Techniques of the Trade – The Eyes Have It

By Collette Larsen

During my fifteen years with USANA, I have looked into the eyes of thousands of people. I’ve been changed by these encounters so much that I believe eye contact – the way we look at each other – can make all the difference between an uplifting experience and a negative encounter. Eye contact is a powerful form of communication but it can be confusing and a little tricky.

If you avoid looking directly at the person you’re speaking with or if you gaze with too much intensity, what you have to say about our products or business plan is just not going to matter much. There’s a fine line between appearing shy and unsure of ourselves and coming across so intense that we intimidate the very people we want to befriend.

Several years ago during leadership training at USANA’s corporate headquarters, I was privileged to learn from Arch Lustberg. Mr. Lustberg is a communications expert whose client list includes business and political leaders as well as professionals in every field.

Arch had a way of getting us to laugh at ourselves while teaching us tips and techniques I’ll never forget. I remember him explaining that all our lives we’ve been taught to “look ’em in the eye” and how, in reality, many people find that threatening. Arch maintained that very few people find it comfortable to maintain steady eye contact. He suggested rather than looking up, down, looking at our watch, over their shoulder or from side to side, we simply find a spot on our prospect’s face (preferably in the general area of the nose, mouth or eyebrows), soften our gaze and look there while presenting. Eye contact, in Arch Lustberg’s view, means looking at someone. It doesn’t mean making our prospect uncomfortable by “staring ’em down!”

For some, effective eye contact seems automatic. We simply sense when we should look directly into someone’s eyes and we also sense when we’ve looked too long and it’s time to look away. It seems natural to intensify our gaze when we’re making an important point and to soften our look when we’re asking questions. It’s understood when we’re presenting to more than one person – a husband and wife, for example – that we divide our attention between both of them by alternating eye contact.

For others, reading people – knowing when to look at them and when to look away can be confusing. The good news is that we can practice. There were many times back in my early days in USANA when I practiced on my children and asked them to give me honest feedback. If you have trouble looking into someone’s eyes, make a conscious effort to make brief eye contact with everyone you meet. With practice, effective eye contact will come more naturally and you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable as you present.

One final point…we have an arsenal of secret weapons to help ease this process. Using a USANA sales tool during your presentation automatically allows you to direct your prospect’s attention to the Health and Freedom newspaper, the flipchart or to your favorite booklet or brochure. This relieves the pressure on you and allows you to present with more confidence.

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Techniques of the Trade – Touch


By Collette Larsen
You’ve secured an appointment. You’re ready with the USANA flipchart, our Health & Freedom Newspaper or the H&F PowerPoint presentation. But how do you connect so this powerful information actually gets through to this potential business partner? Are there specific things you can say or do during your hour or so with this person that will help them get to “yes?”
Hopefully you’ve learned it’s more important to lead with the person than it is to lead with the product or the business. Every presentation should be tailored to your prospect based on his or her needs and desires; however the basic information you share – the nuts and bolts of USANA – will be the same.
The next few articles I post will outline several techniques I’ve used over the past fifteen years that I believe have added a personal touch to my presentations.
Speaking of touch…use it to your advantage. It’s important to tune yourself into your prospect’s personality so you can use touch judiciously. Touch can be a powerful presentation tool but it can also be a deterrent if it is overused or used inappropriately.
I’ll never forget my embarrassment after a presentation I did in New York City. A delightful gentleman came up afterward to express his appreciation and I characteristically leaned in to give him a hug. He quickly backed away and explained that in his religion men were not allowed to touch women other than their wives. I made a mental note… “Collette, in the future – do your homework!” That homework really paid off when I traveled to Asia to help open USANA markets in Hong Kong and Korea.
Generally, a genuine, warm handshake as you meet your prospect is appropriate and helps establish a connection. I usually use both hands, a firm grip (what’s worse than a limp handshake?) and I make direct eye contact and smile as I say their name.
In addition, there might be a moment or two during your presentation when a light touch on the arm will help project your sincerity. For me, this comes naturally as I’m making a point or answering a question.
I often find myself hugging people I’ve just met, including people who have just listened to my presentation. This is authentic for me and feels comfortable because during my presentations I’ve usually shared personal – sometimes rather intimate – experiences. As I’ve mentioned, do your homework and then “read” the situation. If you’re in tune, you’ll know when to use the technique of touch.
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Women For Hire is a site that empowers women who are looking for a job, or a supplemental income. Tory Johnson, the site’s founder is a regular on “Good Morning America” and has been featured of “The View.” She has recently focused on direct sales as a way for women to earn an extra income on their own time.

