Dreams and Goals, Part 1

“A definite purpose is the starting point of all achievement.”
-Napoleon Hill
I realized early on in building my organization that individuals who had a “why” for building their USANA business, had a much greater chance of reaching the financial benchmarks they’d set for themselves. In fact, I believe having a “why” is more important than knowing “how”. I’ve watched various leaders in USANA use completely different methods, tools and systems to build their businesses. It seems that if you have a “why” that’s big enough, you can figure out the “how.”
Have you ever been labeled a dreamer? I have and frankly, I consider that label the highest of compliments. Dreams allow us to envision future realities. If our dreams are aligned with the values of our heart, they create the desire necessary to fuel massive action. With enough energy and passion, what some might consider impossible dreams can become inevitable realities.
Your dream, the underlying reason you are willing to spend time, energy and money building your USANA business, is what I call your “Ultimate Why.” Sometimes it’s hidden deep in your psyche but if you’ll give some serious thought to this assignment – really ponder your answers, it will come to you.
David Bach, in his best-selling book, Smart Women Finish Rich, outlines an assignment he gives his clients – Building a Values Ladder. This assignment helps him determine why his clients want to be wealthy. On the first rung of a ladder his client writes down the answer to the question, “What’s important about money to you?” He then takes each answer and continues to ask, “what’s important about ______ to you?” Mr. Bach continues climbing the rungs of the imaginary ladder until his client formulates their ultimate reason for becoming wealthy.
I read this book over a year ago and was struck by how closely Mr. Bach’s exercise resembled my interview process in helping USANA distributors determine their “why.” I’d never thought of using an imaginary ladder but I do continue asking questions until I get to something I feel is at the very essence of their being. Let me give you an example:
Q: Why do you want to build a USANA business?
A: Because I want to become financially independent.
Q: And what would it mean to you if you never had to worry about finances again?
A: I wouldn’t have to commute to my job and work day in and day out to increase my boss’s net worth!
Q: So if you didn’t have to go to work every day, what would you do with your time?
A: Lots of things! I’d spend time with my children, work in my garden, enroll in a class.
Q: Really? That’s interesting. What would you like to study?
A: Gardening. I’ve always wanted to spend more time outdoors – planting, growing, landscaping. My children enjoy it too. To them, gardening means they get to play in the dirt! I feel such peace when I’m working the earth with my hands. And roses…I adore roses. Their beauty calms me. In fact, I’d love to have my own rose garden.
Q: Wow. That sounds therapeutic and well as beautiful! What if you did have the time and know-how to grow gorgeous roses? Is there some way you could attach a value to that desire? How could you use that talent to make a difference?
A: Actually, I live very close to Scripps hospital and I know they’re looking for volunteers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could take bouquets of roses to the patients who needed some cheering up? Maybe I could even take my oldest daughter along.
This USANA distributor’s “Ultimate Why” is having the freedom (time and financial) to do something she loves (growing roses) with someone she loves (her children) and enriches her own life as well as the lives of others (hospital patients) by sharing her talent.
ASSIGNMENT: Create Your Own “Ultimate Why” Ladder
For this assignment please don’t list specific monetary or time goals – such as: I want to be making $1000.00 per month by April 2010. Setting specific goals and creating a time frame for reaching those goals will be covered in Part Two. For now, focus on your ultimate dreams and desires – and if possible, attach a value to that top rung of your ladder.
Are you ready? Imagine we are sitting across from each other at a round table. On the table is a sheet of paper containing a blank “Ultimate Why” ladder. We’re going to use it to help you determine why you’re building a USANA business.
  1. Start by drawing a very simple ladder on a blank sheet of paper – just two vertical lines about eight inches long with six or seven horizontal rungs.
  2. Relax and collect your thoughts. I want your answers to reflect your innermost desires, not what you think I – or anyone else – wants you to feel.
  3. Start with the first basic question: Why do I want to build a USANA business?
  4. Write your answer on the bottom rung of the ladder. Remember that we’re looking for basic dreams and desires, not specific monetary goals. To give you a personal example, on the first rung of my ladder I wrote, “Self-Sufficient Security.”
  5. On the second rung going up your ladder we need a little more perspective on that first desire. The desire you write down probably means different things to different people – or maybe even different things to you at different times in your life. This is getting a bit personal but just to give you an idea…when I asked myself why it was so important to me to be self-sufficient and to have financial security I wrote on my second rung: “I want to be able to take care of my own needs and wants without asking permission from anyone.”
  6. Continue climbing your “Ultimate Why” ladder, filling in your answers as you go. Think deeply about each answer. When I did this exercise myself, I found that rarely was the first thought that popped into my head the most important “why” that needed to be listed on the rung of the ladder. I had to dig deep!
  7. You’ll know you’ve completed this assignment when you can’t think of anything more important than the last “why” you wrote down. And hopefully, that last rung of the ladder is more about “being” than about “having” or “doing.” Your final “why” is the number one reason you are making whatever sacrifices are necessary to build your USANA business. This is your “Ultimate Why.”
Congratulations! You’re well on your way to securing your own success. And even more importantly, you’re well on your way to living a life of significance.

USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director

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Live Chat Tuesday, March 3rd

Thank you to everyone who participated in the live chat.  You can view the archived chat below.

Stay tuned as we hope to make this a monthly feature at www.larsenglobalbog.com.

USANA’s Standard of Quality

Enjoy the following video and see why we believe USANA produces the highest quality products available.


USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director

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The Summit

I first met Werner Berger in 1994 and realized then there was something exceptional about him.  Werner has taught me that age need not be a factor holding us back.  Werner summited Mt. Everest on May 22, 2007, just 55 days short of his 70th birthday.  At the time he summited, he became the third oldest person in the world and the oldest North American to reach the highest point on earth. 
I had the opportunity to spend some time with Werner during the recent USANA Leadership Summit in Ireland.  While there Werner shared a copy of the new DVD that tells his remarkable story and how the USANA supplements helped him accomplish his dream.  Frankly, I was blown away.  
To put Werner’s passion about USANA products in perspective, most high altitude climbers cut their toothbrush handles in half and drill holes in just about everything else to save on weight.  In contrast, Werner packed fifteen pounds of USANA products up the mountain.  He considered them absolutely vital for his 56-day climb!
To learn more about Werner and to watch a short clip about his amazing accomplishments please go to Werner’s website: www.wernerbergerstory.com.  Werner is a true hero in every sense of the word.  I’m delighted his story is now available to all of us.  I plan to use Werner’s DVD in my prospecting.  I can’t imagine anyone watching it and not saying, “I’ve got to try those products!”  
Thank you Werner for the inspiration you provide for all the USANA family. 

USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director

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The Greenest Business in Town – Guest Blogger, Steve Netherby

Reeling from all the headline crises? Worried about your 401K?  Stressed from living paycheck to paycheck? Check out this eco-friendly solution.
Our beleaguered country is staggering through a gauntlet of crises.  Now that the adrenalin rush of the election campaigns has subsided, you and I can focus on ways we will handle these challenges at the level of our own lives.
In my hometown of San Clemente, California, we’re fortunate not to be a one-horse outfit.  A tanking auto industry won’t mean massive layoffs here.  Nonetheless, fallout from each of these headline challenges will zap your zip codes and mine—one way or another, immediately if not sooner—in the form of higher taxes, rising cost of living, plummeting home values, home loss, job loss, evaporating retirement funds, healthcare shortfalls, or diminished quality of life.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m a glass-half-full guy.  I’m confident our new president and his team will do the right things to begin untangling the mess.  And I’m okay with the fact that the rest is up to me…and my team.

That’s right: Just like Obama, I have a team.  Actually, I joined a team, then began building my own team within that team.  When I teamed up I became part of a worldwide, 60-million-person, $110-billion powerhouse industry that contributes over $34 billion to the U.S. economy in bad times as well as good.  It boasts big players-Obama financial adviser, billionaire Warren Buffet, has called the several businesses he’s acquired in this industry the best investments he’s ever made; Virgin Airlines adventurepreneur Richard Branson ventures capital here; Donald Trump and Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki recommend it as a best bet for building wealth.  It welcomes small players too:  Dr. Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People said, “[This industry] has come of age. It’s become undeniable that it’s a viable way to… independence for millions of people.”
The industry I’m talking about is the direct-selling, or network-marketing, industry, and I strongly suggest—if today’s crises threaten you—that you take a fresh look at it.  A decade and a half ago, I became a network marketer to become CEO of my own life.  I saw it as a way to start my own business with a small up-front investment, no employees, no inventory requirements, and meaningful tax benefits. I would no longer have to beg a boss for vacation time.  Tired of the standard 3-percent raises, I could now set my own income goals and reach them through my own efforts and those of my team.
That team aspect is the icing on the cake of networking.  As I build my team, I not only build my income, but the income of those who brought me aboard their team.  As I teach those I recruit to grow their businesses, they grow my income.  Working for ourselves, we benefit our teammates.
These days, I appreciate my industry more than ever.  As a full- or part-time endeavor, networking is an ideal hedge against the current crises.  Tech industries tumble, real-estate bubbles burst, and retail goes reeling, but network marketing booms in a bust economy.  Because you own your own business, you can’t get laid off and your job won’t be shipped overseas.  Unlike a 401K, a retirement plan based on a networking business keeps growing even with a falling stock market.  If you join one of the many health-and-wellness networking companies, you even help stem the healthcare crisis as you expand your network.

