Say Yes, Part 3

My first “yes” to USANA came on a hot August night in 1994 and it wasn’t even audible…I simply nodded my head.  That first tentative “yes” led to others.  I remember saying “yes” to this nagging feeling I had that I should drive over to Bob and Daryl Allen’s home and drop off a video about Dr. Wentz.  I was fearful.  Was this overstepping my bounds?  Would they be annoyed?  Out of the generosity of Robert Allen’s heart, I was working as his assistant at the time…would this put a strain on our relationship?

Well, Bob and Daryl watched the video, Bob’s intuition screamed “YES!” but he still told me “no.”  After all, he was a famous author and speaker and had a reputation to protect.  So…I took his wife and my dear friend Daryl to lunch – and she said “YES!”  Daryl’s yes has had an impact on thousands of people and has certainly changed my life.  

A few weeks later Daryl got Bob to come on board and Bob called to ask if I’d go to brunch with him and a good friend of his.  Had I ever heard of Denis Waitley?  Uhhhh….yes.  Would I be willing to talk to him about USANA?  Uuuuhhhhh….y-e-s?  Well, to make a long story short, Denis said yes to USANA and through Denis I met Susan Waitley who has become a dear friend, built an incredible business and changed lives around the world.

I’d been dating a man for quite awhile and my children were getting concerned because they were just generally overprotective and I’d never met any of this gentleman’s friends.  He kept talking about this one couple, Bud and Bunny.  When I assured my oldest son that indeed he did have friends and their names were Bud and Bunny, Dax said, “mom, pets don’t count!”  But sure enough, I met Bud and Bunny Barth and they were the real deal – the most awesome, authentic couple, and so much fun.  I could see us being friends forever and frankly, I was nervous about bringing business into the mix.  For one thing, they were already extremely busy and successful running Del Mar Media Arts – a school for aspiring actors and actresses.  Well, I stretched…I actually did a USANA presentation disguised as a casual conversation – and guess what?  It took a little while, but they said yes!  We’ve been all over the world together and they have blessed my life tremendously.  

A few years ago prior to USANA opening the Korean market, I spent a considerable amount of time in Los Angeles doing presentations for a group of Korean distributors.  There was always a young man in their home but he obviously didn’t have any interest in what we were doing.  One day as he came bounding down the stairs, I said, “Jeffrey, come and sit down here a minute.  Tell me about yourself.”  I quickly realized he was an entrepreneur at heart but frankly, I couldn’t get through to him.  USANA was something older people did.  Well, Jeffrey said no to me, but he agreed to meet with my son, Zak.  Through Jeffrey, Zak met Michael Callejas and Linda Lien and through Linda we met Duke Tubtim.  Duke ultimately said yes and now there are thousands of awesome young people who call me “USANA Mama.”

Is fear holding you back from contacting someone like me – a single mother with no experience, no self-esteem, no income, no possible way of making this work?

Is fear keeping you from contacting someone like Robert Allen or Denis Waitley – famous in their own right, New York Times best-selling authors, world-class speakers?  They wouldn’t be interested would they?

Is fear holding you back from contacting successful, busy friends – they don’t have the time to do this, do they?

And what about people who are younger or older?  They won’t be able to relate to you, will they?  

Right now, at this very moment a name is coming to you…someone you’ve thought about but for one reason or another you’ve decided…USANA isn’t for them.  Close your eyes and picture their face.  Do you have it?  

Say yes!  Please say yes to your own intuition.  Step outside your comfort zone.  Say yes to personal growth.  You will begin to change lives, starting with your own.