USANA was recently featured and I had the opportunity to share my story.

You can see the video below, or click here for a direct link.



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Share Your Gratitude

My favorite industry publication “Networking Times” requested I write an article for their May – June, 2009 edition. I began subscribing to this publication shortly after I became a USANA distributor (it was called Upline at the time) and it continues to be a constant source of inspiration and ideas for me. If you missed the issue, here is the article. Enjoy!

Last week I received a hand-written note from a woman in my organization. It was beautiful in its simplicity: “Two years ago you offered me an opportunity that was so good it had to be true. Thank you very much. I appreciate you and pray for you and your family daily.”


I was humbled, as I always am when I receive a thank-you note from someone who deserves my appreciation. After all, this woman is building a team in my downline! If you’ve been involved in our profession for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly received similar notes of gratitude. Isn’t it amazing to receive thanks from the people who are blessing our lives?

The best way to elevate our profession is by daily expressing gratitude for the gifts network marketing brings to our lives.

Just this morning, I was visiting with a realtor, discussing the topic that rears its head in most conversations these days—the economy. It would have been easy to commiserate. Instead, I expressed sincere gratitude for network marketing, a profession that has brought me financial freedom and allowed me to invest in real estate.
My realtor listened intently as I shared a few details about the opportunity my brother (thank you, Dallin!) shared with me in 1994, which now allows me to live my life doing what I love. I explained how, despite having no formal education beyond high school, being a single mother of five, facing overwhelming medical expenses and having no prior experience in networking, I was able to rise through the ranks of my company, build an organization that spans the globe and enjoy a recession-proof lifestyle filled with abundance and joy.
As networking professionals, we have much to offer potential business partners: improved health, financial freedom, time with our loved ones, opportunities for travel, personal growth, the ability to give back and change lives, and so on. However, something extraordinary happens when we simply share the gratitude we feel for network marketing. It catches most people a bit off guard, perhaps because we’re communicating with their hearts rather than their intellects.
Make gratitude a habit. It’s the law of attraction in action and it comes with a bonus: it’s almost impossible to feel gratitude and stress simultaneously!
The following simple ritual helps me to remember daily how fortunate I am: every morning, before I hit the ground running, I think of something I’m grateful for. At night, rather than lying in bed worrying about all the chaos that’s swirling around me, I make a conscious effort to express gratitude for all the good that happened that day, including the opportunity of working with like-minded people in a wonderful profession.
Feel gratitude, acknowledge it daily, express it to others and watch what happens. Each time I find myself telling a prospect how grateful I am for what has happened to my life as a result of being in network marketing, I can almost read their thoughts: “Maybe the same could happen for me?” And of course, it can.


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Help…I’m Stuck

By Collette Larsen

“Hello Collette, I need some advice. I’m stuck. I’ve been at the (fill in the blank) rank for (fill in the blank) months or years and I just can’t seem to move forward in my USANA business.”

Please…could someone give me a buck for every time I’ve received this call or an e-mail similar to this? Or even better, could someone give me a buck for every time I’ve thought this about myself? Ouch! Talk about perceived helplessness.

Now before you read any further, PLEASE watch this video.

Wasn’t that great? When my brother Derek sent it to me, I couldn’t stop laughing. And then I stopped laughing and started reflecting. There’s a pretty powerful message in that short clip, isn’t there?

Are you stuck…possibly waiting for someone to rescue you? This perceived stuckedness (yes, I’m making up words as I go along) can occur in any area of life. I know. I purchased a book for myself back in 1998. The title? “Prince Charming Isn’t Coming.” It’s a great little book by Barbara Stanny that gave me the kick in the pants I needed at that time. I remember thinking, “No one is going to rescue me. I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and take responsibility for my own happiness.” And you know what…I did!

