spent last week in Morelia.  Built in the 16th century, Morelia is an enchanting city – a World Heritage Site – deep in the heart of Mexico.  The city is surrounded by hills and a dormant volcano – and I can personally verify there is a very steep trail that goes to the top where you’ll literally stumble across some very interesting homemade shrines.  Morelia has more than 200 historic architectural treasures, all fashioned from the region’s pink stone.  Ric and I spent one entire day walking through the city, visiting cathedrals, fountains, the aqueduct, and feasting on regional cuisine.  We have mouth-watering Mexican food here in San Diego…but I’ve never tasted better carne asada than what I had in Morelia.

Although my primary purpose for visiting Morelia was to participate in the USANA Celebration with the warm, hospitable distributors from Mexico; from the moment USANA announced this Celebration those same distributors had been writing me, urging me to visit one of the monarch butterfly sanctuaries in the area.   As has happened so many times over the past sixteen years (since USANA opened my eyes to all the possibilities out there) I said, “Why not?”

As it turned out, the morning we were set to go, Ric didn’t feel well and when he learned we would be driving about two-and-a-half hours up winding, twisty roads to get where we needed to be, he opted out.  Yes, I probably should have stayed behind to dote on him…but I didn’t.

Instead, I hired a nice young man with a decent car to be my guide for the day and we headed out for the Oyamel Forests at about 10,000 feet to see what I can’t possibly describe – but fortunately, I took pictures – although even pictures don’t do the experience justice which you will understand if you’ve ever tried to photograph swirling butterflies in a forest against a brilliant sunny sky.

A little background about Monarchs that I learned from my guide, Michael…who spoke broken English so I’m not sure it’s completely accurate:

Every autumn approximately 120 to 150 million (but who’s counting?) monarch butterflies migrate from the freezing temperatures in Canada and the Northern U.S. to the mountains east of Morelia.  This annual migration is about 2,500 miles and the monarchs migrate in order to reproduce.  The males die after mating, the females return to the U.S. and Canada to lay their eggs and then die as well.  None of them ever live long enough to make a repeat trip.  So, let me ask you…how do they possibly know where to go?  I had a little trouble getting my head around this, but I guess it’s just one of those wonderful mysteries of nature.  For me, simply more evidence that there is a Grand Design to this amazing mortal experience.

The road ends at a tiny settlement (where you must pay two pesos for one teensy sheet of toilet tissue that accompanies additional privileges) about an hour hike from where the butterflies were promised to be.  I was slightly car sick and just a titch concerned because to that point I’d only seen two or three butterflies – pretty much what I can see in my garden at home.  Michael assured me I would see thousands of them bunched together in the tops of the fir trees and suggested I take one of the horses the locals were willing to rent for an additional pittance in order to make it to the summit.

“No way, Jose!” You see, I’ve been in training since January 1 and I hike almost every single day.  I’m trekking to the base camp of Mt. Everest with Werner Berger, my sons and a bunch of other extremely fit USANA distributors in May and this was a perfect opportunity to test out my newfound strength at altitude.  I came prepared with hiking boots, thick wool socks, poles, gloves, my USANA visor, my Camelbak, etc. and after about fifteen minutes I cried “Uncle!”  Wow, air is REALLY thin at 10,000 feet!  I’d like to say the beauty of the butterflies took my breath away, but I’m afraid I didn’t have much breath to offer at that point.  Fortunately, the young boy with the horse (with a wooden saddle – ouch!) had followed me just in case.  I have a feeling I’m not the first over-confident city slicker in that neck of the woods.

As I neared the summit the path narrowed and I had to dismount to walk the remainder of the way.  I should mention that my guide Michael, along with our local guide who only accompanied us because that is the only way a person living in that area who doesn’t own a horse can make any money – an elderly woman about half my height wearing two sweaters a long skirt and some loafers walked the entire way and were not far behind me and my sturdy mount.  Very humbling.