Why have I devoted this column to network marketing?  Because if you read me regularly, you know I care about our environment as you do—and networking is the greenest game in town.  My commute is 15.02 seconds from breakfast table to home office.  You don’t have to pave open space to build roads or office complexes for me.  Necessities I buy from my own business are shipped directly to me, eliminating drives to the store (I receive commission checks on my purchases and sales that fund my memberships in environmental groups).  Finally, as my own boss, I give myself permission to schedule work around the backcountry hikes and mountain-bike rides that fuel my passion for conservation.
For more information on network marketing, and a list of over 200 carefully vetted direct-selling companies, go to dsa.org or contact a USANA Associate.
Steve Netherby has been a Navy pilot, a newspaper editor-inchief and a magazine editorial director. He’s the former camping editor of Field & Stream. A 34-year San Clemente resident who ran for City Council in 2000, he’s currently an independent distributor for USANA Health Sciences and is writing a book.

Sanoviv Holiday Special

Dear USANA Friends –

Happy Thanksgiving!  I have just returned from another remarkable visit to one of my very favorite places on earth…Sanoviv.  Sanoviv is certainly one of the blessings I am most grateful for and it never ceases to amaze me how pampered and exhilarated I feel after just a few days in this serene setting.

While there I had the opportunity to spend some time with the new Executive Director, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  Those of you who had the opportunity to hear Dr. Tenpenny speak at the Sanoviv Dinner at convention this year will understand how excited I am about this talented woman and her ability to further the vision of Dr. Wentz. Dr. Tenpenny shared with me an exclusive, limited offer available only until December 19th and I asked permission to pass it along to the USANA family.  This two-for-one offer is available to just thirty couples and you’ll need to call right away to reserve your spot.  If you are looking for an opportunity to renew and recharge yourself with a pre-holiday wellness journey, this is your opportunity and Sanoviv is where you need to be.

Here are the details:

For only $5800 per couple, you will share a life-changing experience.

Here is just some of what is included in this exclusive package:

  • 7 nights, 8 days room and board for two people…share this experience with your spouse, partner, friend or a family member
  • Medical Assessment
  • Electro-diagnosis
  • Bio-energetic Dental Examination
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Functional Infusions
  • Psychological Session
  • Bio-feedback Treatments
  • Cell Revitalization Therapies
  • Glutathione Treatments
  • Seaweed Body Wrap (this is my personal favorite…unbelievable!)
  • Swedish Massage
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Therapeutic Sauna
  • Nutritional Lectures
  • Psycho-spiritual Classes (yoga, meditation, energy medicine)
  • Fitness Classes

This amazing package is available to the first 30 couples who apply and must be completed by December 19th.  Give yourself and a loved one the best possible holiday gift and contact Sanoviv today!

For more information and a full description of the program, please contact the Sanoviv Admissions Department toll free at 1.800.726.6848 or send an e-mail to: sanoviv.reservations@sanoviv.com.


Collette Larsen

P.S.  Please feel free to pass along this offer to your individual organizations.  Blessings!
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Some Thoughts on Kissing

I awoke early this morning, sat in front of a crackling fire and turned on CNN.  Several experts were commenting on the state of the U.S. economy – the topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind of late.  The statistics are sobering:  a 6.5% unemployment rate – the highest in over 14 years; 240,000 jobs lost just last month, 650,000 lost over the past six months and a staggering 1.2 million U.S. jobs lost since the beginning of the year.  That’s roughly the population of Dallas, Texas!

The reporter got my attention and I must admit…as dire as the news seemed, my reaction was mixed.  Of course, I felt genuine concern for people across the country…those who’ve received pink slips and still have families to support, but I also felt sincere gratitude for the situation I find myself in…earning solid residual income with USANA due to a decision I made in 1994 to add an additional stream of income to my life.

