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trustOne of the foundations of a strong business is trust. In this podcast, Zachary and Ryan discuss why trust is so crucial within a business relationship and with potential business partners. Zachary offers some great tips on building a foundation of trust with prospects and also how USANA has built a trustworthy company.

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Larsen Global USANA Podcast
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5 Questions with Tom Vidal: Insight from a Larsen Global Leader

Tom Vidal is a Silver Director in USANA and a NCEP certified Personal Trainer – a Body Transformation Expert with a focus in weight-loss, strength & conditioning and functional movement. Tom is currently doing a 10,000 Burpee Challenge to raise money to open his gym and to continue to spread his message of health and fitness.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Tom, and if you have any follow-up questions for him, please leave them in the comments below. You can contact Tom through his USANA website at

Collette, Tom and Zak at USANA's 2012 International Convention

Collette, Tom and Zak at USANA’s 2012 International Convention

My name is Tom Vidal and I’ve been a USANA associate for almost 4 years. Zachary Ross sponsored me and because of that I have the most amazing upline support. I turn to Zak or Collette for education that I teach my downline right away. It’s all about the power of duplication. I’ve learned that as a team working together we can accomplish so much. I think of my USANA team as family. We are always supporting each other and building each other up when we’re down. I’ve experienced some success in USANA and I plan to continue to build my business. It’s a business that anyone from any kind of background can be good at. My background was not in sales or network marketing, but in advertising.

When I was introduced to USANA I was hesitant at first and a little slow to build my business. When I finally realized what my USANA business could really be, I put in the effort and it’s been an amazing journey. In 2012 alone, I had 3 powerful rank advancements from Builder to Director and then in one week from Director to Silver Director. Because of this experience, I encourage all my new associates to hit the ground running. The faster you dive into the business, the sooner you’ll experience success and put duplication to work for others. My USANA business has been a true blessing to me and my family. Not just because of the health it has brought us, but because of the financial freedom it has helped us achieve. Find your “Why” for building your USANA business and use it to drive your business forward.

1. How and why did you get started in USANA?

USANA showed up in my life at a very critical time. The day I was laid off from work and went into panic mode I spoke with a good friend of mine about what he did for work. That friend was Zak Ross. I did my homework on USANA and got started 2 weeks later.

2. During your time in USANA, what have you learned about yourself?

I’ve learned I can only be successful in building my business if I break out of my comfort zone. I don’t have to be the best salesman or know all the science behind the products. I just have to put forth the effort and be consistent.

3. What direction to you give new USANA associates?

The first 8 weeks are critical for many reasons. Every new associate NEEDS to hit Premier Platinum Pacesetter and earn the Lifetime Matching Bonus – you owe it to yourself. If you put in the effort in the beginning, you’ll learn so much about your USANA business and yourself. It’s the perfect time to create momentum for you and, as you build, your team. Teaching duplication right away is also key.

4. What is your greatest strength and weakness as an associate?

My team is my greatest strength, both upline and downline. I draw my strength from them. When I’m up, I go down and when I’m down, I go up. My greatest weakness as an associate, even after almost 4 years, is inviting. I continue to work on it because I know it my weakness and as soon as I can master it I will be even more successful.

5. What is your favorite product and why?

It’s so hard to pinpoint just one favorite product, I have so many. But for the moment my favorite is Procosa. If I ever run out of Procosa, I can feel a difference the following day.

Tom and his family

Tom and his family


USANA Podcast — Mexico XRC Recap

Zak and Collette at the Mexico XRC

Zak and Collette at the Mexico XRC

Collette and Zak recently spoke at USANA’s XRC in Querétaro, Mexico. In this podcast, Zak talks about the regional conference, some of the takeaways from past conferences, and some of his other experiences in Mexico.


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USANA Reset Challenge Update

Zachary’s Update


With just less than a month until the Reset Destination is officially over on April 7, I am realizing that the healthy habits and this new lifestyle are here to stay. Last Sunday I weighed in at 189 pounds. To break into the 180’s felt great! The last time I was at this weight was just after our Everest Base Camp climb in the Spring of 2011. I feel great. I have more energy and I look forward to my mid-day workouts instead of dreading them. My knees feel better as I jog and I know I am able to glide easier and faster through the water on my swims. I have lost 27 pounds and 12% weight lost. My goal is 185, but I am going to shoot for 180.

