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A. Affiliates are paid weekly via direct deposit—as long as they’ve earned the minimum US $5.00 payout. If this is not met, commissions will roll over to the following week or until the $5.00 payout is reached.

A. The 20% Affiliate Bonus is based on dollars, not points. An Affiliate earns 15%–20% of the tax exclusive price of any order they generate, meaning they earn 15%–20% of the product price, not the product volume.

A. Affiliates save 10% off the retail price (Preferred Pricing) just like Associates and PCs. Their customers have the choice to either check out as a guest and pay the full retail price or sign up as a Preferred Customer and save 10%.

A. No, there is no limit to how much Affiliates can earn.

A. No. Affiliates are not required to purchase a Welcome Kit. They will receive a free digital Welcome Kit when they enroll. They also have the option to purchase a sample kit, but it’s not required.

A. Yes. A co-applicant can be added to an Affiliate’s account in their dashboard. The co-applicant must meet all the same enrollment requirements as the main applicant. This will allow the co-applicant the same account access as the main applicant. This must be done through Customer Service.

A. A weekly earning widget is available in their dashboard. 

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