I’m guessing there are times in all our lives when we need to simply walk up the darn escalator and get on with it. So, if you’re stuck in building your USANA business, here is a step-by-step plan of action for you.

  1. Purchase a dozen USANA sales tools. This can be your favorite but may I humbly suggest my new CD “Kiss Your Boss Goodbye” available here. I don’t like to pitch my own stuff but this CD is good and 100% of my profit goes to charity. Yes…100%.
  2. Thoughtfully make a list of twelve people who need to improve their health or make additional money.
  3. Contact those twelve people (in person, letter, phone, e-mail, text) and let them know you have something they may or may not be interested in, but you just can’t get them off your mind.
  4. Share with them. Again, this will be giving them a USANA tool, inviting them to a webcast or a live meeting, getting them on a three-way call with someone else, whatever feels right to you.
  5. Follow-up and repeat as necessary.

There you go. You get to decide whether or not you remain stuck. My hope is you’ll get up, brush yourself off and start moving again. Enjoy the ride…or the walk, whichever the case may be!



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P.S. Here’s a little insider secret…sometimes Prince Charming does show up, usually when you least expect him.

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And the Winner Is…

What fun we’ve had with our first Mother’s Day Giveaway. Thank you to each one of you who commented on our blog, left a message on Facebook, sent personal e-mails and Twitter’d about our promotion. We conducted the drawing very carefully and with utmost integrity, writing each of your names on a slip of paper and adding an extra slip of paper with your name on it if you forwarded our message or let us know you were spreading the word.
My daughter Sharlie drew the winning name out of the hat. Sandy Martin, a USANA distributor from North Carolina was our lucky winner. Then, because we were just having so much fun with it all, I gave Sharlie and my son-in-law Ryan the go-ahead to give away one more Sensé Deluxe Pack. Guess who the winner was? Sandy Martin. Seriously, she won it TWICE. I called her today and we discussed the Law of Attraction…Sandy was simply determined to win our Mother’s Day Giveaway!
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I’m thrilled for these two special women – and know they’ll love the Sensé care package that is already on the way to them.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you and thanks again for participating. By the way, this was so much fun…stay tuned. I feel a Father’s Day Giveaway coming up soon. A Reset Kit, maybe???

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We at Larsen Global have recently begun using Twitter. We can be found by going to For an explanation of what Twitter is and how it might be useful in your life see the video above. David Pogue, of the New York Times, does a great job of explaining the bare bones of Twitter along with some of its fun uses.

So far we’ve tweeted about our recent trip to the San Antonio Celebration, posted links to USANA news, and congratulated Bob and Daryl Allen on becoming 2 Star Diamond Directors. We just hope to never have to use it for this.


Mother’s Day Giveaway

I love USANA.  However, if you know me or have ever heard me speak, you know my GREATEST passion is being a mom and a Grandma! 
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This contest will run until Thursday May 7th. We will draw the winner on Thursday evening and announce the winner on our blog on Friday morning. I will priority ship the package to any U.S. address you choose in time for Mother’s Day. Good LUCK!