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679

Say Yes, Part 2

In 1992 my brother Dallin began telling me about a company that was going to change lives of people around the world.  The scientist was brilliant, the products were the best and he just knew I’d be a great network marketer.  “You love people, Collette.  You’d be perfect.”  I listened, and even though my intuition said, “this is intriguing” I said no over and over again.  I had some serious misconceptions about our industry in addition to having a lot going on in my life at that time.  Although I was financially destitute, starting a business was not on my list of priorities.
A year after my brother first began telling me about USANA, my youngest daughter Lexi was fourteen years old, in a coma, fighting for her life after undergoing a double lung transplant.  I spent approximately 20 hours a day in the intensive care unit.  I hadn’t had a good night sleep in weeks.  My fifteen-year old daughter, Sharlie, who also had Cystic Fibrosis, was slipping downhill rapidly.  Her doctors were discussing the possibility of putting her on the transplant waiting list.  The medical bills had skyrocketed to the point that I believed bankruptcy was going to be my only financial option.   My three older children who were 18, 19, and 20 and who, frankly, had always been just where I wanted them, tucked safely under my wing were living in far-flung corners of the world.  I was worried sick about them.  Never before or since have I been in such a state of mental, physical and emotional upheaval.  
Late on a hot August night in 1993 I got a phone call.  It was my brother and after a brief “hello, how are you,” and me saying, “oh, I’m fine”…even though my world was crumbling around me… he launched once again into all the reasons I needed to become a USANA distributor.  I tried to listen and at one point I remember him saying…”Collette, this is the goose that laid the golden egg.”  It was too much.  I started crying uncontrollably.  I was inconsolable.  Didn’t anyone realize what I was going through?
My brother couldn’t console me, but he could hop on a plane from Salt Lake City to San Diego at 6:00 the next morning.  He found me at the hospital.  After getting permission to enter Lexi’s sterile cubicle, and spending about fifteen minutes alone with her he came out and put his arms around me.  He asked for my forgiveness.  He told me to forget about USANA, to forget about building a business.  We’re going to get Sharlie on these products he said.  “Can you do that?”  
Sometimes our “yeses” aren’t even audible…but I must have nodded my head yes, because a few days later a big box landed on my doorstep and my family took that first step on this incredible journey called USANA. 

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679


Say Yes, Part 1

In 2004 I sat in a sacred, serene setting trying to hold back the tears as my daughter Sharlie married her sweetheart, Ryan Kaltenbach.  I don’t remember many of the details of that special day because frankly, I was the mother of the bride and I was floating in a fog.  However, I will never forget the advice the officiator gave Sharlie and Ryan right before he married them.  

He suggested they remember two words to help smooth the way to their future.

“Say Yes”

He said it over and over again, looking back and forth at the two of them.

“Say yes to putting each other first.  Say yes to little things – flowers, love notes, unexpected surprises.  Say yes to trust and fidelity.  Say yes to abundance and joy.  Say yes to a family.”  

I have to admit, at this point I wanted to jump up and shout “No! – you don’t understand…Sharlie can’t bear children.  She has Cystic Fibrosis.  She doesn’t have the strength…it would threaten her life.  Say NO!!!”  But, as is often the case, this officiator apparently knew what he was talking about.  Sharlie and Ryan are now parents of a beautiful little boy.  I’m learning to bite my tongue!

Finally, he said, “Say yes to change, say yes to life…say yes to love…deep abiding, eternal love.”

That ceremony had a profound impact on me.  I realized I had said “no” too often.  I wondered what opportunities for growth I had missed due to my doubts or fears, what blessings I had forfeited because I said no to service or the opportunity to share.  I reflected on how I’d personally suffered because I said no to making my own health a priority and how many times I’d missed out on opportunities to brighten someone else’s day because I said no to my intuition to do little things like send a note, make a call, express my gratitude.  I thought about all the people I hadn’t shared USANA with because I felt there was no way they would be interested.  I remembered times I’d said no to my children for no reason except “because I’m the mom and I said so!”    I justified all those no’s – I was just too busy. 

Now, here was someone much wiser who was counseling Sharlie and Ryan, explaining to them that their lives would change if they simply learned to “say yes.”  Those two little words got seared into my brain that day and now I say “yes” to all the good stuff whenever I can.  I’m responding positively to the nudges from my own intuition.  Those two words have changed my life.

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679

Using Conference Calling Effectively

Inviting your potential business partners to listen in on a conference call is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build your business quickly and inexpensively and it is as close as your phone. More and more USANA distributors are expanding their organizations by tapping into calls conducted by USANA’s Home Office, by their upline leaders or by crossline members of the USANA family. Here are some guidelines I believe will increase the number of people who join your business as a result of listening to a conference call:

1. Commit to be on the call yourself.
2. Encourage every member of your organization to be on the call and encourage them to invite guests. Call them personally or send an e-mail to make sure they know the time of the call, the number, pin number, etc.
3. Invite your prospects – people on your names list, people you’ve approached before but who have not yet committed, new leads, preferred customers, etc.
4. Set a goal to have at least three people join you on the call. It’s a good idea to three-way your best potential business partner into the call so you’re picking up the long distance charges.
5. Get commitments from your guests. Call them the day of the conference call to remind them of the number and pin # and tell them you’d like to touch base with them after the call to get their impressions.
6. Send a thank you note to everyone who accepted your invitation to be on the call.