The CNN journalist cut to an expert on the economy – a woman with a list of tips and suggestions for keeping your job.  Believe it or not, her number one suggestion for making yourself indispensable in your current job was…drum roll, please…kiss up to your boss!  I’m not kidding.  Honestly, as the columnist Dave Barry would say, I’m not making this up.  That really was her number one tip!  Wow.  Let that advice sink in for a moment.  Empowering, isn’t it?  All I could do was shake my head in disbelief.

Now I’m not a CNN journalist or an “expert” on the economy (although I probably earn more income than most experts, particularly those who refuse to kiss up to their bosses!)…but I have built a business that has weathered a number of economic storms over the past fifteen years and I have a tip for you:  kiss up to yourself!  Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get serious about improving your health while building your USANA business.  Yes, you can!  Right now – today.  There are hundreds of thousands of people across America and around the world who want exactly what we’ve got:  a superior product line based on solid science, a compensation plan with a total of six different ways to earn income that’s fair across the board, an enviable track record and outstanding credibility within our industry and an army of volunteers who’ve taken control of their own lives willing to help support and mentor anyone who’s decided kissing up to their boss should not be part of their job description.

So go out there today and kiss someone…anyone but your boss!

Collette Larsen

USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director

(800) 238-9679

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Our USANA Story – Video

This video shows our motivation and our “why” for building our USANA business.  I hope you enjoy this peek into our lives.

Collette Larsen

USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director

(800) 238-9679


Building a Home-Based Business Without Sacrificing Sanity

I’m a recovering addict.  You’ve probably heard the saying, “I’m not in USANA, USANA is in me.” Well, I was an extreme personification of that concept.  Once I realized what I had my hands on…I became obsessed.  USANA was the first thing I thought about when I opened my eyes each morning and I would stay awake for hours every night strategizing and adding potential partners to my contact lists.  When I finally did fall asleep, I dreamed in circles.  Building my USANA business consumed my time, my energy and dominated my conversations.  I’m afraid I alienated more than a few friends and family members with my single-minded determination to “share the vision…even if I have to beat you over the head with it!” 

This was not necessarily a bad thing.  I’ve long maintained that a fast start in USANA is a good start and I fully understand and support the Pacesetter and Platinum Pacesetter Programs.  Certainly, my entrepreneurial nature (read…necessity to earn enough in commissions to pay for my autoship that very first month) helped lay the foundation for long-term success.  However, when momentum becomes obsession, the likelihood of burnout increases, often long before we can attain the success we desire.

So…how do we find and foster that coveted state of being called balance – especially when we’re so passionate about USANA we can hardly help but be consumed by it?  Here are five strategies I’ve implemented that have helped me gain peace and composure without curbing my enthusiasm.

1. Maintain perspective.  For me, this meant coming to the realization that building my business was not more important than my personal spirituality or my family relationships.  Of course, there are crossover threads in our life tapestries but I’m learning to prioritize:  God first, family second, USANA third.  I personally believe when we get to the other side, we’re more likely to be asked, “Did you love?” than, “How many centers did you max?”  And along these lines, if a prospect tells you his wife will divorce him if he gets involved in another one of these network marketing things…don’t sign him up!

2. Involve your spouse and children.  After all, one of the primary attractions of our industry is the promise of more time with the people we love.  My children were fairly young when I started building my USANA business.  At first, they were my fan club but they soon started helping out wherever they could, including sharing their own product stories at our home meetings.  I was honest about what my goals and intentions were because I needed their understanding and support.  They had a stake in my success and their involvement taught us all a great deal about personal development, financial responsibility and what is possible when we work together as a team.  Fifteen years into this journey I readily admit I wouldn’t be where I am in USANA without them.

3. This is a business.  It sounds so obvious, but it took me a few years (and significant penalties and interest owed to Uncle Sam) to figure it out.  I wasn’t keeping track of my business expenses, I wasn’t setting aside money from my commission checks to pay my taxes, I didn’t have any set
working schedule (other than all day, everyday) and I was operating my business from our kitchen table, the living room couch, from under the covers on my bed…you get my drift.  I didn’t even have a separate business bank account or designated business phone line.  Now I know better.  I actually have an office in my home and I keep fairly regular business hours.  I pay my estimated taxes quarterly – what a concept! – and I keep detailed records of my business expenditures.  Of course, I’m open to spontaneous flights of fancy and unscheduled visits from grandchildren but if my office door is closed…everyone knows I’m off limits.  By scheduling the hours I conduct business, I’ve finally found that elusive time freedom I’ve been talking about all these years.