Michael and Emma

At first I thought brightly colored leaves were fluttering from the trees.  Butterflies everywhere!  They clung to the branches of the fir trees by the thousands.  And then, as we walked along this narrow trail all of a sudden there were four Mexican men leaning against a rock next to a piece of lumber thrown across our path.  Michael explained this was as far as we could go.  Now, don’t get me wrong – it was spectacular.  Butterflies were alighting on me. But just down the path a couple hundred yards they were swirling, dancing, catching the dappled light filtering through the trees.  I needed to be down there right in the midst of the magic. Remembering how just the day before Paige Hunter told me about talking her way out of a speeding ticket on her way to the Celebration, I decided to try something I’ve never done before…a bribe.  I pulled Michael aside and asked him to speak to the four imposing men for me.  How much would it take in order for me to wander down that slippery slope?  Michael negotiated for a few minutes and then came over and whispered in my ear, “fifty pesos.”  FIFTY PESOS!  You’re kidding me!  Oh, wait a minute.  Let’s see…I think that’s about four bucks.  Okay, if that’s what it’s going to take, I guess I’ll just have to ante up!

This is where the magic kicks in and yes, like the song from my high school days forty years ago…I still believe in magic.  I’ll never in my life forget the half hour I spent with the butterflies.  It was mesmerizing.  I felt transformed by the fragile beauty that surrounded me; like a young girl in an enchanted forest who could be transported away at any moment by the inconceivability of what I was witnessing –  crisp, clear, thin air; brilliant blue skies; marshmallow puffs of clouds; towering fir trees and dazzling monarch butterflies by the thousands flying in circles around me. And it was silent…sacred.

Clumps of monarch butterflies clinging to the fir trees

I’d bet fifty pesos that’s what heaven is going to be like – communing with butterflies and then riding a trusty steed to a pink shack of a restaurant to savor carne asada prepared by a sweet Mamita on a wood-burning stove served with grilled cactus and onions and fresh bright blue corn tortillas with homemade salsa.  If heaven falls short…I’m asking for a return trip to Morelia.

The best carne asada in the world

Restaurant row

Shrines at the top of a dormant volcano

Still smiling after a long, steep hike

Morelia at night

These dogs are barkin’

Join Larsen Global and Werner Berger on an Everest Adventure

We are very excited to announce that we will be trekking with Werner Berger to the base camp of Mt. Everest.  In the coming weeks and months we will share with you how we are using USANA to help prepare and train for the challenging 3-week trek through Nepal to base camp.  We are tremendously excited that we will be sharing this adventure with some dear friends who also happen to be USANA associates.  If you never dream, you never have a dream come true!


Guest Blogger: Sharlie Kaltenbach – A Day in the Life of Sharlie at Sanoviv

Dr. Wentz created Sanoviv Medical Institute to diagnose and treat chronic and degenerative disease.  Although an accurate description…as far as I’m concerned, Sanoviv is much, much more than a state-of-the-art Medical Institute.  Sanoviv has a soul.  I’ve been going to Sanoviv for many years, usually with my beautiful daughter, Sharlie.  It is a special time for us – a time to reconnect with mother earth, with our own physical and spiritual beings and with each other.  Our past visit was no exception.  Sharlie was born with a chronic, degenerative disease, Cystic Fibrosis.  She believes – and I agree – her annual visits at Sanoviv have helped extend and improve the quality of her life.  For me, that is priceless!  Sharlie writes a personal blog:  www.sharliesangels.blogspot.com and we have asked her permission to share her latest blog entry.  I’ll believe it will interest and inspire you.  Enjoy!

USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679

My annual trek to Sanoviv is always a highlight of my year and this year was no different. How could staying in a hospital be a highlight of the year you may ask? Well, Sanoviv is a very different kind of hospital. It is a place filled with love and a unique energy that is vibrant and hopeful. It is a place where people go to receive healing instead of just “medical procedures.”

The differences are noticeable immediately. First of all, when I am normally admitted into a traditional hospital, I go through the doors and go to the admitting office where I sit across the desk from a nice or not so nice person who stares at a computer and pounds the keyboard while asking question after question without looking at me. Then a bracelet with my medical record NUMBER is placed on my wrist so the nurses and doctors will be able to identify me. I am then taken to a small, sterile room where I refuse the paper thin gown they offer me and wait (sometimes hours) on a plastic bed for someone to come in and take vitals, do a whole medical history and give me a sort of game plan. I am used to this and I’m not complaining, it’s not that bad but when I compare it to first getting to Sanoviv the differences are striking.