Preparing your guests:

Credibility increases when you prepare your guests for what they are going to be hearing.

“…I want you to listen in so you can meet the woman who heads up our team. She’ll probably give an overview of the company, but I think she’ll also share a bit of her own story. When I heard her story, I realized anyone with determination could succeed in our business. I think you’ll be able to relate to her.”

It’s also important that you invite your guests with an outcome in mind.

“…I think by the end of the call you’ll know whether or not you’d like to become part of our team.”

Follow up:

It is vital that you follow-up with each guest you had on the call. Share your own experience with them and then listen to what they have to say. Is there someone on your team they might relate to? Schedule a three-way call with that team member.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, offer to send your prospective business partner any additional tools they might need to make a decision. For instance, if they are more product oriented, you might want to send them a Product Information Booklet or explain how they can get all the product information they need on your website. If they seem more interested in the business, you might want to send them one of the latest CD’s or DVD’s that USANA has produced. Remember to ask how they prefer to get their information. Do they like to watch , listen or read…and send tools accordingly.

Tap into the power of corporate and team conference calls. Remember, a stranger is an expert. And that expert can validate you!

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679


Conference Call Etiquette

Conference calls can be a powerful and convenient recruiting tool. They’re powerful due to the synergy and enthusiasm that can be created on a successful call and convenient because they take place in the privacy of your own home. No dressing up, no fighting traffic to get to a hotel across town, no cover charge, no babysitters and no fear that your invited prospect won’t show. What a concept!

But make no mistake, conference calls only work if you do. How many times have you attended an awesome sales presentation only to think to yourself on the way home, “If I’d known it was going to be that good, I would have brought someone with me!” The same holds true with conference calls. Let’s face it, you’re already sold on USANA. In order for the conference call to benefit your business, you must have prospective partners on the line with you.

Ideally, they are just that…on the line with you. In other words, you have called them and then after visiting with them for a few minutes, you three-way them into the conference call. In this way, you’ve insured that they’ll “show up” for the call and the call is on your dime.

On most corporate sponsored conference calls, there is a moderator line and guests are in a “listening only” mode. In such cases, the following rules of etiquette aren’t quite so important. However, there are many smaller, more intimate calls that are interactive. Everyone can hear everything that is going on. I love these calls because they’re exciting, spontaneous and fun. I also dread these calls because I never know what’s going to happen – whose dog it is that is barking in the background, whose child is practicing the violin, who it is that keeps saying, “Are you there, Joe?” or “can you hear me?” I’ve been on a few conference calls that gave me nightmares!

Following these simple guidelines will help make your conference calling experience a positive one for both you and your guest:

1. Invite your prospective business partner on the call several days in advance. Your prospect is probably very busy so it’s important to let him know how much you appreciate his time and how much you’ll value his feedback.

2. Edify the guest speaker and explain why he or she has earned the right to be on the call. Ideally, you will want to invite people on the call that you believe will relate to the guest speaker and if possible, explain your connection to him or her. Maybe you’re in his downline organization or maybe she spoke at the very first business opportunity you attended. Connect yourself to the guest in some way.

3. Suggest that your potential business partner take some time to read the material you’ve sent him or do some of his own research on your website or USANA’s corporate website prior to the conference call. Encourage him to make a list of questions and to have a pen and paper handy in order to take notes or to write down his impressions during the call.

4. If your potential business partner is married or has a live-in partner, encourage them both to be on the line. It will save you time later on and you never know which one will have the most interest in your products or business.

5. Make a quick reminder call to your prospective guest either the evening before or the day of the conference call. Tell him that you’ll be calling him just a few minutes prior to the actual call so you’ll have plenty of time to get connected before the call begins. Explain that because the call is live, it is important he be in a quiet room. If there’s no such thing as a quiet room in your prospect’s home (or yours), explain the “mute” feature (generally you hit *6 to go in and out of the call) and tell him you’ll use it if necessary as a courtesy to the guest speaker and to the others on the line.