4. Expand your interests.  Getting involved in activities and causes outside USANA is a very good way to recharge physically and emotionally while continuing to build relationships that expand our warm markets.  Staying active through exercise helps reduce stress and opens our minds to endless ideas and possibilities.  Date nights with your spouse or socializing with friends or other family members helps maintain a healthy balance between business and personal life.  My husband and I schedule one day a week together with the intention of simply having a lot of fun.  Our alone time has enhanced our relationship and interestingly, I believe that time away from my office has also contributed to my business success.

5. Reap the benefits of boredom.  This has been a tough one for me because somewhere along the line I programmed a belief system into my psyche:  busyness = productivity and productivity = success.  Why, why, why do I still – at 56 years of age – write items down on my “to do” list even after I’ve done them just so I can cross them off? Why, when I should be relaxing in a comfortable chair as I’m getting my hair done do I whip out my cell phone or my planner? Is it really necessary to fold the clothes while I’m watching TV in order to assuage the guilt I feel for turning the TV on in the first place?  Can you relate?  We’re entrepreneurs, doers.  Downtime is a tough assignment for us.  Too often I catch myself in an over-stimulated frantic rush, jumping from task to multi-task.  Thank goodness for Sanoviv – my calm in the middle of the storm!  The life lessons I’m learning on each visit to this healing sanctuary are beginning to sink in and I’m bringing those practices home.  I’m finally learning to simply sit.  To relax.  To breathe.  To just be present.  It feels so good, tingly even, to disconnect from all the technology in my life, sit on the swing on my front porch, close my eyes and listen.  Thoughts still come unbidden, but during my meditation classes at Sanoviv I learned to thank them and release them, knowing I’ll visit those thoughts and ideas later. I’ve heard that creativity is one of the sweet fruits of boredom and as a loving gift I’ve given myself permission (twenty minutes a day, that’s all I ask) to be beautifully, wonderfully, deliciously bored. 

Collette Larsen

USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director

(800) 238-9679



If you have to work…why not work from home?  I believe it was Pete Zdanis who first shared this phrase with me – a catchy slogan to put on our USANA business cards.  And without a doubt, owning a home-based business is one of the primary reasons individuals are drawn to our industry.  For the masses stuck in grueling commutes paying outrageous prices for gas, dropping their children off at expensive day care centers and then spending forty plus hours a week dealing with office politics, the idea of working from home evokes visions of nirvana.

I remember a phone call from a successful distributor in our organization.  Prior to going full-time with USANA he had been a busy lawyer, working in his state’s Attorney General’s Office.  He was happily married and had six children, all who were still living at home.  From the time he first signed his application with USANA, I raved about the benefits of working from home.  We had numerous conversations about all the perks – including being able to work in your robe and slippers.  I encouraged him to check out of the rat race, come home and enjoy this idyllic situation for himself.  Finally, the day arrived.  He was thrilled to tender his resignation, to explain to the Attorney General he could no longer afford to come into work.  He achieved his (or maybe MY?) dream…he fired his boss.  Imagine my surprise when a year or so later he called and said, “Collette, this time freedom thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!” 

He went on to explain he’d never felt pulled in so many directions.  Now that he was so easily accessible to his wife and children, he was expected to be the family chauffeur, attend all the children’s church, school and sports activities, help with chores around the house and support a growing USANA business.  His makeshift home office was crowded and cluttered and to be perfectly honest, he missed the stimulation and camaraderie of the Attorney General’s Office.  He wanted to go back to work!

We had a good laugh.  I know this person very well, so I completely understood his situation.  He is a devoted husband and father, absolutely adored by his family but being home 24/7 was turning him into someone he didn’t want to be.  Fortunately, his former boss and colleagues welcomed him back with open arms and he is still, many years later, thriving as a successful attorney and continuing to earn a substantial residual income with USANA.  In fact, he is a member of USANA’s Million Dollar Club.

The lesson I learned?  Don’t project my dreams and desires on anyone but myself!  There are many USANA associates who enjoy their careers and simply want to improve their health and add another source of income to their lives.  Most of USANA’s distributors build their businesses around their primary careers.  They’ve learned to juggle a multitude of responsibilities and in the limited time they have, they contribute great value to our mutual USANA experience.  I admire and respect their life choices and appreciate all they bring to USANA.  

Over the past fifteen years I’ve also identified some critical factors in creating a work-from-home environment that allows me to enjoy the time freedom I’ve earned.  Stay tuned for my next blog:  Building a Home-Based Business While Retaining Your Sanity!

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679
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