I am following the Transformation phase by drinking a Nutrimeal in the morning, having a bar for a snack, another Nutrimeal for lunch and another mid-day bar for a snack. My wonderful wife has been making excellent, lean and nutritious dinners. I avoid snacking at night. I drink a ton of water and if I feel really hungry I will cut up some fruit. My workouts are getting more intense and I feel that I will shed the last nine pounds by really devoting some time to cardio. I begin every morning by doing 150 push-ups and 400 sit ups (I am determined to at least have a two-pack). My favorite cardio workouts are a good 3-4 mile run, spending 45 minutes stair climbing, and swimming 40 laps which is a little more than a mile. I alternate these workouts to avoid burnout and to not overburden my knees or one muscle group. It helps having a buddy! My mom is my Reset partner and she keeps me on track, cheering my success and pushing me to do better. Stay healthy, my friends!

Collette’s Update

photoOkay, I just read Zak’s post and I am so proud of him. And basically, that’s all I want to say this morning:) Other than…I have learned that I love yoga and will add it to hiking as an exercise that feels right for me – a lifetime practice. I haven’t recorded my weight for the past two weekends because I know myself very well. I have been traveling constantly and leave tomorrow for Mexico and then from there I’m headed to Hong Kong. I find it much more challenging to stay in control of my eating when I’m living in hotels and dining with friends. I am sticking to salads primarily — but still, it’s just not the same as when I’m home and can blend up my delicious nutrimeal/green drink concoctions in my VitaMix.

Why haven’t I weighed? Because I KNOW if I’m up even slightly I will get frustrated and end up eating something not so good for me just so I can show someone who’s the boss. I realize that doesn’t make any sense but it is what it is. So…maybe I’m in denial but maybe I’m being smart. My clothes seem to be fitting more comfortably and the last time I weighed (two weeks ago) I was down a total of eight pounds. My intention is to lovingly release twenty pounds which means my Reset Destination won’t officially be over on April 7th. It feels like I’m currently taking a break at a rest stop, but the destination is still in sight. I turn 61 in July — and being a total of twenty pounds lighter by my birthday will feel great. Stay happy, my friends!

Learn more about the USANA Reset Challenge: Destination Transformation
How USANA Reset works
USANA Reset limited time product specials

Thank you for reading. Please let us know how your Reset Challenge is going in the comments below.

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5 Questions with Lisa Whittall: Insight from a Larsen Global Leader

We are excited to announce a new series here on the Larsen Global blog where we will be interviewing leaders in our organization, and from the greater USANA family.

Lisa WhittallLisa has worn many hats in her life. She found herself a single Mom as a teenager. She later worked in the corporate world, but traded Bay St for the film industry eventually becoming a partner & VP Managing Director of her own production company. After 9/11 she moved to Real Estate, where in her first year she was in the Million Dollar Club going on to achieve the Top Producer award while selling 40 homes in less than a year. Lisa has served a number of charities and consulted for companies. She stays very involved in her community and loves helping others achieve their dreams. After years of searching for her purpose and passion she’s finally found something that fulfills her. Lisa is now a full-time Silver Director in USANA. She’s a Life Time Premier Platinum Pacesetter, Top PC enroller, Top Associate enroller, Top Income Earner, Celebration at sea contest winner and was a speaker at the 2011 Vancouver XRC. She also trekked to Mt Everest’s Base Camp in 2010. This is just the beginning, but she counts being a mother of two as her greatest accomplishment.

If you have any follow-up questions for Lisa, please leave them in the comments below. You can contact Lisa through her USANA website at

How and why did I get started in USANA?

I started with USANA as a product user while I was trying to get pregnant with my now 7 year old daughter. I had been a severe asthmatic since I was 4, on every medication including steroids. I knew I had to change my health before having my daughter because of the dangers associated with being medicated & pregnant. Within 3 months I became symptom free of asthma I was able to be around cats, dogs, horses, most things that in the past I was not be able to go near without having an instant attack, as well as being able to now exercise with ease.