6. Don’t use cell phones for conference calls. There is invariably interference.

7. Prior to calling your guest, hit *70 to disengage call-waiting on your phone. Check with your local phone company to determine if this is what you do to disengage the call-waiting feature in your area of the country. You don’t want that annoying beep to distract you and others during the conference call.

8. Connect with your guest five to ten minutes before the conference call is scheduled to start. Again express your appreciation, share your excitement and make certain there is no background noise. Take a minute to plant a seed of possibility with your guest: “Thanks again, Bob, it means a lot to me that you’re joining me on this call. You’ll relate to Jeremy’s story. The first time I heard him I thought of you. He’s so down to earth – just a great guy. I think by the time the call is over you’ll know if USANA would be a good fit for you. Be sure to jot down any questions that pop into your mind, okay?”

9. Three-way into the conference call.

10. If a roll call is being taken or people are introducing themselves, you take the lead. Introduce yourself and then your guest: “Hello, this is Ryan Kaltenbach from San Diego and I have Bob Owens from Chicago on the line with me.”

11. The host of the call will acknowledge and welcome the distributors and guests. Curb the urge to acknowledge people you might recognize as they introduce themselves.

One of the distinct advantages of having your guest on the line with you is that once the call is over and you disconnect with the conference call, you’re still on the line with your guest. Ask questions, get impressions, resolve concerns and go from there. Your potential business partner will fit into one of three categories: 1. I can’t wait to sign up, here’s my credit card! 2. That was interesting. I’ve got some questions and I want to think about it. 3. I’m really not interested. You should be just fine with any of the three answers. Most people I have done conference calls with fit into category 2 and with time and information generally become team members or preferred customers. But even those who tell me they’re not interested will often become preferred customers or even refer me to others. I appreciate their honesty and the time they save me. Remember to keep the conversation friendly and professional.

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679


The Proper Way to Make a USANA Nutrimeal by my Grandson, Beckett


15 Years With USANA

Enjoy this awesome video of USANA’s 15 years of milestones.

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679


Hello from New Zealand

Kia Ora – Greetings from the land of the long white cloud!

I remember back to the millennial celebrations – watching as the sun rose on countries around the world. The sun rose first on New Zealand and after spending several glorious weeks touring this magical land…I understand why. Everything is intensified here…the colors are more brilliant, the air crystal clear, the water so clean and pure we can scoop handfuls from the streams to quench our thirst. My husband Ric and I feel as though we’ve hiked through every landscape on earth from tropical forests to empty sandy beaches that stretch as far as our eyes can see to undulating mountainous terrain to steaming, volcanic plains… and amazingly, all this is found in one beautiful country. There really are no words to adequately describe all we’ve experienced but I will say we are having the time of our lives.

I’m more grateful than ever for the blessings USANA has brought into my life – the loving, generous friends, the health and energy to squeeze every drop out of every day, the financial means to live our dreams no matter where in the world those dreams take us, and the freedom to simply say “why not?” when opportunities like this month-long trip down under present themselves.

The 10-year USANA birthday Celebrations in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand exceeded all our expectations. The speakers were outstanding and the USANA leadership both in the field and at the USANA corporate level in this part of the world is outstanding. Not only were we educated…we really celebrated. Ric and I were honored to be guests at the USANA Gold Retreat sandwiched between the two Celebrations. We’ll never forget the people we met, the Gala Dinners, the time spent on the harbors, the evening spent at the site of the Sydney Olympics – it was all over the top! Thank you especially to Jim Doherty for a very special evening he put together – a red carpet dinner cruise around the spectacular Auckland Harbour – complete with a visit from “Prince Andrew” and “Marilyn Monroe.” It was one of those rare evenings when all the walls came down and Bill Duncan, Fred Cooper and I shared intimate details of our lives that we had not really planned to share. It was a beautiful evening.After that last evening on the Auckland harbour, Ric and I packed all our dress clothes, donned our jeans, t-shirts and hiking boots and hit the road. A few highlights:

Ric – in his endless pursuit of the ultimate adrenaline rush – jumped from the Auckland Sky Tower…basically a 16-second base jump into thin air. I breathlessly watched with my feet safely on the ground!