At Sanoviv I drive through the gates into one of the most beautiful settings on the planet. The landscaping is pristine and lush and as the shuttle driver pulls up in front of the building, my “coordinator” (who will be available to me my whole stay, scheduling all my treatments and handling anything that needs handling, they are incredible) rushes out to greet me with a welcoming hug. They insist I leave my bags, they will take them up to my room for me and then they take me to the amazing kitchen where Fransisco and Jorge- the cooks greet me with hugs and ask if there is something they can get me, some raw nuts, a protein shake or some fruit. They all call me by my first name, there will be no wrist bands here… Then I am taken to my deluxe room, I am not special, everybody has a deluxe room with an ocean view, a marble bathroom, an amazing King size bed with all non-toxic organic bedding and an attached guest suite in case of visitors. The closet is equipped with my comfy wardrobe for the next two weeks: non-toxic organic t-shirts, shorts and sweats and a robe to lounge in or wear to the pools.

That is only the beginning of how the experiences differ from each other and I will not go in to all of them specifically but I’ll just say that when I arrive at Sanoviv, I am filled with excitement and hope and determination to take it all in and let the healing begin!

I am always frustrated that I didn’t take enough pictures when I get home so this time I tried to document a whole day. Of course by the middle of the day I started slacking so I still don’t have all the pictures I wish I could show you but hopefully the ones I have will give you an idea of how a normal day goes, (don’t worry, I promise no COLONIC shots!):

At 7:00 am I wake up and do my breathing treatments (this is when I get my scripture study in too!) Also a step out on my balcony to welcome the new day and take some deep cleansing breaths.

Then I head to the Nurses station to check my vitals and pick up my morning meds. This is the view from the Nurses station…not bad!

I then head to the kitchen for a delicious breakfast, either a yummy avacado/lime protein shake or eggs and veggies. I neglected to take a picture of breakfast but after breakfast I wait in the living room for my doctor. While I wait, I work on the puzzle. It is one that all the patients work on together while we are waiting for our various appointments!
I think I found one!!

Then I meet with my Doctor. She is so wonderful. Our meetings are daily and can last more than an hour. Can you imagine? Talking to your doctor every day for as long as you need to get all your questions answered?! It’s awesome and something I have never experienced at a traditional hospital. The catheter on my chest is a subclavian catheter and was put in on my first day. It is how I got all of my I.V. therapies and ultraviolet/ozone treatments while at Sanoviv.

Then down the hall to the lab for some blood work

After my blood work I head back upstairs to the Nurses station for blood ozone treatment…if you are squeamish about blood you may want to skip this photo : )

After a treatment like that I get pampered with a relaxing spa treatment. Today it was a non-toxic manicure and hand/arm massage with a parafin wax treatment to top it off. NO polish, just trimming the nails and cuticles, a good buffing and lots of massaging : ) My hands were baby soft after and my nails were so shiny!

We are all encouraged to get some good vitamin D while at Sanoviv by finding time to sit on our balconies and enjoy the sun. Most days it was difficult to find even 15 mins. of free time for this indulgence but this day I made it happen.

The highlight of my trip by far was getting a visit from Harrison. He came for a few days and was the hit of all of Sanoviv, everyone loved him! His favorite thing to do there was cuddle mommy and listen to music. We did this several times together while he was with me!

My days consisted of many more treatments and lots of wonderful healing green juice, wheat grass, fresh food, meditation classes, yoga, energy medicine and functional medicine, I.V.’s etc. etc. Two weeks is a very long time and although I love being at Sanoviv for the healing I receive, it can be very intense (especially the detoxing) and difficult. Being away from Harrison was the absolute hardest part and many tears were shed just because I missed him so much and ached to be with him. I could not have done this without Ryan, my mom and Ryan’s parents. Ryan and my mom took turns being with me and staying home with Harrison and Terry and Linda also had Harrison for part of the time. It was a major team effort and I am more grateful than I can express. Whenever I would feel down about being away from Harrison, my mom would remind me that I was doing this for him, that he needed me to be as healthy as possible and that gave me a lot of strength.

My hope to be with Harrison and be the best mom I can be to him really does give me the strength to keep fighting this disease and Sanoviv is a big part of my fight. I am grateful for a place that treats my whole being: my body, mind and spirit. I always come away from there not only feeling stronger and better physically but also with new insights and inspiration and motivation to take it one day at a time, enjoying the healing journey I am on and truly appreciating every day and every breath. I am so blessed!


Top 10 Online USANA Tools

There is a wealth of information online and sometimes it is difficult to sort the useful from the superfluous.  We have compiled a list of the top 10 online USANA resources below, and we hope it will help you in growing your business.

  • USANA.com – This is the main site for USANA Health Sciences, Inc., and includes comprehensive information about the USANA products and business.  It also provides an excellent Health Assessment and Advisor tool.