Lisa with Collette and Zak

Lisa with Collette and Zak

4 years ago my 92 year old grandmother became gravely ill with congestive heart failure, my daughter that I worked so hard to have was in daycare, I had to work most nights & weekends not being able to spend the quality time with her that I wanted, I was also starting to see my eating habits & stress of my job having a hugely negative impact on my life. It was then that I decided to change my life partnering with Larsen Global, within 6 months I gave up my Real Estate license to do USANA full time, to be a caregiver to my grandmother & a full time mom.

Because of my decision to take control of my health, my family’s health & my life I’m so very happy to report that with the help of the USANA products & dietary change my now 96 year old grandmother is medication free with the exception of the occasional water pill as needed, she is pain free from crippling arthritis that had her taking Tylenol #3 everyday. With the help of the USANA products, my USANA business income & the amazing mentors in Larsen Global, I have been able to become a full time mom. I’m at my daughter’s school for class trips, I read once a week with the class, I’m on the PTS & I never have to miss a special occasion again. My daughter is thriving in grade 1, she has not had any health issues, she makes health choices including taking her supplements every day, packing healthy choices in her lunch & is in competitive gymnastics! Sarah loves working with mommy & being as healthy as she can, she believes in her dreams to go to the Olympics one day & that she can be anything she wants to be, she knows the difference between 1 BC & 3 BC’s & doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t take USANA supplements yet (to tell you the truth I can’t explain that one to her either). That is the gift that USANA has given my family

During your time in USANA, what have you learned about business (in general) and yourself?

Wow this one is a hard one because I’ve learned so much! About business I learned that you need to set an example & put in consistent effort always building adapting & never ever stay in your comfort zone. About myself…ummmm just about everything!!!! I have to say I learned the most lessons on the mountain, I like to refer to my life as B.B.C & A.B.C. which is Before Base Camp & After Base Camp. My trek to Mt Everest Base Camp in 2010 only happened because of my association with USANA, my complete health turn around & because I surrounded myself with people who were just crazy enough to think you can do anything you want to do if you just want it bad enough & have the right mindset (it’s kinda hard not to let that rub off on you). It was there that I faced 89% of my fears I was scared of bridges, helicopters, flying, landing, taking off, heights, didn’t like the cold or walking. But when you do something as crazy & exhilarating as going to Mt Everest with one month’s training as an asthmatic you then come to think that if you can do that then you can do anything. It made me realize what I was really made of & recognize my true heart & my strengths. Owning your own USANA business forces you to really face your blockages & helps you become a better whole person not just in health of the body but health of the mind & soul as well.

What are 5 Traits that describe a successful USANA associate?

1. Most importantly being coachable, open to learning

2. Passionate about life & getting everything out of it you want

3. Being humble, I’m humbled by my team & my mentors & my USANA family every day because of their greatness

4. Team player, as a leader you can only be as strong as your team & how much you empower them to be leaders

5. Caring, you need to care about yourself, your family, your team, your customers, your world, your word, your life, your dreams, your team’s dreams, people around you, just be caring

What is your greatest strength and weakness as an associate?

My greatest strength can sometimes be my greatest weakness, it’s my passion. I am so very passionate about health & changing the world & helping to inspire others to know that they can do the same. It gives me so much pleasure to see one of my team mates or crossline achieve their dreams or grow as a person. I say that it can be my weakness because sometimes I’m so passionate I forget that others don’t always feel the same way & that it took me several years to get that passionate & to change my thinking that I sometimes I can take it personally when they don’t feel the same.

What direction do you give new USANA associate?

I teach what I’m taught by my amazing mentors Collette & Zak. crossline, with other associates who are like minded, surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed & who can lift you up rather than bring you down & be negative that was one of the reasons I started the private Facebook group Hybrid Solutions only for USANA associates. That is a private forum only for USANA associates to find mentors, crosslines, events, support, ask questions, help from Dr’s on the group & for a pick me up when life happens. Focus on your why, why you started this business what are your dreams what do you want for your life, in the beginning don’t look for the unhealthiest people you can find because even though they are the ones that need it the most they are usually the ones that are going to be the most resistant to change, when you are stronger in your convictions, your beliefs when nothing can shake you then offer your help with no expectations. Write down on a paper you carry with you a description of your perfect associate. It’s like when you decide to have a baby all of a sudden everyone around you is pregnant, but really you are just noticing them all now & have your eye out because that’s on your mind same thing will happen with USANA you will notice a need & attract what you both need.