We spent several days in the Bay of Islands, a magnificent destination punctuated with dozens of coves and over 145 islands that have thankfully escaped development in a sparkling bay with water ranging in hue from a pale turquoise to a deep azure blue. We cruised around the islands, watched dolphins frolic around our boat and ate some of the freshest seafood there is. The Bay of Islands also has deep historical significance and we learned much about the sacred history of the Mauri culture at the Waitangi National Reserve.The Coromandel Peninsula juts out into the South Pacific Ocean and offered us some of the finest beaches we’ve ever seen. The towns are quaint and historical and although the area is quiet, we found lots to grab our attention. We took a trip on the unique Driving Creek Railway, burned our feet at Hot Water Beach and went sea kayaking around magnificent Cathedral Cove.

The Kauri Coast with it’s ancient and impressive Kauri trees took our breath away. These trees reminded us of our own Northern California Redwoods and we hiked numerous trails stopping to gaze in awe at “Tane Mahuta” a 2000 year old giant of a tree that has been dubbed the “Lord of the Forest.”

We’re now in the Lake Taupo Region in the Central Plateau of the North Island. We’re falling far behind our original travel schedule because there is just so much fun to be had. Yesterday I got the thrill of my life riding the famed Huka Jet Boat to Huka Falls. You’ve probably seen footage of these boats that travel at ridiculous speeds spinning their way up shallow rivers. I thought my heart would beat out of my chest and I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face! Today we’ll be hiking in Tongariro National Park. With its towering active volcanoes (Mt. Ruapehu blew in 1995), Tongariro is one of NZ’s most spectacular parks. It is best known for its role as Mt. Doom in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

So…there you have it. This is what time freedom looks like. I think many of us (including myself at one point) see that freedom – the ability to do what we want, when we want and with the people we choose – as some distant point in the future…after we’ve achieved some high benchmark of success in USANA.

In reality, the memories that add color and definition to our lives begin as we give ourselves permission to enjoy the journey, no matter what our current rank. I had no idea ten years ago when my family and I travelled to Australia and New Zealand to help launch these two promising markets that my life would be impacted as it has been. A part of my heart and soul will always remain in this exquisite land down under.

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679



What will the next decade hold for you? Vision is the capacity to look beyond the moment into the vast potential of tomorrow. What is your vision?

We read in the bible about King Solomon, who in his timeless wisdom said, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” I’d like to paraphrase that statement, “Where there is no vision, a company fails.” It’s no accident that one of the phrases Dr. Wentz seems most fond of – and that I’ve heard hundreds of times over the years is, “Share my Vision.”

Dr. Wentz has given voice to his vision: “I dream of a world free from pain and suffering. I dream of a world free from disease. The USANA family will be the healthiest family on earth”. I’m certain some people may view Dr. Wentz’ vision as impractical – or even impossible. I don’t know…maybe Dr. Wentz even feels a bit uncomfortable being called a visionary. The truth is, a vision is little more than an empty dream until it is widely shared and accepted. Once that happens, it acquires the force necessary to move an organization in the intended direction. And look at us! Look at the direction we’re headed. We will soon be a billion dollar company! I am proud to report that Dr. Wentz is surrounded by people who have adopted his vision and made it our own. USANA has empowered us to take a stand for our preferred future.

I realize building this business can be a bit scary at times. It takes some courage to do what we do. In order to be successful in building a USANA business we’re forced to eliminate caution, we must step outside our comfort zone. Let me share three strategies that have helped me and may help you clarify your vision and reach beyond your fear:

1. Get to higher ground.

One of my favorite video clips is of Dr. Wentz standing on top of a mountain in Switzerland. You might have seen it; the camera pans around him and it appears he is looking out over the entire earth. Symbolically, we need to do the same thing…broaden our perspective and see ourselves in that big picture. Dream big. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Occasionally I get a call that goes something like this: “I just got my order and one of my nutrimeal cans has a dent in it.” Here is another favorite: “I don’t think USANA is putting as much cotton in the top of the Poly C bottle as they used to.”
Can I be frank? These people have failed the vision test!