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Dreams and Goals, Part 2

I hope each of you have had enough time since I sent you Part One of this Dreams and Goals exercise, to climb the ladder to your “Ultimate Why.”
In this article, I’m going to share some ideas about goal setting. You’ve probably all read the about the 1953 Yale study. It showed that after 20 years, the three percent of graduating seniors who had written down their goals achieved more financially than the other 97% combined. I’ve attended countless trainings and workshops that emphasized the importance of setting short and long-term goals. The truth is, many people do settle for much less than they might have gotten out of life because they didn’t have a clear vision of where they wanted to go.
However, having said that, I must confess a personal shift in my thinking. Yes, goals are great – but only if they help balance your life. I’ve watched individuals become so focused on a particular financial or career goal that health, values and even relationships suffered. It has taken me fifty years to realize that the fullness – the true abundance of life – is less in having, more in doing, and most in being.
It seems that in every seminar I’ve ever attended or every book I’ve read on goal setting circles are used to demonstrate this life balance idea. I’ve become pretty proficient in drawing circles and if I were to divide my circle up it would be into six categories:
  1. Body – health, exercise, physical well-being
  2. Being – spirituality, philosophy, emotional health
  3. Brain – mental health, education, peace of mind
  4. Bonding – family, social, relationships
  5. Balance – time management, prioritizing
  6. Bucks – occupation, financial management, retirement, USANA
Having each category start with a “B” helps me to remember them! For the purposes of this exercise, we’re going to barely scratch the surface. Let’s focus strictly on the “bucks” category – your financial goals with USANA.
Step One: On a sheet of paper write down everything that comes to your mind when you think of what you can obtain with your USANA business. What would your life be like if you didn’t have any money concerns? Keep your “Ultimate Why” in mind, but don’t be afraid to have some fun and pamper yourself along the way.
By the way, these goals will probably grow as you do. My original USANA goal was to earn $100.00 a month so my autoship would be covered!
Step Two: Now prioritize these goals. What is really important to you? As you prioritize, ask yourself “why?” Eliminate conflicting or totally unrealistic goals. For example, you will not become a Diamond Director in three months! Let me share my own example:
Financial Goal #1 – Earn $100.00 per month.
Why? So I can afford to stay on autoship.
Financial Goal #2 – Earn $100.00 per week.
Why? So I can quit putting our groceries on the credit card and take the kids out to dinner once a month.
Financial Goal #3 – Earn $1,000.00 per month.
Why? So I can keep my home out of foreclosure and hire a yard service.
Financial Goal #4 – Earn $1,000.00 per week.
Why? So I can avoid bankruptcy, start working my way out of debt and take all the kids to our family reunion.
Financial Goal #5 – Earn $2,000.00 per week.
Why? So I can continue to work my way out of debt, contribute to the CF Foundation and get a manicure and pedicure every other week.
You get the idea. It took me several years to get my head above water but I was able to reward my family with some of life’s pleasures along the way.
Step Three: Once you’ve prioritized and listed your goals, set dates for these goals to become a reality. This can be difficult because there are so many variables. For instance, in order to make $100.00 a month you need five people on a 100 point autoship on each of two legs under one business center. If you sponsor two people your first week and they sponsor two the next week and those four sponsor two the next week, you’ll exceed your goal in three weeks.
Keep in mind that in the beginning you might need to talk to several people to get someone willing to listen to a presentation. And you’re likely to do several presentations in order to find someone who wants to partner in business with you. And it’s possible the people you sponsor won’t do exactly as you’ve done. So…be realistic. The good news is that the more friends you make and the more presentations you give, the better you get. Before long you’ll be sponsoring almost everyone you approach.
Step Four: Visualize your goals on a daily basis and state these goals in the present, as though they were real today. Your one-year goal might be, “I’m earning $1,000.00 a month, and saving for the down-payment on a home of my own. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and I feel fantastic!” Try to spend some time each day visualizing your life as you know it will be. It has become a habit for me to think this way when I’m stopped at a stoplight. My children used to tease me about daydreaming! Now they know better. When I was just a young girl, my mother would insist that we all lie down on the living room floor and listen to a record called “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. The process works. You really do become what you think about.
Step Five: Develop an Action Plan. Example: I will work my USANA business part-time – 8 to 10 hours per week – until I’m earning $1500.00 per month. At that time, I will quit my full-time job so that I can be home with my children and still work USANA twenty hours per week. I will contact at least one person on my warm market list every day and schedule one presentation each week.
Step Six: Make a Commitment. Write it down and use it as a guide as you begin to develop leaders in your own organization. Goals and Commitments go hand in hand. Your success will be in direct proportion to the commitments you make and keep.
I hope you’ll find some ideas here that will help you. Remember to set goals in all areas of your life. Honestly, I believe financial goals are among the least important! This method of goal setting works just as well for setting up a personal exercise program, for completing a course of study or for strengthening a relationship. It will take some time…but the personal gratification that comes from living a balanced, authentic life is priceless.

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