USANA Video Podcast — Book Review of Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl by Dr. Christiane Northrup

Beautiful Girl by Dr. Christiane Northrup

In this video podcast, Collette talks about Dr. Christiane Northrup’s new book, Beautiful Girl: Celebrating the Wonders of Your Body, with her granddaughters. She reviews the book and discusses why being a woman is special, and why being a mother and grandmother is so important to her.

To order Beautiful Girl from Amazon, visit

You can watch the video podcast below by pressing the “play” button below (note: if you are receiving this article as an email subscription, you will need to click here to view the podcast with your web browser).

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USANA Podcast — How to Enroll New Business Partners

Good Morning Mr. Ross and Mrs. Larsen,

Hope you both are enjoying the start to what has been a beautiful year!

I was wondering if you would be able to help me with something? Basically I stink at closing! Do you have suggestions how I can get better at this?

Thanks 🙂

Zak and ColletteThis was an email we received a couple of months ago, and we thought it was a really great quetion — simply put, and honest. We decided to have Collette do a podcast on the topic of closing, because it is one of the hardest skills to learn and something that people have a lot of difficulty with. In this podcast, Collette shares some tips and secrets on how she closes the deal.

You can listen to the podcast by pressing the “play” button below (note: if you are receiving this article as an email subscription, you will need to click here to listen to the podcast with your web browser). To subscribe to our podcasts through iTunes, click here, or click the iTunes image below.


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We would love to keep this conversation going, so if you have tips on closing, or questions about closing, please leave them in the comments below.


How We Are Going to Lose 52 Pounds in the USANA Reset Challenge

Collette and Zak are participating in the USANA Reset Challenge and we wanted to share their progress, healthy eating tips, and some of their pictures as they jump-start healthy eating and exercise habits, and lose their weight safely and effectively. Look for our updates every couple of weeks (and hold them accountable).

Learn more about the USANA Reset Challenge: Destination Transformation
How USANA Reset works
USANA Reset limited time product specials

Zak’s Update:

The Reset Challenge could not have come at a better time for me. 2012 was filled with some stressful events and I have learned that when I am stressed, I tend to eat! My biggest weakness would be late night snacking. After a long day, and after the kiddos are all in bed, Kelli and I settle down to watch some of our favorite TV shows. This is when I break out the snacks: popcorn, chips and salsa, chocolate covered pretzels. My wife is an excellent baker! She makes the yummiest chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cakes. She tries to make these as healthy as possible, by using whole wheat flour, reducing butter/margarine, and reducing the amount of sugar. Only problem is I don’t stop at one cookie.

Another big weakness this past year has been eating out and drinking soda. Chipotle and In-n-Out have seen way more of me that they should!

I started the Reset Challenge at 216 pounds. I completed the five day Reset Cleanse and felt great. I “released” ten pounds and I plan on never seeing them again. I have completed the Reset Cleanse on several occasions and it is a wonderful way to shed some unwanted pounds and create more healthy habits. The difference for me this time is the Transformation phase. Instead of celebrating how awesome I did on the cleanse by eating out at my favorite restaurant with a Large Supreme Pizza and Coke, I continued the well-outlined Transformation Phase.

I begin my day with an 8 oz Nutrimeal. I use non-sweetened Almond Milk and one scoop Dutch Chocolate (whey) and one scoop Vanilla with a small teaspoon of Organic Peanut Butter (I swear this tastes like a Reese’s PB Cup)!

Zak with his morning Nutrimeal

Zak with his morning Nutrimeal

I do some morning exercises starting with 150 push-ups in intervals and 400 sit ups.

Getting help with the morning exercises

Getting help with the morning exercises

Around 10:00 AM I will have a Nuts and Berries Bar with a big glass of water.

For lunch, I will have a 12 oz Strawberry/Vanilla Nutrimeal. 2 scoops Strawberry and 1 Vanilla.

I will have either apple slices/carrot sticks/orange slices/banana around 1:00ish or whenever I am feeling a bit hungry.

Around 3:00 PM I will have an ice-cold Rev3 with another Nuts and Berries Bar.


Zak enjoying the Go Nuts and Berries Bar

Around 6:00 PM, my wife will make a healthy dinner with lean, organic chicken, veggies, and whole grains.