  • What’s Up USANA? – We love this site.  It is the award-winning USANA blog from the PR department and offers news and entertainment pertaining to USANA.  The writing is excellent, especially the recent series of Social Media Tips.

  • USANA’s YouTube Channel – A collection of USANA’s YouTube videos including the one below (Total Domination: Did You Know USANA is #1):

  • Media Center – USANA’s Media Center is a comprehensive collection of videos from USANA’s management team, scientists and independent associates.  The videos range from training on the compensation plan to showcasing the USANA opportunity and products to new product information from USANA’s scientists to stories of success from USANA’s associates.  The Media Center allows you to send videos to a friend or to embed videos on your blog or website, like this one that we are particularly fond of:
  • USANA’s Rev3 Page – a great resource for product information, videos and news about our favorite energy drink, Rev3.
  • Networking Times – A great resource for generic training tools for the direct marketing industry.

I hope you find these sites useful.  Now, let us know if we missed anything, and post your favorite sites in the comments below.

Larsen Global Alliance

USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679

And the winners are…

We recently held a New Year’s giveaway where we picked three people to win a box of USANA goodies plus $100 donated to the charity of the winner’s choice.  The process of picking the winners (one from a comment on our blog, one from a fan of our Facebook page, and one from Twitter) was very involved and scientific.

We printed out all of the comments from the blog post and meticulously cut them up, threw them into a box and Zachary, with the help of his son Sawyer, picked the winning comment.

Zak and Sawyer picking a winner

The winning entry

Next, we went to the Larsen Global page on Facebook and decided to use a random number generator to choose a winner from all of the people who follow us on Facebook.  I asked the program to pick a number between 1 and 1,156 and, lucky for us, we drew a low number, 89.  I then went to Facebook and found the 89th person that follows us.

Random number generator

Our Facebook winner

With Twitter, we decided to pick a number between 1 and 22 (this is the number of pages of Twitter followers), and then a number between 1 and 20 (this is the number of followers on a page.  So, we picked page 7 and follower number 10.

Our Twitter pick

So, without further ado, the winners of a USANA gift box (worth over $300) and $100 donated to the charity of your choice are:

  • From Blogger, “R and T”
  • From Facebook, Ivan Then
  • From Twitter, Jacob Palmer

If you have won our New Year’s giveaway, please email me at info@larsenglobal.com with your shipping address and choice of charity.

Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you for all of the nice comments on the blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.  This was fun for us and we would like to do it again.  We hope 2010 is a great year for all.

Happy New Year,

Larsen Global

Collette Larsen
Zachary Ross
Dax Ross

USANA’s Top Earners and 10-Star Diamond Directors
(800) 238-9679

New Year’s Giveaway

Happy Holidays. This year our family has decided to make this a year of giving instead of receiving. We feel so blessed and are so thankful to the many people who touch our lives. We are grateful for all of you, to be able to do what we do, to meet so many wonderful people, and to help share the USANA story and vision of true health and true wealth.

As a thank you, we are going to be giving away three USANA gift boxes full of great USANA products this New Year’s Day. We will be choosing three people to receive a USANA gift box (valued at over $300) and we will also be donating $100 to the charity of your choice.

We will be choosing three winners – one from commenters on this post, one from our Facebook fans, and one from our Twitter followers. To increase your chances of winning, be sure to cover all three.

To enter:

1) Comment on this post. If you were sent this through email, click on the title of the post and you will be sent to the original post where you can leave a comment.

2) We will also be choosing a winner from our Facebook page. If you are not yet a fan, go here and click the “Become a Fan” button at the top of the page.

3) Finally, we will choose a winner from our Twitter followers. If you don’t currently follow us on Twitter, go here and click the “Follow” button.

You don’t have to do all of these, but you will increase your chance of winning if you do. Check back here New Year’s Day to see if you won.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Larsen Global Alliance
Collette Larsen
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Rev3 Expo at Local 5K

We recently set up a booth at a local 5k road race. The race, “Light the Night Against Crime,” was a benefit for San Diego County Crimestoppers. The event was an evening race with a party atmosphere that drew over 3,000 people, many in costumes. We gave out samples of Rev3 Energy Drink and Surge Packs.

We had an amazing response from the runners who tried the Rev3. They loved the taste and were amazed at Rev3’s low calories, low glycemic value, and the fact that there are no artificial ingredients in the energy drink.

We also conducted a raffle for a free case of Rev3, which brought in a huge response.