2. Craft your own vision.

We can and should share Dr. Wentz’ vision, but we need to personalize it. Tell your own story. I promise you, if you’re passionate about it, your story will evolve over time. When I first started building my business back in 1994, I envisioned earning $100.00 a month. I was coming from a place of scarcity and low self-esteem. I knew I wanted to keep my daughter on the USANA products so I had to figure out a way to make $100.00 a month so I could afford to stay on autoship. I started telling our story and wow…the checks kept coming. My vision improved! As I began making a difference in the lives of others my own life began to change dramatically. I was able to look forward to a time that hadn’t yet arrived. Before long I could see it and feel it as though it was real. And now it is.

3. Wake up and go to work.

Give your vision substance. Take action. If your vision stays in your mind…it is simply wishful thinking. Initiate conversations. Pick up the phone. Set up appointments. Tell your story. Use the USANA tools. Show the plan. You get my point. I’ve learned a valuable lesson by associating with some of USANA’s elite athletes. Even professional athletes drag themselves to the gym. You simply have to exercise to get the energy to exercise. Building your business is exactly the same. I promise you won’t sponsor 100% of the people you don’t talk to! Just do it…ultimately, the power to achieve our vision lies within us.

Let me ask again: What will the next decade hold for you? Can you predict your future? Yes, you can – because you can create it.

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679



Is it possible to be happy for no reason? For years I’ve studied and practiced intention and attention – the topics of my two previous blogs – and can personally attest to the effectiveness of these principles. As a young girl I listened to Earl Nightingale and learned that we become what we think about. Lately however, I’ve become fascinated with a process that seems at first glance to contradict the principles of intention and attention. It’s the “no tension” part of this interesting phenomenon…the ability to relinquish attachment to an outcome. You might call this “going with the flow” or “rolling with the punches.” Some spiritual advisors call it, “letting go and letting God.” Others call it “the law of detachment.”

I call it…choosing to be happy. It means we simply buckle up and enjoy the ride, regardless! Of course we should attract what we want into our lives, boldly declare our intentions and notice (pay attention to) what is happening as our own stories unfold. But, just as important, is to release any stress we may feel over an attachment to a particular outcome. I’ve finally figured out that as much as I’d like to…I’m not really running this show. It no longer makes any sense to overanalyze everything or to be consumed by all the possible things that could go wrong.

Building a business in our industry has taught me not to take myself too seriously. Honestly, you really can blunder your way to the top! In fact, think of the most delightful and memorable moments in your life. If you’re like me, they may be times when things went a little (actually, sometimes terribly) wrong…but you were able to release that tension and laugh about it.

I have an entire archive of USANA horror stories…times when I blew it so badly…but now, I can smile. They are among my best memories. I’ll share just one:

My husband Ric and I were on an extended road trip and stopped at a little café to get some dinner. There were booths lining both sides of the wall and only one other couple in the café. As we were eating our sandwiches I noticed the woman on the other side of the café and down the aisle from us open her USANA HealthPak. I smiled and mentioned something about it being a small world to Ric. We continued eating and I wondered whether or not the couple would recognize me. I love running into USANA distributors around the country and frankly, I’m flattered when they recognize me.

Well, the couple finished before we did and headed our way toward the front door. I tried to catch the woman’s eye, but she didn’t seem to notice or recognize me. I couldn’t help myself.

“Excuse me…I think we have something in common.” She looked at me like I’d lost it.

“Do I know you?”

“I’m Collette…with USANA!” Still, just a blank stare but I was not to be denied.

“We take the same vitamins…I saw you open your HealthPak…see, I’ve got mine right here!”

She looked at me for a second and then…with just a hint of annoyance as she and her husband walked out the door, “those were crackers for my chili.”

Well, I can’t tell you how much laughter that particular story has brought to my husband and children and even to me – once I got over the humiliation. And that’s just one of many, many stories where I completely embarrassed myself. I’ve asked the Home Office at USANA if it would be possible to package the HealthPak so it doesn’t look quite so much like a package of saltines but they’re not budging.

The lesson: Laugh at yourself. Release the tension. Happiness is in the journey – with all its bumps and detours. Here’s a suggestion I use to turn up my happy meter: every night, think of one good thing that happened that day (or one thing that in retrospect seems funny) and ponder on why it happened. Sweet dreams!

Collette Larsen
USANA’s Top Earner and 10-Star Diamond Director
(800) 238-9679

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