If I am really hungry, I will have a little snack around 8:00 PM, usually carrots/apples/pistachios. The key is to use very small portions. I put a snack in a dish and then put everything away so I am not tempted to continue to snack late into the night. I don’t like to eat anything past 8:30 PM.

I am finding the big key to success is lots of water. I have my water bottle with me at all times and sip on water throughout the day. This helps me to feel energized and not as hungry.

I have been going to the gym mid-day for primarily a cardio workout for about an hour. I like the stair climb, treadmill occasionally and I love to swim. I really want to start doing some hiking/trail jogging to get outside a little more.

I have also found it fun to hang out with the kids a bit more outside. I will take Drexel for a stroll around the park and chase him around the playground. Sawyer likes to help me with my strength exercises in the morning. When I take Zachary to Soccer I will kick the ball around a bit before and after practice. They know about Daddy’s Challenge and want me to WIN!

Zak involves the family in his workout routine

Zak involves the family in his workout routine

It is great having a partner to stay determined and accountable. My mom is doing awesome and I am so proud of her!

Collette’s Update:

I think I first heard the term “conscious eating” on Laura Brownwood’s boat…as she prepared a scrumptious meal of fresh, wild salmon and her famous Greek salad to be shared with me and my husband, Ric. It sounded good to me — “eating consciously” — sort of all grown up and mature; as I should be by now. It makes sense that a diet made up primarily of clean, organic, live foods would support the emotional, physical and spiritual health of my body. I want to live another 30 or so years and I want those years to be optimal — filled with vitality. I want to live life and love it. *Note to self: talk to USANA marketing about that catchy phrase.

Making the green drink

Making the green drink

Before and After

Before and After

Healthy and clean foods for "conscious eating"

Healthy and clean foods for “conscious eating”

But here’s the glitch: M&M’s (and other goodies I think I deserve.)

Without making all sorts of arguments, excuses and explanations, here’s the deal…the USANA Reset Challenge seems to be working for me. Yay! Maybe that’s just what this 60-year-old grandma needed – a contest. With prizes!

Since I started January 7th, I’m down exactly four pounds. My partner, Zak, has lost much more, but he’s a man — a 38 year-old — and seriously, it’s a lot easier for you young guns. I’m pretty proud of our team name: “Rev2” and our team motto: “Cleaner, Stronger, Smaller.”

Four pounds, with seventeen to go…but I’m actually feeling lighter, more empowered and I’m DOING it. I’m making conscious choices about what I purchase, what I prepare and ultimately, about what I put in my mouth. And now that I’ve put it out there — I’m determined to walk my talk. Thanks for reading.

Do you have any USANA Reset stories or tips that you would like to share? We’d love to see them in the comments section below.


Dreams and Goals, Part Two

I hope each of you have had enough time since Part One of this Dreams and Goals exercise, to climb the ladder to your “Ultimate Why.”

USANA goalsIn this article, I’m going to share some ideas about goal setting. You’ve probably heard about studies that prove the effectiveness of actually writing out goals. I’ve attended countless trainings and workshops that emphasized the importance of setting short and long-term goals. The truth is, many people do settle for much less than they might have gotten out of life because they didn’t have a clear vision of where they wanted to go.

However, having said that, I must confess a personal shift in my thinking. Yes, goals are great — but only if they help balance your life. I’ve watched individuals become so focused on a particular financial or career goal that health, values and even relationships suffered. It has taken me sixty years to realize that the fullness — the true abundance of life — is less in having, more in doing, and most in being.


It seems that in every seminar I’ve ever attended or every book I’ve read on goal setting, circles are used to demonstrate this life balance idea. I’ve become pretty proficient in drawing circles and I divide my personal circle into six categories:

Body – health, exercise, physical well-being
Being – spirituality, philosophy, emotional health
Brain – mental health, education, peace of mind
Bonding – family, social, relationships
Balance – time management, prioritizing
Bucks – occupation, financial management, retirement, USANA

Having each category start with a “B” helps me to remember them! For the purposes of this exercise, we’re going to barely scratch the surface. Let’s focus strictly on the “bucks” category – your financial goals with USANA.


Step One: On a sheet of paper write down everything that comes to your mind when you think of what you can obtain with your USANA business. What would your life be like if you didn’t have any money concerns? Keep your “Ultimate Why” in mind, but don’t be afraid to have some fun and pamper yourself along the way.

By the way, these goals will probably grow as you do. My original USANA goal was to earn $100.00 a month so my autoship would be covered!

Step Two: Now prioritize these goals. What is really important to you? As you prioritize, ask yourself “why?” Eliminate conflicting or totally unrealistic goals. For example, you will not become a Diamond Director in three months! Let me share my own example:

Financial Goal #1 – Earn $100.00 per month.
Why? So I can afford to stay on autoship.

Financial Goal #2 – Earn $100.00 per week.
Why? So I can quit putting our groceries on the credit card and take the kids out to dinner once a month.

Financial Goal #3 – Earn $1,000.00 per month.
Why? So I can keep my home out of foreclosure and hire a yard service.

Financial Goal #4 – Earn $1,000.00 per week.
Why? So I can avoid bankruptcy, start working my way out of debt and take all the kids to our family reunion.

Financial Goal #5 – Earn $2,000.00 per week.
Why? So I can continue to work my way out of debt, contribute to the CF Foundation and get a manicure and pedicure every other week.

You get the idea. It took me several years to get my head above water but I was able to reward my family with some of life’s pleasures along the way.

Step Three: Once you’ve prioritized and listed your goals, set dates for these goals to become a reality. This can be difficult because there are so many variables. For instance, in order to consistently make $100.00 a month you need five people on a 100 point autoship on each of two legs under one business center.

Keep in mind that in the beginning you might need to talk to several people to get someone willing to listen to a presentation. And you’re likely to do several presentations in order to find someone who wants to partner in business with you. And it’s possible the people you sponsor won’t do exactly as you’ve done. So…be realistic. The good news is that the more friends you make and the more presentations you give, the more proficient you’ll become.

Step Four: Visualize your goals on a daily basis and state these goals in the present, as though they were real today. Your one-year goal might be, “I’m earning $1,000.00 a month, and saving for the down-payment on a home of my own. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and I feel fantastic!” Try to spend some time each day visualizing your life as you know it will be. It has become a habit for me to think this way when I’m stopped at a stoplight. My children used to tease me about daydreaming! Now they know better. When I was just a young girl, my mother would insist that we all lie down on the living room floor and listen to a record called “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. The process works. You really do become what you think about.

Step Five: Develop an Action Plan. Example: I will work my USANA business part-time – 8 to 10 hours per week – until I’m earning $1500.00 per month. At that time, I will quit my full-time job so that I can be home with my children and still work USANA twenty hours per week. I will contact at least one person on my warm market list every day and schedule one presentation each week.

Step Six: Make a Commitment. Write it down and use it as a guide as you begin to develop leaders in your own organization. Goals and Commitments go hand in hand. Your success will be in direct proportion to the commitments you make and keep.

I hope you’ll find some ideas here that will help you. Remember to set goals in all areas of your life. Honestly, I believe financial goals are among the least important! This method of goal setting works just as well for setting up a personal exercise program, for completing a course of study or for strengthening a relationship. It will take some time…but the personal gratification that comes from living a balanced, authentic life is priceless.


Dreams and Goals for the New Year

A definite purpose is the starting point of all achievement.
-Napoleon Hill

I realized early on in building my organization that individuals who had a “why” for building their USANA business, had a much greater chance of reaching the financial benchmarks they’d set for themselves. In fact, I believe having a “why” is more important than knowing “how.” I’ve watched various leaders in USANA use completely different methods, tools and systems to build their businesses. It seems that if you have a “why” that’s big enough, you can figure out the “how.”


Have you ever been labeled a dreamer? I have and frankly, I consider that label the highest of compliments. Dreams allow us to envision future realities. If our dreams are aligned with the values of our heart, they create the desire necessary to fuel massive action. With enough energy and passion, what some might consider impossible dreams can become inevitable realities.

Your dream, the underlying reason you are willing to spend time, energy and money building your USANA business, is what I call your “Ultimate Why.” Sometimes it’s hidden deep in your psyche but if you’ll give some serious thought to this assignment – really ponder your answers, it will come to you.


David Bach, in his best-selling book, Smart Women Finish Rich, outlines an assignment he gives his clients – Building a Values Ladder. This assignment helps him determine why his clients want to be wealthy. On the first rung of a ladder his client writes down the answer to the question, “What’s important about money to you?” He then takes each answer and continues to ask, “what’s important about ______ to you?” Mr. Bach continues climbing the rungs of the imaginary ladder until his client formulates their ultimate reason for becoming wealthy.

I read this book many years ago and was struck by how closely Mr. Bach’s exercise resembled my interview process in helping USANA distributors determine their “why.” I’d never thought of using an imaginary ladder but I did continue asking questions until I hit on something I felt was at the essence of their being. Let me give you an example:

Q: Why do you want to build a USANA business?
A: Because I want to become financially independent.

Q: And what would it mean to you if you never had to worry about finances again?
A: I wouldn’t have to commute to my job and work day in and day out to increase my boss’s net worth!

Q: So if you didn’t have to go to work every day, what would you do with your time?
A: Lots of things! I’d spend time with my children, work in my garden, enroll in a class.

Q: Really? That’s interesting. What would you like to study?
A: Gardening. I’ve always wanted to spend more time outdoors – planting, growing, landscaping. My children enjoy it too. To them, gardening means they get to play in the dirt! I feel such peace when I’m working the earth with my hands. And roses…I adore roses. Their beauty calms me. In fact, I’d love to have my own rose garden.

Q: Wow. That sounds therapeutic and well as beautiful! What if you did have the time and know-how to grow gorgeous roses? Is there some way you could attach a value to that desire? How could you use that talent to make a difference?
A: Actually, I live very close to Scripps hospital and I know they’re looking for volunteers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could take bouquets of roses to the patients who needed some cheering up? Maybe I could even take my oldest daughter along.

This USANA distributor’s “Ultimate Why” is having the freedom (time and financial) to do something she loves (growing roses) with someone she loves (her children) and enriches her own life as well as the lives of others (hospital patients) by sharing her talent.

ASSIGNMENT: Create Your Own “Ultimate Why” Ladder

For this assignment please don’t list specific monetary or time goals – such as: I want to be making $1000.00 per month by such and such date. Setting specific goals and creating a time frame for reaching those goals will be covered in Part Two. For now, focus on your ultimate dreams and desires – and if possible, attach a value to that top rung of your ladder.

Are you ready? Imagine we are sitting across from each other at a round table. On the table is a sheet of paper containing a blank “Ultimate Why” ladder. We’re going to use it to help you determine why you’re building a USANA business.

  1. Start by drawing a very simple ladder on a blank sheet of paper – just two vertical lines about eight inches long with six or seven horizontal rungs.
  2. Relax and collect your thoughts. I want your answers to reflect your innermost desires, not what you think I – or anyone else – wants you to feel.
  3. Start with the first basic question: Why do I want to build a USANA business?
  4. Write your answer on the bottom rung of the ladder. Remember that we’re looking for basic dreams and desires, not specific monetary goals. To give you a personal example, on the first rung of my ladder I wrote, “Self-Sufficient Security.”
  5. On the second rung going up your ladder we need a little more perspective on that first desire. The desire you write down probably means different things to different people – or maybe even different things to you at different times in your life. This is getting a bit personal but just to give you an idea…when I asked myself why it was so important to me to be self-sufficient and to have financial security I wrote on my second rung: “I want to be able to take care of my own needs and wants without asking permission from anyone.”
  6. Continue climbing your “Ultimate Why” ladder, filling in your answers as you go. Think deeply about each answer. When I did this exercise myself, I found that rarely was the first thought that popped into my head the most important “why” that needed to be listed on the rung of the ladder. I had to dig deep!
  7. You’ll know you’ve completed this assignment when you can’t think of anything more important than the last “why” you wrote down. And hopefully, that last rung of the ladder is more about “being” than about “having” or “doing.” Your final “why” is the number one reason you are making whatever sacrifices are necessary to build your USANA business. This is your “Ultimate Why.”

Congratulations! You’re well on your way to securing your own success. And even more importantly, you’re well on your way to loving life and living it with passion.

We will be posting Part Two of Dreams and Goals next week, so please check back. We also wanted to share this short video about New Year’s Resolutions and why they work. Enjoy!